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Kleur Tonacity Marketing Proposal

Jul 29, 2015




1. Marke&ngProposal Group28-ThinkLikeABrand 2. KLEUR TONACITY PRODUCT BRIEF MARKET OPPORTUNITY CUSTOMER PERSONA CUSTOMER JOURNEY CAMPAIGN METRICS TheProduct Kleur Tonacity Youre The Professional High-end Home Hair Colouring Product Good Quality, Lasting Colour Ammonia Free Bespoke Application Tool First Truly Multi Tonal Salon Effect at Home No Direct Competitors OurPresentaAon Market Opportunity & SWOT Analysis Customer Personas Customer Journey - Traditional & Digital Together Content Plan Paid Search Online Display Social Media Driving Sales Through Digital Innovation Metrics Our Aims To establish Kleur Tonacity as a recognisable brand in the UK To create acceptance of a high end hair colouring price point & product To educate the UK consumer that it is possible to achieve a salon result at home To generate sales and return on Kleurs investment 3. KLEUR TONACITY PRODUCT BRIEF MARKET OPPORTUNITY CUSTOMER PERSONA CUSTOMER JOURNEY CAMPAIGN METRICS MarketOpportunity Customersdonotwanttospendreduceddisposableincomeonluxury salonappointments Buttheyares&llwillingtobuyapremiumproductthatwillgivea professionallookandnish,whilstalsosavingthem&me 0 50 100 2013 2015 2017 2019 2021 Strengths Nicheproduct Clearpoten&almarket Goodbrandname Linkstowell-knownhighstreetstores OpportuniAes Largemarket,predictedtogrowfrom2015-2020 Opportunitytobuildmarketshare Firsttomarketadvantage Weaknesses Customersneedtobeeducatedaboutproductsatthispricepoint Willtake&metobuildstrong&recognisablebrand Lotsofwell-knownbrandnamesatlowerpricepoint Threats OtherentrantsifKTissuccessful Aggressivestrategiesfromwell-knownbrandsasamarket response SWOT Globalhaircaremarketsettoincreaseyear-on-year to$94.5billionin2021 Disposable incomeforUK households 2010-2015 UK hairdressing &beauty treatment revenue 2010-2015 UK Hairdressing& Beauty Treatment Market: 4bn 4. KLEUR TONACITY PRODUCT BRIEF MARKET OPPORTUNITY CUSTOMER PERSONA CUSTOMER JOURNEY CAMPAIGN METRICS Laura 35yearsold Single Architect Rental Accommoda&on London Lifestyle Socialnetworkpresence:Facebook,Pinterest; YouTubesubscriber Ac&vesociallife Mobileandtabletuser Loveshoppingonlinebutbuybeautyproductsin store Onlinemagazine:Glamour,Elle,Vogue AZtudetohaircare Likesfashionablestylebut budgetconscious Willingtoconsidera convenientsalonalterna&ve Helen 45yearsold Married2 children FinanceDirector Homeowner Manchester Lifestyle Modernworkingmotherwithhec&clife Enjoysspending&mewithfamilyandfriends Likescheckingbeautyproductsonlinebut preferstobuyinstore Printmagazines:GoodHousekeeping,Marie Claire AZtudetohaircare Concernedwithhergrey hair,wantsnaturalhairdye productthatgivessalon qualityresultsandsavesher &me KeyInuencers: Family33% Friends46% MagazineAdvice75% 90% BuyBeauty productsOine Topreasontoshopwithretailer DailyUsage 16.4mins 15.8mins 12.1mins TargetAudience:AuentProfessionalWomen Wehaveiden&edtwoBeautyEnthusiastpersonaswho careaboutappearanceandwanttolookandfeelgoodabout themselves. Age Group 25-39 Age Group 40-59 5. KLEUR TONACITY PRODUCT BRIEF MARKET OPPORTUNITY CUSTOMER PERSONA CUSTOMER JOURNEY CAMPAIGN METRICS Traditional & Digital Working Together Total weekly hours spent online has doubled in last 10 years Adults now split their media usage: TV 36.5 hrs; Mobile 23.3 hrs; Online 18.0 hrs; Radio 10.9 hrs; Print 3.5 hrs 73% of shoppers go online to research first before purchasing in store. Our Strategy is therefore: Generate awareness of brand across multiple traditional and digital channels Drive customers to website/social pages, then in store to experience Tonacity Build advocacy through innovative use of social media and website AWARENESS CONSIDERATION EVALUATION EXPERIENCE LOYALTY TVAds OutdoorDisplay Fashion&BeautyMagazines,WeekendSupplements OnlineDisplaySponsoredSocial,Tenancies,Email PaidSearch BloggerOutreach(Pixiwoo,LiseEldridgeetc) FirstHeroVideoContent SocialMediaSponsoredNewFeedAds PRAcAvity Dept.Store&ShoppingMallRoadshow Interac&veDigital&WindowDisplay TonacityWebsite&App Fashion&BeautyMagazines PaidSearch TonacitySocialMediaPages OnlineDisplayContextual&BehaviouralBanners OnlineDisplayRetarge&ng PartnerDept.Stores/ShoppingMallRoadshow PopUpStores TonacityWebsite RetailPartnerWebsites ProductQuality&EecAveness CustomerServiceLine WebsiteChat TonacitySocialMediaPages TonacitySocialMediaPages TonacityWebsiteForum Retailerwebsitereviewpages Consumermagazines/sites(e.g. Which?) Traditional Digital 6. HowProfessionalAreYou?ContentMarkeAngPlan Forthebrandslaunchourini&alfocuswillbeonHeroandHygienecontent; Herocontenttogenerateawarenessofthisnewtomarketproductandhelp establishthebrandposi&oningandvoice;Hygienecontenttobreakdownthe misconcep&onsofhomehaircolouringproducts,reassurepoten&alcustomers astoourbrandsqualityandanswertheques&onsourtargetmarketaregoing