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Analyzing the Lawless Trailer
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  • 1. Analyzing the Lawless Trailer

2. This first shot of a persons leg that is driving This is a mid distance shot and sees the cara car, the sound is diagetic and is a high moving away from the camera, there is lowangled shot. This is also fast paced shot as key lighting here as the camera is uder awell.building, at this point non-diagetic soundtrack.This is a mid range shot shows two From the shot before there is non-diageticcharacters talking diagetically with the sound of her talking and is a close up shot.soundtrack in the back ground. 3. These two shots feature non-diagetic sound of the woman talking again and are close up shotsshowing them talking although we cant hear it, again both of these shots are fast paced andfeatures non-diagetic music in the background. Both of these shots are very similar but ofdifferent people.This is a fast moving shot showing a This shot is fast and is a medium close up,fighting scene with low key lighting withand features diagetic sound, of him talkingnon-diagetic sound fading to black screen. to her. 4. This intertitle will have a good affect on the This is a panning shot of the countryaudience because they will want to find outside, this could also be compared to anwhat will go on, it is also big enough to seeestablishing shot, and only features non-and there is a big non-diagetic sound that diagetic sound in the background.will draw your attention to it.This is a medium close up shot and featuresThis shot shows the sheriff and his newa non-diagetic sound of a sheriffdeputy, featuring a loud non-diagetic soundtalking, again it is a fast paced drawn people attention to it. 5. This shot is medium to long range andThis shot is an extreme close up and isfeatures a lot of characters in it, and thefast paced as well, featuring like most ofdiagetic sound in it is a person introducing the trailers shots non-diagetic soundtrack.a new deputy.There is then this shot of a medium closeThis is a medium close-up of the newup of the new deputy and again having adeputy having a diagetic conversationloud non-diagetic sound to grab peopleswith the person to the right of the frame.attention. This is also a slow-paced shot in comparison with the other shots. 6. This is a low angled shot of the person with the gun as the new deputy is set threatening theperson to the right of this shot. The low angled shot is also a medium close-up showing the gunin more detail. The shot to the right is mainly there too show the other persons reaction to thisthreat and also is a medium close-up, both of these shots feature diagetic sound of the newdeputy talking.This shot is fast paced and is at a medium This shots shows the man to the front of theto long-range shot showing of fighting close up shot talking diagetically and us as theseen that is fast-paced, and has low key audience being able to hear 7. This shot is big and features a loud non-Again this is a fast paced shot from a low anglediagetic sound as the inter title is shown, this showing the medium close-up of the personis again to grab the audiences attention andthat is about to strike something that willmake to realise when it is in cinemas. detonate.This shot is fast paced and shots theThis is an establising shot, they are using this toexplosion and the sound is diagetic, this shot show the destruction that he has causedalso has someone talking over the shot non-maybe by striking that TNT. The non-diageticdiagetically.sound of the person talking carrying on as this could of dust goes through the town. 8. This is a extreme close up of two of theThese next two shots are shot-reactionmain characters talking diagetically with shots of people firing at each other, thisthe soundtrack still playing non- first shot is an extreme close up enablingdiagetically. us to look down his barrel, this is also aslightly low angle shot as wellThis is a medium shot showing the men This is also shown to show who is in thefiring back, again it is fast paced featuring film and again featuring the loud non-the soundtrack in the background non- diagetic noise to grab people attention, thisdiagetically and the diagetic sound ofis another reason they might want to seethere guns. the film. 9. This is again a medium close up of one of theThis next shot is a extreme close up and is amain characters, showing the face that wentslight high angle shot of people going intoalong with the name before. This could bepositions ready to shoot. There is again non-seen as one of there (USP) because he is a diagetic dialogue in the back ground as wellbig actor and has done lots of music.These two shots lead on from one another the character he plays on the and his name on theleft, there is again non-diagetic sound like in all the clips with the sound track, there is alsodialogue in the background. 10. This is a fairly slow paced shot in comparison Again intertitles with non-diagetic sound toto all of the others and shows this mangrab the audiences attention and helpturning round towards the camera, this is athem put the name to that character.mid close up shot.This is a fast paced shot of the man shootingThis shot is showing the damage that thethe gun, there is no sound from the gun on person before has done to the car, again fastthis shot, but it has the non-diagetic music inpaced shot, that is mid-long range, that maythe background as well as dialogue. This is awell feature special effects to the car.mid- long distance shot as he is firing the gun. 11. Again there is the name of the actor in the intertitle to go along with the face of the character inthe film, the intertitle again features non-diagetic sound that grabs the audiences attention. Theshot to the right is a medium close-up showing the characters reaction to something in previousshots, and again there is non-diagetic sound of dialogue.This shot is a medium close up and showsThere is again a inter title shown on theboth of the characters enjoying a ride in his screen with non-diagetic sound to gocar, there is again non-diagetic sound of the along with it and the continuation of thedialogue again, and is fast paced.non-diagetic dialogue. 12. This inter title again showing the the actors This is a medium to long distance shot ofname with a non-diagetic sound to attract this character with a gun, this has low keythe attention of the audience and the non-lighting as well as fast paced and has non-diagetic sound of the dialogue still. diagetic sound in it from the dialogue, andfrom the sound track.This special effect shot is a long distance This shot is low key lighting with lightshot, this will have been done to grab theshining in from the end of the tunnel, thisaudiences attention right at the end, makingcould again be a reaction shot to what justthe trailer go out with a bang. happened/ or waiting for something tohappen. This is a mid range shot. 13. This is a mid close up shot showing theThey finish the trailer off with the title atcharacters reaction to something, this isthe end so that you wont forget hat itsfast paced and is a low angled shot againcalled. This text is animated going fromwith the main character as one of the last white to red as well.things you will remember.