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Ppt1 invertebrates

Dec 12, 2014






2. How can we classify animals? Columna vertebral: Backbone Whats this? 3. Write examples of:a. Animals with a backboneb. Animals with no backbone 4. Do they have a skeleton?1. A beetle?2. A cow? 5. Do they have a skeleton?3- A jellyfish ?4- A garden snail? 6. Copy and think about this?1. How many types of skeleton are there?2. Differences between:1. INVERTEBRATES2. VERTEBRATES3. Examples of each group.4. What characteristics make the giant squid an invertebrate? 7. Vertebrate or invertebrate? Think which of the following animalsare: INVERTEBRATE VERTEBRATE 8. ORNITORRINCO = PLATYPUS 9. TURTLE 10. RAY 11. TROUT 12. 1-ESPONJA=SPONGEPORIFERA 13. 2-MEDUSA = JELLYFISH CNIDARIA 14. 3-SEA ANEMONE CNIDARIA CLOWN FISH 15. 4-EARTHWORMANNELIDS 16. 5-GARDEN SNAILMOLLUSCSGastropods 17. 6-BABOSA = SLUG MOLLUSCS Gastropods 18. 7-MEJILLONES = MUSSELS MOLLUSCSBivalves 19. 8- Octopus MOLLUSCS Cephalopods 20. 9- SquidMOLLUSCS Cephalopods 21. Sepia= CuttlefishMOLLUSCSCephalopods 22. 10- Clams MOLLUSCS Bivalves 23. 11-Corals CNIDARIA 24. 12-StarfishECHINODERMS 25. 13-Sea UrchinECHINODERMS 26. GROUPS OF INVERTEBRATES Sponges belong to PORIFERA Jellyfish belong to CNIDARIA Earthworms, Tapeworms, are WORMS Snails, squid, octopus areMOLLUSCS Spiders, ants, crabs areARTHROPODS Starfish, sea urchins are ECHINODERMS 27. Homework Identify in your book the 4 groups ofarthropods, page 71. What group of invertebrates do theseanimals belong to?: Wasp Ant Crab Spider Scolopendra Scorpion Butterfly 28. Grasshopper 29. Oyster 30. Bee 31. Cricket 32. Moth 33. Shrimp 34. SNAKE 35. Page 61, write the subgroups of worms,molluscs and arthropods. Homework write this diagram in yournotebook and add one example of eachgroup

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