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OWL MLA Exercise Answers
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  • 1. OWL MLA Exercise Answers

2. Two benefits of using MLA Style
Build credibility
Protect against plagiarism
3. What font and size?
12 point Times New Roman
4. Margins
1 inch on all sides
5. Italics
use for book titles
6. Upper left corner of page
your name, your instructor's name, the course, and the date
7. Information required in parenthetical citations
Source medium
Source entry in the works cited page
8. Two choices for placement of the authors name
In the sentence
In a parenthetical citation
9. Page number
Always goes in the parenthetical citation
10. Point of in-text citations/how does it help the reader
The reader can look in the works cited for the corresponding entry to find more information
11. If theres no known author
Use a shortened title of the work to refer to the work in the citation
12. Quotation of four lines or less
Takes quotation marks around it
13. Quotation of four lines or less
Include the author name and page number
The information in the text should correspond to the entry in the works cited
14. Add a word to a quotation
Put [brackets] around the word or words to indicate that they werent part of the original
15. If you omit words
Put three periods with extra space . . .
16. Margins on works cited page
1 inch all the way around
17. Top of the works cited page
The phrase Works Cited center, no italics, no bold, no special treatment
18. Works cited entries
Double space, but do not skip extra lines between entries
19. Indent on works cited page
Hanging indent the first line is out 5 spaces from the second and subsequent lines
20. Popular mediums of publication
Print or web
21. Book titles and other long works
Should be in italics, not underlined or bold
22. Format for titles of shorter works
In italics
23. Names on the works cited page
Should be listed alphabetically
24. If theres no known author
Alphabetize the work by the title
25. If you dont have all the information required
Include as much information as you do have
26. Listing a date for a website
The web changes often. Things may move.
27. Citing an image?
Yes, sometimes you must.
28. For questions
Google OWL Purdue for a wealth of information