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Assignment3 ppt1

Aug 14, 2015



  1. 1. Saxonville Sausage Company
  2. 2. Companys Background A 70 year old company privately held family business headquartered in Saxonville. Well established German brand in the US. Revenue in 2005 was $1.5 billion. Products- Variety of pork sausages
  3. 3. Main Brands 1. Bratwurst 70% of the companys revenue. 2. Breakfast sausage 20% of the companys revenues 3. Italian sausage - Vivio (Regional distribution:Eastern US ) 5% revenues
  4. 4. Saxonvilles Products Bratwurst Breakfast Sausage Links and patties
  5. 5. VIVIO current marketing strategy Product Undifferentiated product No clear positioning Italian name to create consistency Price In line with competition Inconsistent with Saxonville pricing strategy Place National supermarkets - 16% Eastern part of US Promotion Discounted price during the launching period
  6. 6. Further assessment on VIVIO Strengths Vivios success in the existing market Saxonvilles strong national distribution network Opportunities Growing market for Italian sausages No national competitors for fresh sausages Weaknesses Vivios lack of clear positioning No product differentiation Threats Competition from other 29 locally established brands Some competiton from nationl.
  7. 7. Segmentation and Target Market Demographic Physiographic Behavioral
  8. 8. Target- Primary and secondary demographics Female head-of-households Children, education status, working status Behavior considerations Vivio loyalists competitive-brand loyalists Geographic considerations Currently in strong italian sausage markets
  9. 9. Values Good, nutritious meal Satisfy everyones needs Time spent with family Creativity
  10. 10. Family connection Clever cooking Confidence Appreciation Quick and easy Tradition Initial Positioning Territories
  11. 11. Brand Laddering for Gourmet cooking oil VALUE: Discerning good taste _____________________________________ EMOTIONAL BENEFIT: Makes me feel like a gourmet cook _____________________________________ FUNCTIONAL BENEFIT: Flavor enhancement that makes even the best recipes taste unbelievably better _____________________________________ ATTRIBUTES: Smooth and light texture, pale green natural coloring, higher melt temperature, emulsifies instantly, sophisticated taste
  12. 12. Potential positioning concepts Family connection concept Brand- It welcomes you in Love concept Brand- For all you do Balance concept Brand- The taste of home Creative cooking concept Brand- Creative meals in minutes
  13. 13. Product Benefits Emotional benefits Consumer benefits Functional benefits Product attributes
  14. 14. Research and evaluating the Italian opportunity 1. Planning new research on the target customer. 2. Building on learning from the focus group. 3. Building positioning concept. Brand ladder. 4. Additional research deliver a verdict-or two.
  15. 15. Recommended brand name 1. Why vivio? a. Well established in atlantic areas b. Italian name 2. Why by saxonville? a. Nationwide recognition and popularity b. Signifies quality/credibility for an unknown brand
  16. 16. Italian sausage-using consumer positioning concept voting
  17. 17. Supporting tactics offered by other functional groups 1. R&D- Kid-friendly-shaped pre-cut sausage pieces; dinosaurs, goldfish. Different flavor varieties. Insert fresh herbs that would be visible through the sausage. casing but not impact the taste of the sausage. Frozen sausage pellets, both raw and pre-cooked. Different forms: uncooked slices, pre cooked slices.
  18. 18. 2. Graphics Label size and shape changes to maximize the product visibility window and provide in-case differentiation Alternate label graphics using background photographs, fresh ingredients depictions, the Italian flag Faux labels used as tip-ins in magazines to reinforce the brand Labels with back-placed recipes Different label-copy stickers that pop
  19. 19. 3. Sales Larger package size with dinner-plate shaped trays Running more frequent BOGOs (buy-one get-one promotions) Famous potential spokespeople like Rachael Ray Refrigerated display units placed in the produce and dry grocery sections Celebrity recipes
  20. 20. Italian sausage concept assessment
  21. 21. Declaration Created by Akhila Polishetty, during an internship under Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow.
  22. 22. Thank you
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