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Slavery and the Old (Antebellum) South: The Cotton Kingdom

Dec 23, 2015



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  • Slavery and the Old (Antebellum) South: The Cotton Kingdom
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  • Building the Cotton Kingdom
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  • White Gold (King Cotton) Textile manufacturing around the world of world supply came from the southern United States Over of total exports from U.S. by 1850 $ used to purchase imported manufactured goods
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  • Value of Cotton Exports As % of All US Exports
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  • Southern Economy Limited industry Southern banks loaning $ for slaves and land Less than 10% of manufactured goods Discouraged immigration Inhibited technological advances Short rail lines (point A to point B) Cotton Gin, Flat bottom Rear Paddle Steamboats
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  • The Expansion of Slavery in a Global Economy In 1860 the American South, if independent, would have been one of the wealthiest countries in the world based on the revenue of the cotton trade. Cotton cultivation and its expansion depended on technological development, land, labor, demand, and a global system of trade.
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  • This is the triangle slave trade.slaves were legally trafficked between Africa and the United States (until 1808) and Latin America.
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  • Slavery in Latin America Europeans depended on African slavery in their New World colonies. African slaves were imported to replace the indigenous populations that were eradicated by disease. Sugar production was the cash crop for the Latin American holdings of the European powers.
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  • White and Black Migrations in the South Between 1830 and 1860, southerners began to migrate in a southwest direction to fill up the fertile land and increase cotton production for the mills of England. The center of cotton production gradually shifted from South Carolina to Mississippi. Sold Down the River (Coffle) An estimated 1 million slaves were transported westward by this forced migration.
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  • Southern Society (1850) Slavocracy [plantation owners] The Plain Folk [white yeoman farmers] 6,000,000 Black Freemen Black Slaves 3,200,000 250,000 Total US Population --> 23,000,000 [9,250,000 in the South = 23,000,000 [9,250,000 in the South =