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Shooting Gallery Level One
Education Shooting Gallery Level One

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MULTIMEDIATECHNIQUES “So many people think cameras and lenses are getting better.They are. But cameras are stupid no matter how “great” they are.They know nothing,They…

Handout #2
Documents Handout #2

Cathleen Khaaliq’s Video Handbook PRE-PRODUCTIONCHECKLIST CABLES• Audio and Video (Analog and Digital) CAMERA FUNCTIONS• Operational FeaturesPRODUCTIONCamera Composition•…

Produce a video news story in a day
Documents Produce a video news story in a day

Shooting Made Easy SABEW Conference Brian Snyder Shooting Basics 5 Basic Shots - Wide Medium Tight Action Reaction Wide Shot – “Establishing” shot Wide shots are usually…

Cowboy vs. Kid & Narrative vs. Style in "McCabe and Mrs Miller"
Documents Cowboy vs. Kid & Narrative vs. Style in "McCabe and Mrs Miller"

Knight Scene Study 14 February 1995 Cowboy vs. Kid & Narrative vs. Style in McCabe and Mrs Miller In his 1971 film McCabe and Mrs Miller, Robert Altman uses a seemingly…

1Cinematography (1)
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0 Chapter 1 Cinematography 1 QuickTimeᆰ and a YUV420 codec decompressor are needed to see this picture. Cinematographer transforms ideas in the mind and the words on paper…

Design Evaluation

1. Evaluation.By Tafi Muchirahondo 2. Introduction The ultimate task was to produce a short film with a length of 5 minutes, a film poster related to the short film, and…

Advanced production
Education Advanced production

1.  Plantsbrook School 20311 Michael Deakin-6053 2. Parallel editingSlow motionLength of shot Animation Green screen/ Point of view blue screenZoom GraphicsCutting…