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PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH The Presbyterian · PDF file 2017-06-29 · first presbyterian church 324 madison st, jefferson city, mo 65101 (573) 636‐2149 [email protected] july 2017 the presbyterian

Jul 20, 2020





    324 MADISON ST, JEFFERSON CITY, MO 65101              (573) 636‐2149              [email protected]            JULY 2017 

    The Presbyterian 

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    On June 11th, we honored those who have been members of the Church for 50+ years. We have 50 people who have been members for fifty or more years. Pictured left are just a few of those special people.

    Congratulations to Lou Brydon, Carolyn Becker and Susie Jones (pictured right - center), the 2017 recipients of the Evelyn Bedell Award.

    Each year the Missouri Union Presbytery recognizes the contribution of older adults to its

    work and ministry. The Evelyn Bedell Award winners were honored at the June 6th meeting

    of the Missouri Union Presbytery.


    Michaela Krause on the river at Belen - the poorest section of Iquitos

    Craft time at Bible School. Peruvian nurses administering anti-parasite


    Maria, the librarian at the Tamshiyacu public library receiving donated books.


    Every year, FPC has hosted the Bike and Build team as they biked across America to raise funds for building homes. This year, Josh Hickman (pictured left) from FPC joined in the ride to help others.(See more info on Page 9)

  • 3 A Note From the Pastor Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I taught Vacation Bible School for the first time in many years. I was a little nervous about teaching 3 year olds through 5th graders in twenty minute segments and keeping my energy up and the integrity of the message. But I discovered that the children taught me as much as I taught them. And that together we discovered the joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They loved eating the bread of the Jewish Pentecost; they loved the “da-DA-DA- DAAAH” that we sang every time we mentioned King David; they loved the field trip we took to the Temple in Jerusalem to find Jesus; they loved dancing around as we sang “Every Move I Make”; and drawing a comic strip of David, Abigail and Nabal. The famous Reformed theologian Karl Barth once said “A theologian without Joy is no theologian.” These kids were joyful theologians and they reminded me of the joy of ministry, theology and scripture. Thank you VBS kids. You are all heroes in my book! And thank you to Amy and Andrew and Albert for helping me remember that 3 year olds and 5th grader have different learning styles. You guys were wonderful partners in ministry. Now we are sending people out in ministry as the youth go to Hungary and to REACH workcamp and to Montreat. They will come back energized and share their excitement about the faith on Youth Sunday, August 13th. We are so thankful for the youth sponsors who take time off from work and family duties to travel with our youth so that they may grow in faith. And while we are building Habitat homes right here in Jefferson City we are sending a crew to build Habitat homes in Budapest as well. We are living out Christ’s command to “Go into the whole world.” Summer time is also a time for following Christ’s command “If you love me, feed my sheep.” Our Food-4-Kids program kicked off on Monday, June 26th as we partner with churches and businesses to feed hungry children in our community while school is out. Thank you to all the shepherds who help to make this program happen and to Shelley Swoyer who is overseeing the program this year. And thank you to all who have contributed to our “Raise the Roof” Capital Campaign. We have

    reached our goal and will start on the five projects that were part of the campaign: to replace the roof, build a Habitat House, replace our church bus, provide funds to help secure much needed transportation for our mission partners in Malawi and Ukraine; and upgrade the Christian Education and tech resources that help us hear and share God’s word in worship and teaching. Well done good and faithful servants! It is a joy to share ministry in this community of disciples who are generous, joyful, and genuinely committed to the ministry and mission of Christ in this place and throughout the world.

    Blessings and peace in Christ, Pastor Rob

  • JULY Birthdays 1 - David Webster 1 - Cyndi Gamble 1 - Jim McAdams 2 - Becky Washburn 2 - Bruce Wylie 2 - Cynthia Whaley 2 - Zemi Wolfe 3 - Kathryn Nesmeyer 4 - Hallie Gibbs 5 - Rev. Rob Erickson 6 - Kelly Smith 7 - Charles Johnson 8 - Larry Brickey 8 - Jim Grazier 8 - Wayne Schmid 8 - Anne Gilley 9 - Herman Heil 9 - Audrey Delleart 9 - Benjamin Delleart 10 - Rae Nichols 10 - Sophia Stabenow 22 - Raymond Kalfus 12 - Larry Keating 12 - Morrie Trout 13 - Jean Branstetter 13 - John Ford 13 - Christina Stabenow 14 - Marty Gardner 14 - Mary Newquist

