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May 26, 2015



RMO helps you keep track of everything from office schedules, appointments, gas bills, water bills, vehicle renewal, air ticket schedule, party, family event, birthday, marriage anniversary and all kinds of family event can organize. So all in one place accessible by every member of the universe and from any computer or mobile device.

  • 1. What is Remind me and others [rmo] ? What can I do by Remind me and others [rmo]? What is deference between Remind me and others [rmo] and others? Why Remind me and others [rmo]? How can I get register Remind me and others [rmo]? How can I login into Remind me and others [rmo]? How can I create a task in Remind me and others [rmo]? How can I see my created tasks? How can I get details view of individual task?

2. RMO is the short form of Remind me and others. Now a day if you wish to have a personal assistant it will be costly. 3. Remind me and others [rmo] is a simple webapp gives you a personal assistant without any cost. Simply just +Add task and make a schedule to getting any type of notification/reminder. Then Remind me and others [rmo] will give you notification/reminder as your schedule was made for. 4. You can set/get notification/reminder by:Email notificationSMS notificationCall notification 5. You can have maintain:Classify task by priority Status of a specific taskCompletion rate of you task 6. You can get notification/reminder repeatedly, if you want it will work for you lifetime You can make contact directory with contact information of people you know in Remind me and others [rmo] and it preserve contact book in a secure way You can add people in a task or task notification schedule from your contact directory 7. Remind me and others [rmo] has unique features: Human voice call reminder (our call center service is open from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM). Yearly 180 FREE SMS per user. Different schedule create for email, SMS and call reminder. You can remind someone by email, SMS or call at a time. Created schedule track. 8. Suppose, you are working as marketing head in a company and always need a monthly meeting in a specific day of every month with your team-mates. To execute this meeting you are always doing the following stuffs: For arranging this meeting you are notifying admin to inform everyone to attend this monthly meeting. Admin have to go every once desk and tell them one by one regarding this meeting schedule or agenda. If anyone outside of this office, admin have to make a phone call to inform them. 9. But if you are a Remind me and others [rmo] user, then Just Add task for your monthly meeting and make a schedule for every team-mate reminder regarding this meeting. They will get your selected remainder with your message along with attachment at anytime, anywhere. 10. Lets have another example, your thinking to enjoy a movie at Cineplex today after office. Need to inform your friends and colleagues. Make a reminder for you because you can be forgetRemind me and others [rmo] will give you all those opportunities. You can make schedule for your friends reminder beside your own reminder. 11. So its simple, reliable and easy solution for all. Its your assistant as like your shadow who can follow you and your important task. 12. How can I get register in Remind me and others [rmo]? There are 3 easiest steps to get registered.Step 1 Please go through: sign up with your personal information like first and last name, email, phone and date of birth. RMO will never misuse you personal details. 13. #2 after successful submission of registration form you will get such as message says to check your phone inbox to get a activation code to active you RMO account. 14. #4 you have to check inbox of your phone and submit verification code to activate your accountOnce you have clicked verify now button you are complete registered user. 15. You can login using phone number or email after email verified by mail service provider.# provide your email/phone no. and password to successful login 16. # button to create a new task and notification schedule# navigation panel# monthly task report according to date 17. # make a click to add a new task# you can also find another button here 18. # provide task name, date to create a task. you can also create notification schedule of email, sms, call. You can add email address, phone no as you wish# you can send an attachment through email# you can set task priority, status, overdue date# Now you have to click [save and close ] 19. # you can also view shorted task by priority, completion rate and status as you wish# Simply click on task tab to view your created tasks. Here you will be able to get all tasks that has been created by you. 20. # To view task, call email sms schedule details, you have to click on the link.# Here you will get task details view. 21. If you have any question just ask to us. 22. If you have any query contact us on: [email protected] Or +88 02 8819252 ext.: 415 | 445 | 446