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Draft tonacity presentation aj

Nov 19, 2014





  • 1. Kleur Tonacity, have it all Tonacity is a revolutionary new hair colouring product that gives a full tonal effect without the need for a visit to the hair salon.

2. Target customer & campaign theme Key Objectives Create awareness of new product and brand name Overcome barriers to purchase by inspiring and convincing target consumer Increase Sales Engage with target customer across all offline & online comms channels Create a buzz around the product on social media Capitalise on market gap between existing home colour market and hair salons. Build product loyalty Drive advocacy Over-arching campaign theme Todays busy working woman is determined to have it all Campaign Solutions Create an inspiring and aspirational role model relatable to professional business women with/without children Use a word play on Tonacity using the meaning of tenacious to reinforce a key personality trait of target consumer and retention of brand name. Piggyback on other established high end brands to help position the brand Use leading womens magazines, stores, brand names, TV to reinforce and drive awareness online that is supported by youtube, mobile, twitter, facebook etc... 3. Competition & budget re-positioning Budget Problem: Current 70% TV, 30% Print will not reach your target customer Budget Solution: Recommended 40% TV, 30% Print, 20% online advertising, 10% social media gives you 4 key routes to target customer home colour kits Hair Salons Tonacity 4. Purchasing customer journey 5. Purchasing customer journey - Tonacity 6. Integrated Marketing campaign Create a visual showing the offline online inter-relationship and some stats to back up why this is the most effective type of marketing 7. Digital breakdown 8. Complemented by traditional TV campaign is the launch of new product, Tonacity with a relatable typical user introduced Link to taster application demo on youtube via POS promotional material introduced in key stores via VIP launch beauty loyalty cardholder events Before and after print advertisements in womens magazines after picture activated by mobile phone creating a virtual experience over the before picture Link to full video demo on packaging readable and viewable by iphone/smartphone before application Money off vouchers introduced at store VIP beauty nights and through traditional print ad campaigns to those who engage with the print ad Uses our favourite tool mobile 9. ROI - suggested metrics Increase in sales Email No of likes Increase in twitter followers, no of reweets, #haveitall posts Website analytics Google Adwords Instagram how do you measure use? Pinterest Linkedin? No of likes/views of application demo Youtube No of Print/iphone interactive uses of before & after Radio? TV? 10. Index Image Sources: Google, Pinterest Research Sources: Tom Rhodes Google Squared Course Natalie Eagling

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