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PERSPECTIVES PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016 SAAA@Singapore Quarterly Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) Happy 51 st Birthday, Singapore 5 SGSecure 7 NS Mark 11 SAAA ACTS Community Project 16 Changi Coastal Road 19 SAAA Upcoming Events 21

PERSPECTIVES Newsletter Jul-Sep 2016

Feb 12, 2017



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  • PERSPECTIVES PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

    SAAA@Singapore Quarterly Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016)

    Happy 51st Birthday, Singapore 5SGSecure 7NS Mark 11SAAA ACTS Community Project 16Changi Coastal Road 19SAAA Upcoming Events 21

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    MCI(P)089/06/2016 Editorial Team

    Paul Teo Deputy Chairman Pauline Tok Executive DirectorPammie Loh Industry Engagement, Executive

    Special Thanks to Our Contributors Team: Changi Airport Group, ICA ,WSH, dnata,, Freightmen, SATS etcPrinted By KHL Printing Co Pte Ltd

    Perspectives is published quarterly by SAAA@Singapore. The publisher and the editor are unable to accept any liability for errors or omissions that may occur, although every effort has been taken to ensure that all information is correct at the time of press. Material in Perspectives is copyright and cannot be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the editor.

    Something to chewon first

    Dear SAAA Members, Readers and all,

    Welcome to the third issue of SAAA Perspectives a newsletter aimed at providing you with the on-goings in our Aviation Industry.

    Our Air Cargo Terminal Shuttle (ACTS) project has taken flight during this Julyand had its official launch at our Annual Forum: Perspectives, Bridging EffectiveConnections in the Air Cargo Supply Chain on 15 September 2016. We willcontinue to conduct more outreach sessions so do look out for ourannouncements!

    What other events do we have lined up for you?

    There will be a seminar to be held in November titled Pave Ahead 2017 &Beyond. This event will feature on the National Trade Development, ACTSproject, as well as Changi East developments.

    For bowling enthusiasts, our annual bowling event is just around the corner. It istime to gather your teams of 4 together, and once again, pit your skills againstother bowling competitors to earn the right for our SAAA Bowling ChampionshipCup! Registrations are currently open so do join us!

    Lastly, we would like to wish Singapore a Happy 51st Birthday! This yearsNational Day Parade (NDP) was held at the dome-shaped, 55,000-seat nationalstadium with the largest indoor fireworks display. We wish Singapore many goodyears ahead!

    Warmest Regards,Perpectives Editorial Team

  • Read more on Singapore National Day, as well as the government news of Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Ministry of

    Home Affair, SPRING Singapore, MINDEF, Infocommunications and Media Development Authority and

    Health Sciences Authority. (Pg 5)

    05Government Events / News

    12Industry Statistics

    13SAAA Events

    17Industry Updates

    20Members Update

    21Upcoming Events

    22Training Programs Schedule

    SAAA@Singapore Events for the months of July to Sept 2016. (Pg 13)

    Look out for SAAA@Singapore Upcoming Events! (Pg 21)

    Pave Ahead 2017 & Beyond

    In November

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

  • Singapore National Day & CAAS

    Happy Birthday, Singapore

    PHOTO: NDP Preview at National Stadium

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016 5

    This years National Day Parade theme, Building our Singapore of Tomorrow, called uponSingaporeans to take united action in the next chapter of national building and incorporated newelements like 3D displays and aerial performances at new National Stadium. Prepare for more real-live action scenes air, land and sea (elements) at the Floating Platform at Marina Bay in 2017!

    CAAS held the Aviation Community Reception on 1 July and saw the

    gathering of various stakeholders in the aviation industry to discuss the

    latest developments relevant to the aviation industry.

    Items covered included two airport-wide initiatives to boost Changi

    Airports productivity; Smart Apron and the Fast Fund. Smart Apron,

    aimed at innovating and increasing efficiency of Apron operations, will

    see Changi Airport Group (CAG) investing $20 million over the next 6

    years to support the initiative. An airport-wide Wi-Fi communication

    network will be set up in the apron area to cover all aircraft stands

    spanning from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4 to improve efficiency. Fast

    Fund is aimed at driving self-service initiatives for passengers, tapping

    on technology to increase productivity and passenger handling


    With greater effort being put into improving the aviation scene in

    Singapore, we look forward to seeing all these initiatives bear fruit!