toask. RegularHubcontentwillbegintoengagethosebecomingfamiliarwiththe productandbrandandhelptobuildadvocacy. Centraltoallcontentwillbethethemeofprofessionalismandtheproducts mainpackagingtaglineYoureTheProfessional. Hero Viral Film: Its Not What You Do, Its How You Do It Positive, Emotional, Empowering, Inspirational, Entertaining. Real life stories of women talking about their professional approach to work, revealing themselves to be nurses, teachers, mothers etc. #imaprofessional and #howyoudoit To help create a sense of an online community that women want to be associated with. The empowerment theme sits perfectly with the product's ambition which is to finally give time stretched "professional" women a home hair colouring product which gives a salon equivalent look. Hub - Tonacity Website Blog: This will host articles, interviews and other content around hair colouring, as well as other related topics such as make up and fashion advice. The blog content will serve a secondary purpose of being sharable content, helping to enhance our social media campaign. Hygiene How To Videos/Webcasts Online tutorials showing, step by step, how to use Kleur Tonacitys home kit with ease. This will help to maximise user experience and drive engagement. KLEUR TONACITY PRODUCT BRIEF MARKET OPPORTUNITY CUSTOMER PERSONA CUSTOMER JOURNEY CAMPAIGN METRICS 7. PaidSearchCampaign 1.6m-searcheseveryweekinUKonhairdye,colourandsalonqueries 250kvisitorstoGarnier,Loreal&ClairolsitesviaPaidSearchin2015 Ave.SuggestedBidunder0.80.Brandedbidslower. ForKleurTonacity,aclearcosteec&vewaytoraiseawarenessofthebrand andcreatesAmulus;andbringprospectsattheevaluaAonstageofthe purchasecyclethroughtoourwebsiteandsocialpages. Ourstrategyisfocusonthesethreesearchquerycategorieswithadgroups specicallytarge&ngtheconsumersintentandposi&onwithinthepurchase cycletakingthemtorelevantlandingpages. General & Tonacity Branded Searches Colour Related Searches Salon Location Related Searches Introduce the customer to the brand Inform them about the Tonacity range Explain where to access further information Help the customer: Explore the range Experiment with colours Evaluate the product Compare the range with other brands Help the customer: Compare cost and result with their salon options Find nearest stockist and next demonstration Ad Groups: What is Tonacity? Ammonia Free Best Hair Dye Best Hair Colour Etc. Ad Groups: Red Based Colour Queries Blonde Based Colour Queries Brunette Based Colour Queries What Colour Suits Me Etc. Ad Groups: London Salons Manchester Salons Birmingham Salons etc. Etc. KLEUR TONACITY PRODUCT BRIEF MARKET OPPORTUNITY CUSTOMER PERSONA CUSTOMER JOURNEY CAMPAIGN METRICS 8. OnlineDisplayCampaign 1-5bimpressionsservedweeklyonGDNforhaircolour&saloncontent Millionsofhighlytargetedimpressionsglamourmagazine3m,harpersbazaar 2m,instyle2m,latest-hairstyles1.5m Displaywill: BuildAwareness&ReachAndAssistInteracAon AttheBeginningoftheCustomerBuyingCycle CreateDesire&,AssistEvaluaAonasconsumersConsider KleurTonacityalongwithotherop&ons. Banner Ads Sponsored Email Display Tenancies Pre-Roll Ads Contextualadsonkey websiteswithrelevantand relatedtopics. Behaviouraladsinbrowsers ofknownusers Bannersonrelevant Categorypagesonretail partnerwebsites SiteretargeAngandsearch retargeAngtore-expose Tonacitytowebsitevisitors, orthosesearchingforour focuskeywords SuggestedFacebookPosts, PromotedTweetsand SponsoredPinterestPins StrongCallToAcAonHow ProfessionalAreYou? EngagementRetargeAng andSocialRetargeAngused tore-connectwiththose consumingsimilarcontent Abovethefoldadson departmentstoreretail partneremailpromo&ng demonstraAonevents. Targetedrentedlists EmailretargeAngtore- connectwiththosewho engagedwithprevious emails Majorbeautywebsitehomepage takeoversincluding,, Herocontenthighlightsandteaser clipsfromliveonline demonstra&onsbeforeretail partnercontentandbeautyvideo bloggerschannelsetc. KLEUR TONACITY PRODUCT BRIEF MARKET OPPORTUNITY CUSTOMER PERSONA CUSTOMER JOURNEY CAMPAIGN METRICS 9. How-to videos Blogs Targeted paid activity at all stages SocialMediaCampaign Eachsocialmediachannelwehavechosentousehasareasonbehindit. Bycrea&ngagoodnumberoftheseaccounts,butnotmakingour amemptstoolargeatrst,wecanensurequalityresultsfromeachand everychannel. TheHowProfessionalAreYou?campaignwillbetweakedforeach socialmediachannelweuse,makingitmosteec&vefortheaudienceon thatchannel. Wherepossible,targetedadver&sementswillalsobeplacedonsocial medianetworks,furtherpushingthecampaignassets. Blogs Customer service Promoted tweets How Professional Are You? video stills Images of celebrity endorsements Promoted pins Videos derived from campaign video Stills from campaign video How-to videos Blogs .gif assets from campaign videos Main campaign video Additional videos from campaign How-to videos Pinterest is a key channel for us because of the potential f

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