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Introduction to Introduction to Philosophy Philosophy Introduction to Philosophy Jason M. Chang
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  • Introduction to PhilosophyIntroduction to Philosophy Jason M. Chang

  • Lecture OutlineDefining philosophy

    Relevance of philosophy

    Beginnings of philosophy

  • Defining PhilosophyLiteral translation (from Greek)

    Questions of philosophy


  • Defining Philosophy

  • Defining Philosophy

  • Defining Philosophy

    A discipline that aims at truth about or understanding of reality, existence, and meaning through disciplined reasoning

    Red the aimBlue the topicsYellow the method

  • Relevance of PhilosophyWhy study philosophy?

    Critical thinking skillsSkills in argumentationCommunication skillsTo be like Bruce LeePlatos answer


  • Relevance of Philosophy - Platos answerIntroduction to Plato

    Platos cave

    Imagine a dark scene

    Plato 427-347 BC

  • Relevance of Philosophy - Platos answerPrisoners in the cave

    Features of the prisonersPrisoners as a metaphor for what?

    Escapee who ascends the cave

    Features of the escapeeEscapee as a metaphor for what?

  • Relevance of Philosophy - Platos answerThe importance of philosophy for Plato

    Frees us from our prejudices

    Enlarges our understanding of the True and Good

    Part of a well-lived human life

  • Beginnings of PhilosophyIntroduction to Socrates

    Socrates 469-399 BC

  • Beginnings of PhilosophyWhy is Socrates important?

    Represents philosophy (and the examined life)

    Challenged others to live the examined life

    Willing to die for philosophy

  • Beginnings of PhilosophySocrates mission in life

    Origins of his mission

    Oracle of Delphis proclamation

    Recognition of corruption and ignorance

    Twofold mission

  • Beginnings of PhilosophyCarrying out his mission

    Challenge to Athenians

    Socratic method

    Public reception of Socrates actions

  • Beginnings of PhilosophySocrates trial and execution

    Official charges

    Socrates in jail

    Socrates execution (399 BC)

    ******Critical thinking skillsThe ability to analyze an issue from various points of viewThe ability to weigh reasons and evidence for the purposes of deciding which view to accept

    Skills in argumentationTo rationally persuade others

    Communication skillsTo explain complex ideas clearlyThe ability to summarize the content of a message clearly and objectively

    To be like Bruce Lee

    Platos answer*********