    SAAA@Singapore Council Members :Mr Richard Chua, Mr Benjamin Ongand Mr Daniel Chng

    SAAA@Singapore Council Members :Mr Michael Yew, Mr Richard Tan andMr Daniel Chng, together withMr Simon Koh (DHL Express)

  • Springs Quality & Standards Conference 2016 , themed Enabling

    Singapores Future Economy this year, took place on 27 July. The

    event saw a large number of senior management personnel

    gathering, and encouraged all to take the next step to strengthen

    their organisations focus on innovating and internationalising.

    The conference speakers included Dr Parag Khanna, a Senior

    Research Fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy,

    Professor Chong Tow Chong, Provost of the Singapore University

    of Technology and Design (SUTD), Mr Richard Schomberg, IEC

    Ambassador for Smart Energy and Vice President of the EDG

    Group, Mr Wong Heang Fine, Group CEO of Surbana Jurong and

    many more.

    Topics that were covered addressed a variety of issues affecting

    Singapores economy. From Global Mega-trends, to Business

    Innovation through Technological Change, to the Opportunities

    and Challenges of Cities of the Future, speakers provided insight

    and touched on how standards and conformance would help

    organisations benefit from megatrends of the future.

    Government Events SPRING Singapore


    Standards Partners for the Quality & Standards

    Conference 2016

    (From left): Mr Ted Tan, Ms Leung Wai Ling, Mrs Kee Ai Nah (from SPRING Singapore) and Mr Steven Lee

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

    The Lead Partners Dinner takes place every year to bring

    together council members and executives from a variety

    of Trade Associations and Chambers to network and

    share their project experiences. This years dinner took

    place on the 10th of May and welcomed extinguished

    guests and speakers such as the Minister for Trade and

    Industry, Mr S. Iswaran, and Mr Lee Ark Boon, CEO of IE


    Throughout the night, LEAD Awards were presented to

    various award recipients, and topics such as Value

    Creation in the Future Economy were covered.

    LEAD Partners Dinner 2016

  • Government Events / News MHA & SPF


    Official Launch of SGSecureBy Ministry of Home Affairs

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

    In light of recent events occurring around the world, Singapore is not immune or spared fromthe threat of global terrorism. In order to encourage Singaporeans to actively take steps toprotect themselves and safeguard their way of life, SG Secure, a new National programme, wasofficially launched at the Singapore University of Technology and Design on 24 September2016, with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gracing the event.

    SG Secure is a national movement that aims to engage, sensitise and train, organise, mobiliseand exercise Singaporeans to be better able to deal with terrorist attacks. The communityplays a highly important role in the fight against terrorism. In time of adversity, it is imperativefor us to remain vigilant against threats and know what to do, be united in our goal for aharmonious and peaceful Singapore and be ready to deal with crises and not be cowed.Everybody has an important role to play in the fight against terrorism.

    Exercises on resuscitationprocedures in cases ofemergency

    SG Secure App launched towatch out for security threatsand report real time status.

    Mr Steven Lee (left) withesteemed group fromMinistry of Transport,Airport Police and IndustryStakeholders.

    Mr Steven Lee with Mr Sam Tee,Commander of Traffic Police,Assistant Commissioner, Mr TanPuay Kern, Executive Director,Executive Director of Security, MBS.

    SPF Annual Police Dinner 2016

    (Left) Minister for Home Affairsand Law, Mr K Shanmugam,with Mr Steven Lee.

    Singapore Police Force held their Annual Police Dinner 2016 at Gardens by the Bay (FlowerField Hall) on 26 September 2016. The event was graced by the Guest-of-Honour, theMinister of Home Affairs and Law, Mr K. Shanmugam. The dinner was well-attended andthere were joint performances titled, Celebrating Friendships by SPF Band and guestperformers.

