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Nov 18, 2015



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  • Hey girls its good to see you, how have you been? Lauren- Good thank you, really busy but thats definitely a good thing

    Gina- Yeah really good, excited to be here.

    Honoured to have you, you rose to stardom pretty

    quickly, how does it feel?

    Gina- Its crazy it feels so surreal that this has happened to us its more than we could have ever dreamed of

    Lauren- To be honest I dont think its fully sunk In yet, we feel so so lucky.

    What have you been up to then aside from grabbing coffee with your new celeb BFF, Taylor Swift?


    BLONDE HARMONY - By Sophie Hughes

    Lauren- We have been working on our new album, which is super exciting because we have collaborated with some amazing stars.

    OMG how exciting care to spill the beans on who?

    Gina- No we will have to keep that a secret for now *laughs*

    SO whats the album about?

    Lauren- The album is about our journey to get where we are today and all the obstcles we have overcame all in all its a

    pretty up beat album, great for summer but has a few slower tracks in there too.

    Gina- Yeah just to mix it up a bit, we want the album to be fun but we want to send a message through it as well.

    Okay, enough about business its time for the serious stuff, favourite food?

    Lauren- *laughs* Pizza

    Gina- Cake


    Favourite shop?

    Lauren- Topshop

    Gina- Urban Outfitters

    `Favourite Colour?

    Both- PINK!

    Well its been great chatting to you girls, we cannot wait for your album to be released on March the 12th, we will be the first downloading it on iTunes

    Lauren- *Laughs* thank you so much for having us.

    How well do you know Blonde Harmony after this excluive interview,

    turn to page 5 to take part in our Blonde Harmony Quiz?

    We feel so so lucky

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