    16 - Laura Hart 16 - Annie Kittrell 17 - Leona Obermiller 17 - Rex Hall 18 - Deric Ndhlovu 19 - Barbara Hall 20 - Marilyn Hutcherson 20 - Katie Larivee 21 - Rob Land 21 - Jeanette Smith 21 - Ruth Cook 21 - Joyce Sone 21 - Christa Johnston 22 - Scott Johnston 22 - Patrick Rogers 24 - Sally Lepper 24 - LeAnne Gottschalk 24 - Audrey Feely 25 - Patricia Epema 25 - Josh Hickman 26 - Ann Adams 27 - Bill Kocher 27 - Bill Wilson 27 - Jack Gamble 28 - Brian Conley 28 - Tom Weaver 28 - Grace Rogers 29 - Matt Nickolaus 30 - Dave Turner

    4 Congratulations to…

    Bob Watson and Kathleen & Tom Werdehausen, as they welcome Elliot

    Faith Watson, their new granddaughter. Elliot was born on June 7, 2017 and is the daughter of

    Drew & Susan Watson.

    THE FAMILY LIFE COMMITTEE is sponsoring another trip to a Springfield Cardinals game on Saturday, July 8 (6:10 game time – church bus will leave from in front of our church at 3:15 pm). Tickets are $10 per person with a $30 maximum per family and can be reserved through the Church Office or with Elder Carol Scott or Pastor Dave. The Annual Church Family Picnic at Camp Covenant Point will be held on Sunday afternoon, August 13th beginning with swimming and other activities at 3:00 pm, followed by a potluck dinner (hotdogs provided) and a brief devotional time. (Our regular SNL @5 and meal will be held in Knox Hall for those who wish to attend.) More details about these and other activities for the whole Church Family will be in upcoming newsletters, or speak with Elders Gene Reed or John Howland or Pastor Dave.

    In Christian Sympathy to…

    The family & friends of Anne Exon, who joined the church triumphant on

    June 16, 2017.



    Many were listed last month, but we want to add:

    John Marshall Wilson, son of Marshall and Josee Wilson who graduated from the University of Chicago Law School with a Doctorate in jurisprudence with honors on June 10, 2017. John plans to clerk for Duane Benton, federal appellate court judge in KC for a year, and after that will work for Sidley & Austin in Chicago.

    Thank you all for the cards, letters, phone calls and prayers during my bout with shingles.

    Eleanor Trout

    Dear Friends at FPC, Thank you so much for all the thoughts, prayers, cards, flowers and food during my recent heart surgery. I’m sure it was all your TLC that has made my recovery go so quickly and smoothly. I continue to get stronger every day and should be back to full strength by fall. God bless you all.

    Nancy Beard


    At the Downtown Diner on High Street is Monday, July 17 at 7:00 am.

    Come check us out and enjoy fellowship and prayer as we share a meal together.

  • 5 Presbyterian Women Presbyterian Women Activities Calendar

    July 2 Immigration Sunday; section/midcouncil-ministries/immigration

    July 6-8 Big Tent in St. Louis (PCUSA Mission Agencies)

    July 15 Bible Study Workshop for next Fall’s Bible Study, Village Presbyterian Church

    July 19 1:00 pm Coordinating Team Meeting at Anne Schneider’s House

    July 23 PW Trip to Lyceum Theater (Mamma Mia!), Arrow Rock (Depart from church at 10:30 am)

    July 25 Orange Day ( July 26 10:30 am, Kaffee Klatsch, Hyvee Dining

    Room Aug 6 Hiroshima Day; peacemaking/peacemaking-through- prayerand-worship

    Aug 16 1:00 pm Coordinating Team Meeting at Anne Schneider’s House

    Aug 19 World Humanitarian Day;

    Aug 23 10:30 am, Kaffee Klatsch, Hyvee Dining Room

    Aug 25 Orange Day ( Aug 26 9:30 am Kit Party in Knox Hall (Kits for

    Church World Service & Festival of Sharing)

    Aug 17 Public Education Sunday; compassion-peace-justice/child/


    Thanks for everyone’s support of the Spring Paper Supplies Drive to support the Rape & Abuse Crisis Service (RACS) and the new HALO residential facility for young women and their families. We collected a total of 30 boxes of Kleenex, 22 rolls of paper towels and 93 rolls of toilet paper, all of which have now been delivered to these two important local charities. Thanks to Margi Bowles for coordinating this project and to Brenda Waters for her assistance!


    For as long as we

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