  • Government Events / News WSHC


    Are you a safe driver? A must-have notebook for all vocational drivers to get daily safedriving tips, a vehicle safety checklist and emergency numbers. This notebook wasdeveloped by Workplace Safety and Health Council, Traffic Police and the Singapore RoadSafety Council. Available in both English and Chinese.

    To download the drivers notebook, please visit WSH Councils website at

    12 Safe Driving Tips

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

    Workplace Safety and Health Awards 2016The Workplace Safety and Health Awards 2016 took place on 27 July 2016 and

    recognised the various organisations and individuals who had gone out of their

    way to achieve excellence in workplace safety and health.

    Awards were conferred by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council,

    supported by Ministry of Manpower (MOM). This years award categories included

    the WSH Performance Awards, Safety and Recognition for Projects ( SHARP), WSH

    Risk Management Awards, WSH Awards and Supervisors awards and many others.

    Congratulations to all award winners for their outstanding contributions!

    Mr Steven Lee (left) with Guest of Honour, Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong MP

    Photo of Mr Steven Lee with various logistics associations

  • Government Events / News IMDA & HSA


    Since 1 August 2016, under Sections 15 and 16 of the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements andSale) Act (Chapter 309), it is an offence to import, distribute, sell or offer for sale the followingprohibited tobacco related products.

    Gutkha, Khaini, ZardaNasal Snuff Oral Snuff

    Smokeless Cigarettes

    Nicotine Tablets

    Tobacco/Nicotine Gel E-liquid

    The offence is punishable, on conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment

    for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both and, in the case of a second or subsequent

    conviction, to a fine not exceeding $20,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12

    months or to both.

    Companies may contact the Tobacco Regulation Branch of the Health Sciences Authority (HSA)

    at 6684 2036/2037/2045 during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00am 5:30pm) should

    they have any information on such illegal activities or if they require any clarifications.

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016 9

    Entering A World of POSSIBILITIES Launch of IMDA

    Witnessed the launch of IMDA on 30th Sept - the new statutory boardarising from the re-structuring of the current InfocommDevelopment Authority (IDA) and Media Development Authority(MDA). The IMDA will build on successes of both IDA and MDA andhelp develop Singapore as a future ready infocomm media hub.

    IMDA will transform lives by spurring innovation, harnessingpotential and seizing new opportunities in the converging media andinfocomm space. Together with the industry, community and fellowSingaporeans, IMDA is powering up digital transformation to createa better future for all.

    Mr Steven Lee, shared a lighthearted moment with Mr NewSoon Tee, Director, Logistics &Retail Sector/Services Sector

  • Adoption PackageThe Adoption Package supports 50% of the qualified adoptioncost for non-SME companies, capped at $50,000.

    Non-SMEs are companies with group annual sales turnover ofmore than $100 million and a group employment size of morethan 200 workers.

    The Adoption package covers the costs of qualified solutions,integration and training. To date, CAAS has qualified 3 ITsolution providers, namely vCargo Cloud Pte Ltd (VCC), CargoCommunity Network (CCN) and Innosys Pte Ltd.

    e-freight@Singapore is a multi-agency industry partnership initiative led by CAAS and IDA. The objective of thisinitiative is to improve efficiency, enhance data accuracy and reduce costs for the air cargo supply chain inSingapore by facilitating electronic data exchange and reuse between stakeholders in the supply chain.

    Government News Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)

    Adopt and Earn Programme (AEP)




    GAIN VISIBILITY & TRACEABILITYTrack and trace electronic documentations online in real time

    IMPROVE DATA RELIABILITY & ACCURACYOne-time electronic data entry from information source

    SIMPLIFY TRADE AND SECURITY COMPLIANCEFacilitate fulfillment of Singapore Customs Advance Export

    Declaration Requirements

    LINK SEAMLESSLY TO TRADENETSend XML messages to TradeNet seamlessly

    SPEED UP SERVICEReduce document processing time through automation

    LOWER COSTReduce manual processing through electronic data exchange

    Adopt and Earn Programme (AEP)AEP aims to encourage the adoption and use of e-freight@Singapore solutions by shippers andforwarders and comprises 2 packages: (1) AdoptionPackage; (2) Transaction-Based Incentive.

