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PROJECT COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT Getting people to know what is happening


Jul 27, 2015




1. Getting people to know what is happening 2. ACTIVE & PASSIVE COMMUNICATION Distinguish between active & passive channels Active needs someones attention (telephone & email) Passive is there for information (newsletter & internet) Use active channel to draw attention to passive channel (email telling everybody to look at the latest news letter) 3. GOLDEN RULES FOR MEETINGS Properly set objectives Make agenda known in advance Start on time Encourage everybody to contribute Assign actions & agree on deadlines Summarize any decisions at the end 4. IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION Monitoring progress Receiving early warning of problems Promoting co-operation Encouraging team involvement 5. 4 MAIN PROCESSES IN COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT Identifying stakeholders Planning communications Distributing information Managing stakeholders expectations 6. MAKING IT HAPPEN Taking responsibility Recognizing that different people understand in different ways Choosing the communication channels Communicating clearly Maintaining motivation Being assertive 7. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Team meeting Presentation Progress report Email Internet News letter Phone call 8. BARRIERS TO COMMUNICATION Environmental Background Personal Organizational 9. COMMON MISTAKES Not having a communication plan Choosing the wrong form Lengthy communication 10. REFERENCES Communicating Well with Your Project Team. (2009). In BUSINESS: The Ultimate Resource. Retrieved from /communicating_well_with_your_project_team Schwalbe, K. (2010). Information and Technology Project Management (6th edition). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning

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