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Rorotika mobile gaming

Jun 26, 2015



Mobile gaming for emerging markets - leaving no phone behind!
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2. Thanks!Hi, I am NicoRorotika's History 3. Why do we want to play games? What makes an awesome game?Why do we want to MAKE games? - this one has an answer: cos it's AWESOME fun!Let's look at the others... 4. Is this what makes a game? 5. Or this? 6. What about this? 7. And this? 8. Before we had GPU's, we had text, and we still played games.MUDs, IRC, BBS's, E-mail gamesThey are still around!You can play a game with a pen and a piece of paper. Let's see if we can come up with one! 9. A game is simply one or more people playing, in a meaningful way.Meaningful play - Rules of play Game Design FundamentalsWhat does that mean?Two concepts: - Meaning - Play 10. MeaningIt needs to mean something There must be a goal ie. There must be measurable outcomes to my actionsMinecraft Bunny hopping (Q3) GTA VC Stunting IRC Trivia TicTacToe 11. PlayConstraints / Rules / System Everyone agrees!- Cops & Robbers (eg. What is a kill) - Hide & Seek (eg. 'Unfair' hiding places)Rules help control the fun! - Monica from Friends 12. Why the lower end?"Out of the 1.8 billion phones sold in 2013, 968 million of them were smartphones. This represents a 3.5 percent increase from 2012 levels,"Yes, smartphones are awesome, up and growing.But that still means, that even in 2013, 50% of all phones sold in the world, were featurephones or below. 13. Platforms Android IOS Windows Etc. What about: E-mail IRC Mxit WeChat Other bearers (USSD, WAP, etc.) 14. Not every game has to be Battlefield, Quake 7, GTA 6People WANT to be entertained!And for a while still, especially in lower income regions, the feature phone will rule the kingdom.ALL people like entertainment, play is in our genes, we do it naturally from when we are born. 15. What about creating a game from our pen & paper game?Even though we started with a pen & paper, there is probably an essence that we can translate into any medium, being it graphical, or textual. 16. Reading material, for those interested: - Rules of play Game Design Fundamentals (Katie Salen, Eric Zimmerman) - The Art of Game Design A book of Lenses (Jesse Schell) - Masters of Doom - How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture (David Kushner) - Any Game Programming Gems book (for the technical) 17. Thank you!Nico Kruger