    Transaction-Based Incentive (TBI)Companies will get incentives based on the percentage of theirtotal shipment transactions carried out using a qualified e-freight@Singapore Solution from 1 May 2016 to 20 April 2019.

    Shippers can get up to $30,000

    Forwarders can get up to $15,000

    Incentive Trigger Level

    Shipper Incentive

    Forwarder Incentive

    At least 20% $5,000 $5,000

    At least 40% $10,000 $5,000

    At least 60% $15,000 $5,000

    Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Aviation Industry Division

    Contact us at 6422 7082 or email for enquiries.

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016 10

  • Government News - MINDEF


    In the last issue of Perspectives, we shared our experience from visiting NSmen on In-Camp-Training (ICT) in Sungei Gedong Camp. In this issue, we would like to share some tips on how you,as an employer, can play a role in supporting National Service (NS) and position your company asan Employer of Choice.

    NS Mark is a national-level accreditation scheme that recognises businesses andorganisations with policies and human resource practices that support National Service and TotalDefence. You can visit and pledge your support today!

    Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) develop skillsets during NS training which are transferableto the workforce. Employers can refer to their Certificate of Service (COS) for the skillsets theycan apply at work and recognise their NS experience at recruitment.

    When NSmen employees perform well during ICTs and in NS courses, they can be recognizedwith letters of achievement or congratulatory announcements disseminated company-wide.Employers can also take their performance in NS into consideration for career progression.

    Employers can file make up pay on behalf of their NSmen employees. In this way, NSmenemployees are paid as per their normal pay schedule when they are called back for NS trainingand they do not need to file the claim on their own.

    Employers can organise fitness and healthy lifestyle activities like healthy lifestyle talks, aerobicsworkouts and soccer games to help NSmen employees keep fit and enhance their IPPTperformance.

    Supporting NS can be easy, and need not be resource intensive. So lets chip in to support NS!

    Refer to Certificate of Service and recognise skillsets acquired during NS.

    Congratulate NSmen employees for good performance during ICTs and NS Courses.


    Pledge support for NS and be accredited with NS Mark.

    File Make Up Pay claimson behalf of NSmen employees at

    Recognise NSmen employees performance

    in NS for career progression.

    Organise fitness andhealthy lifestyle activities to enhance IPPT performance.



    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

  • Statistics

    Current Pulse of the Ocean Freight Industry

    Item Description Jan-Jun 2015Jan-Jun 2016

    YTD Variance

    YTD Variance (%)

    Monthly Average 2015 (Jan - Jun)

    Monthly Average 2016 (Jan - Jun)

    Monthly Average 2015 (Jul Dec)


    Total Cargo ('000 Tonnes) (Thousand Tonnes) 291,675.90 295,179 3,503.10 1.2% 48612.65 49,196.50 47361.68 575,846.00

    Cargo (General) (Thousand Tonnes) 185,490.40 176,650.80 (8,839.6) -4.8% 30915.07 29,441.80 29394.68 361,858.50

    Cargo (Bulk) (Thousand Tonnes) 106,185.40 118,528.80 12,343.40 11.6% 17697.57 19.754.80 17966.98 213,987.30

    Cargo (Oil-In-Bulk) (Thousand Tonnes) 96,695.40 110,195.80 13,500.40 14.0% 16115.9 18,365.97 16523.57 195,836.80

    Cargo (General & Non-Oil In Bulk) (Thousand Tonnes) 194,980.40 184,983.80 (9,996.6) -5.1% 32496.73 30,830.63 30838.1 380,009.00

    Total Container Throughput ('000 TEUs) (Thousand Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) 15,997.70 15,181.40 (816.30) -5.1% 2666.28 2,530.23 2487.45 30,922.40

    Bunker Sales ('000 Tonnes) (Thousand Tonnes) 21,562.70 24,384.60 2,821.90 13.0% 3593.78 4,064.10 3932.15 45,155.60

