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Engineering Hong Kong BIM Standards, Building Information Model - Project Execution Plan (BIM PEP) - DRAFT 1

Document for comment Stakeholder Forum for the CIC BIM Standards

Engineering pmp-framework

first three chapters from Project management Body of Knowledge Book

Business How To Review Software Requirements

A guide on how to review and give feedback to business requirements documents for software projects.

Documents DWDM LAb

INDEX S.No. 1 2 3 4 Title Study of: Requirement Estimation, Conceptual Design, Logical Design in Data Warehousing. Study of: Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)…

Technology How to make team collaboration suck less!

Working with people can sometimes suck. You know how it goes, you have to get a team together, you hold countless (or pointless) meetings, nobody knows what the tasks are…

Education Blogging practices to support project work

Slides for a talk on "Blogging practices to support project work" given by Brian Kelly, UKOLN at the JISC MRD Launch Meeting held in Nottingham on 1-2 December…