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Quark music magazine contents page music magazine

Aug 12, 2015



  1. 1. layout The layout of the page is A4 standard paper with 3 columns running down the page. This will be an easy layout as it gives the option to place different pictures in different place. This can also be do with text.
  2. 2. Pictures Pictures can be added through the icon on the tool bar which looks like a box with a cross inside it. Click on the box and draw your image layout. This will draw the box, right click in the box and click on import image, choose an image and this will then be imported onto the page
  3. 3. Added pictures Here are the pictures that will be included on my contents page in the layout they will be placed. I have added page numbers to the pictures in photoshop to give the photos a professional look.
  4. 4. Adding text Adding text to the page can be done in different ways because you can hand type it from Quark (shown above) or you can write it from Microsoft Word and then import it. To draw a text box on Quark you have to go over to the tool bar and select the box with the A inside it. After you have click on it, draw the text box and add text. This is what I did to add my text.
  5. 5. My Added Text I have added the text to my contents page and have added different sizes and colours to the text to indicated the Headings and Subheadings for the articles. Also i have added a background to the titles Contents, Features and Regulars to make them stand out more and make them look more professional.
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