    Current Pulse of the Air Freight Industry

    Item Description 2015 ( Jan - Jun) 2016 (Jan - Jun)

    YTD Variance Amount YTD Variance %

    2015 Monthly Average (Jan-


    2016 Monthly Average ( Jan-

    Jun) 2015 (Jul - Dec)

    2015 Monthly Average (Jul -


    2015 Total

    Export Air Volumes 412,724 424,449 11,725 0.0284 68,787 70,742 425,066 70,844 837,790

    Import Air Volumes 499,513 525,804 26,291 0.0526 83,252 87,634 515,783 85,964 1,015,296

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Apr Jun 2016) ISSUE 69 -02/2016 9

    Source: Statistics Singapore

    Source: Statistics Singapore

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

    Source: Statistics Singapore

  • Perspectives, Bridging Effective Connections in the Air Cargo Supply Chain


    SAAA Annual Forum was held at Max Atria, Singapore Expo on 15 September 2016, with thetheme Perspectives, Bridging Effective Connections in the Air Cargo Supply Chain. The eventbrings together some 200 shippers, freight forwarders and airline representatives and saw theofficial launch of not one, but two different initiatives to serve as benefit to the Aviationcommunity. They were the official launches of e-Freight@SG Network and ACTS Project.

    The Official Launch of the ACTS ProjectThe Official Launch of the e-freight@SG Network

    e-freight@Singapore Community Program e-freight@SG Network

    is an Air Cargo Community programme to facilitate electronic data exchange between

    stakeholders in the supply chain.

    Air Cargo Terminal Shuttle ACTS Community Project

    is a daily cargo shuttle service to pick up and consolidate delivery of cargo export

    shipments from freight forwarder premises within Changi Airfreight Centre for lodge in

    at airfreight terminals.

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

  • Perspectives, Bridging Effective Connections in the Air Cargo Supply Chain


    Deputy Manager of CAAS, Mr Tan Wei En, presented onthe e-freight@Singapore Community Program.

    He mentioned on the Adopt and Earn programme (AEP)which aims to encourage the adoption and use of e-freight@Singapore solutions by shippers andforwarders and comprises 2 packages: (1) AdoptionPackage; (2) Transaction-Based Incentive. He added onthe benefits of which shippers and forwarders can enjoysuch as improving data reliability and process visibility,lower costs and enhance information confidentiality.Mr Tan Wei En, Deputy Manager, CAAS

    Mr Bilal Abdallah, Director, PwC & Mr Frank Debets, PwC, Managing Partner, WMS Asia

    Director, PwC, Mr Bilal Abdallah and PwC, ManagingPartner, WMS Asia, Mr Frank Debets shared on theinternational trade landscape, economic realities, futureoperational landscape and actions for near and mediumterm. There was concerns of rising barriers and sluggishimport and export growth. The international tradelandscape could also be less friendly due to theslowdown in trade liberalism and increased incidence ofnon-tariff barriers. With these issues potentiallysurfacing, both speakers highlighted on one solutionbeing investment on technology to innovate and stay ontrack.

    This was followed by the opening remarks by DeputyDirector-General, CAAS, Mr Tay Tiang Guan. Hementioned on the uncertainties and challenges faceddespite the local and global growth of cargo volumes.He emphasized on the importance to innovateprocesses to remain competitive as an air cargo hub.Lastly, he touched upon the need for greater industrycollaboration to improve Singapores competitiveedge as an air cargo and logistics hub, as well as tobeef up security to be prepared for any potentialthreats.

    Mr Tay Tiang Guan, Deputy Director-General, CAAS

    Mr Steven Lee, Chairman, SAAA@Singapore

    Chairman of SAAA@Singapore, Mr Steven Lee, gave hiswelcome address, in which he emphasized onSAAA@Singapores commitment to actively promote,protect and develop the business of carriage of goods byair transportation, which serves as the main motivationfor the forums theme to bring various perspectivesonto a single platform, thereby bridging the effectiveconnections in the air cargo supply chain. He alsobrought attention to another upcoming event to lookforward to in November Pave Ahead 2017 and Beyond.

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

  • 15

    Perspectives, Bridging Effective Connections in the Air Cargo Supply Chain

    Mr Jordan Tan, Manager, CAG

    Mr Wong Chee Meng, Senior Vice President, SATS

    Manager, CAG, Mr Jordan Tan presented on Changisstatistics for air trade, cargo volumes, cargoperformance, mail volumes and cargo commodities. Heshared on the recent logistics investments enhancingSingapores position as a regional logistics hub, as wellas the CAC improvements such as the shelteredwalkways, newly renovated Megaplex canteen androadshows. Lastly, he announced on the launch of thetrial lunchtime shuttle services between CAC and ChangiAirport T3 which will end on 14 October 2016.

    Senior Vice President, SATS, Mr Wong Chee Meng,spoke about the SATS eCommerce AirHub.

    It is a new automated facility which will improveefficiency and space utilization, as well as to enhancethe consignment handling capabilities of both SATSand SingPost. The 6000-square-metre facility isexpected to be operational by December 2016 andSATS will become the first ground handler in theworld to own such an air-side facility.

    Mr Steven Lee, Chairman, SAAA@Singapore

    SAAA@Singapore Chairman, Mr Steven Lee, went theextra mile to do a presentation on What does aSmart Nation mean to Air Cargo Industry. Heexplained on the Smart Nation initiative which is toleverage on technology, innovation and talent toelevate the quality of its citizen and businesscommunity. He has also stated examples of e-freight@Singapore initiative, as well as National TradePlatform which taps on technology to strive forward.

    Thank you very much for theinvitation, and the great event SAAA

    had put together this morning. It was certainlya good opportunity for myself to get to knowmembers of the industry better, hear theirconcerns, and express support for SAAAsinitiatives.Mr Martin SiuMinistry of Transport

    On behalf of my colleagues,would like to thank you for

    inviting us to todays event. It wasinformative and the food was good(especially the chicken soup!)

    Ms Chan Xue LinJTC Corporation

    In conclusion, this forum has portrayed a clear message that companies have to be adaptable andembrace technology to advance ahead into the future.

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

  • ACTS of Cargo-Pooling



    SAAA has commenced the ACTS service on 1st August 2016 for export shipment lodge-in forforwarders based within Changi Airfreight Centre and ALPS to SATS and Dnata AirfreightTerminals. The official launch of the ACTS service was declared by Mr Ted Tan, Deputy ChiefExecutive, SPRING Singapore during the SAAA Annual Forum held on 15th September 2016, atSingapore Expo.

    As of 15th Sept 2016, we have 23 forwarders sign-up for participation in the ACTS project. DuringAugust, ACTS pick-up and lodge-in in 318 shipments. During September, ACTS will pick-up andlodge-in an estimated 500 shipments. The feedback from participants have been veryencouraging: booking is easy, prompt confirmation and pick-up; ACTS drivers are punctual andhelpful; freight acceptance via the priority lane access is faster than normal route.

    ACTS now include free activation of Sunday and Public Holiday shuttle service for participatingforwarders with monthly 40,000 kg tonnage.

    ACTS project aims to optimize the outbound supply chain at Changi Airfreight by streamliningthe delivery of loose export cargo from airfreight forwarders facilities to the freight terminals.Currently, there are 4 shuttle services starting at 2pm, 4.30pm, 7pm and 11pm for Monday toFriday, and 2 shuttle services starting at 2pm and 4.30pm for Saturday.

    We encourage forwarders based within Changi Airfreight Center and ALPS to support andparticipate in the community project. SPRING Singapore has a grant support package for SMEforwarders to encourage early adoption of ACTS project. SME forwarders who sign-up earlyenjoy additional cost savings. Just call 65454721 for more information and registration form. Wewill be very happy to have you get into the ACTS.

    How the SPRING support package works?

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016 16

  • SAAA@Singapore Industry Updates (Past Events)

    Launch of the Logistics PCP & Appointment of SCALAs Board of Advisors


    The Board of Advisors for SCALA was also decided, all being

    experienced industry professionals, appointed to provide

    leadership guidance and support on the development of

    training programmes and activities for logistics and supply

    chain professionals. We would like to congratulate Mr Steven

    Lee, Chairman of SAAA@Singapore, for his appointment as a

    member of the SCALA Board of Advisors.

    The Singapore Workforce and Development Agency (WDA) and

    the Supply Chain and Logistics Academy (SCALA) launched the

    Logistics Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) on 29 June

    2016. Logistics PCP was developed with the aim of re-skilling

    mid career Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians

    (PMETs) who are keen on joining the logistics industry. It will

    equip new entrants and existing professionals with practical

    logistics and supply chain skills and knowledge.

    SCALA, the programme manager, will award participants an

    Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Operations Management

    following the 18 day course and a 12 day mentorship


    Maritime Silk Road China-Singapore ForumThe Maritime Silk Road China-Singapore Business Forum2016 was held at the Shangri-la Hotel Singapore on 5 July2016. It was jointly organized by the SingaporeManufacturing Federation and China-ASEAN BusinessCouncil (CABC) with the aim of promoting mutuallybeneficial economic and trade cooperation opportunitiesbetween Singapore and China.

    Overall, the Forum provided delegates with opportunitiesfor networking and exchanging of information on potentialindustrial cooperation and exploration of new internationalmarkets.

    (From left): Mr Steven Lee, Mr Xu Ningning, Mr Douglas Foo

    (From left): Mr Lim Swee Say, Ms Elaine Low, Mr Steven Lee

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

  • SAAA@Singapore Industry Updates (Past Events)

    On 23 August 2016, Container Depot Association (Singapore)(CDAS) organized a 2 days Logistics and Transportationconference with the theme of Smart Nation, Smart Logistics Transforming Singapores Economy for the Future atFurama City Centre.

    The guest of honor was Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr SIswaran. In his opening speech, he highlighted onSAAA@Singapores Air Cargo Terminal Shuttle Project, whichwould help SME freight forwarders achieve cost savings, andimprove productivity through consolidation of freighttransport and cargo loading activities at the ChangiAirfreight Centre. SAAA@Singapore Chairman, Mr StevenLee, was also one of the speakers at the conference,delivering views on what does a Smart Nation mean to theSME business of Logistics and Transportation?

    The conference also focused on four main topics, namelyCapability, Data, Technology and Standards Driven thatwould lead Singapores position as a global logistics hub.

    Logistics & Transportation Conference 2016


    Federation of Asia Pacific Aircargo Associations (FAPAA)43rd Executive Council Meeting and AGM 2016

    July 10-12, 2016, Marriott Hotel Manila

    43rd Executive Council Meeting and Annual General Meeting was held in Manila,Philippines on 10th 12th July 2016, hosted by Aircargo Forwarders Association of thePhilippines inc. (AFPI).

    Discussions involved the proposed new IATA FIATA Air Cargo Program, IATA CargoAgency Program, current trends and air cargo issues affecting Asia-Pacific, CASSMatters, Education and Training matters. Singapore was represented by Mr Alec Kohand Mr Richard Tan.

    Mr Steven Lee (far left) and Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr S Iswaran, at the Furama City Centre.

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

  • SAAA@Singapore Industry Updates (Past Events)



    SAC Zuraidah Abdullah

    for being conferred the

    Berita Harian Anugerah Jauhari 2016

    (Berita Harian Achiever Award 2016)

    on 30 August 2016


    Chairman, Council Members & Management

    of SAAA @ Singapore

    SAAA@Singapore Industry Updates (Future Event)

    As Changi Airport looks to handle more flights through thedevelopment of a new passenger terminal, Terminal 5, andthe extra runway, Changi Coast Road will then be closed andreplaced by a new road.

    This new Changi Coast road will open in the second quarterof next year.

    The 6km stretch, which will hug the eastern coastline, willhave three lanes on each side, and a park connector forcyclists and joggers next to it. The park connector runsbetween the new Changi Coast Road, Tanah Merah CoastRoad and Aviation Park Road.

    Changi Coast Road to be closed in 2017

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

  • e-Acceptance system: Simplification of Airfreight Export Clearance Process

    Jet Airwayss New General Sales and Services Agent: ASL Aviation Group

    Members Update

    To help simplify the airfreight export clearance process forfreight-forwarders, Freightmen worked in collaboration withintegrated ground handling and in-flight catering serviceprovider Sats on a new e-Acceptance system.

    The e-Acceptance system is a one-stop online system tosimplify the process for the lodging of export cargo at theairfreight terminals. This has greatly helped freight forwardersto reduce the waiting time for workers at the airfreightterminals from 2 hours to approximately 30 minutes. Moreover,the number of steps taken for export lodge-in acceptance hasbeen reduced from 18 to 8. This cuts down on theadministrative processes and allows for better optimization ofmanpower resources. e-Acceptance kiosks were also installedin the airfreight terminals to facilitate companies that do nothave technical capability to access the system.

    Overall, the e-Acceptance system has helped to elevate thecompetency of both Sats and freight forwarders alike andimprove efficiency.


    ASL Aviation Group Pte Ltd was recently appointed asJet Airways new General Sales and Services Agent forCargo in Singapore. Jet Airways, Indias premierinternational airline, operates to various countriesand has a robust worldwide network. ASL AviationGroup, armed with 35 years of experience andoperations will be responsible for managing CargoSales from Singapore and also providing thenecessary service deliveries.

    A launch event that saw the gathering of numerousindustry players was organised on the evening of 15August 2016 to celebrate the joyous occasion. Ourheartiest congratulations to the two on the newpartnership!

    Freightmen Managing DirectorMr Alec Koh

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

    ASL Aviation Management team and the 9W--Jet Airways team

  • SAAA Upcoming Events

    Registrations are currently open for SAAA Bowling 2016! Join us

    on 20 November 2016!

    By SAAA Cargo Services Pte Ltd

    1-Day On-Site Dangerous Goods Awareness Course

    A certificate of attendance will be issued for this Dangerous Goods Awareness Course.For more information, please contact Ms Peggy Lim at 65455006 or email to

    Good News! We are currently offering a one-day on-site Dangerous Goods AwarenessCourse with a minimum pax of 15 to getstarted. Other than on-site training, thiscourse is also available at our training centrefor individuals.

    We have provided training for companies inthese three sectors: Manufacturing,Aerospace and Technology.

    As of 2015, we have taught over 600students for Dangerous Goods Courses.



    Pave Ahead 2017 & Beyond

    In November

    PERSPECTIVES Newsletter ( Jul Sep 2016) ISSUE 70-03/2016

  • SAAA Training Programs Schedule for 2016Training October November December

    DG Regulations Initial Course 24th 28th 14th 18th 12th 16th

    DG Refresher Course 31st 1st 10th 11th 19th 20th

    Customer Service/Sales Course 22nd 23rd

    Air Law : Overview of Warsaw Convention & Protocols and Montreal Convention


    Airfreight Forwarders Basic Course 28th 30th

    IATA Supply Chain and TransportModes

    7th 11th


    Please contact Ms Peggy Lim at 6545 5006 or

    7 Airline Road, #04-05, Cargo Agents Building E, Changi Airfreight Centre, Singapore 819834.Tel: 65 6545 4620Fax: 65 6542 6820


    Date Industry Event

    October 10 - 12 SAPinsider Logistics and SCM Conference

    October 12 - 13 GLCS LogiSYM Malaysia 2016

    October 24 - 27 APEX Expo

    November 3 - 5 LogisWare 2016

    November 9 - 10 PL Summit & Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum

    December 12 - 13 11th Annual Cold Chain Distribution Conference and Exhibition

    *Information are deemed accurate at time of print and may still subject to changes .

    Upcoming Industry Events & Training Schedule

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    *The first 5 scans received (with the correct differences circled) will be entitled to a $20 Fairprice Voucher.

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