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It is the name give to the different levels of pitch= levels of voice Level 1 LOW (Final Position) Level 2 STANDARD (Initial Position) Level 3 HIGH (Variable) The combination of different levels gives as result: FALLING RISING NON FINAL
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  • 1. It is the name give to the different levels of pitch= levels of voiceLevel 1 LOW (Final Position)Level 2 STANDARD (Initial Position)Level 3 HIGH (Variable)The combination of different levels gives as result:FALLINGRISINGNON FINAL

2. RISING INTONATIONIt has level two and three 2 Standard (Initial)3 High (Variable) 3. Level 3 usually falls on Verbs CONTENT WORDS Nouns AdjectivesKEY WORDS Adverbs DemostrativeIt is usually found in YES/NO (questions that begin with auxiliaries)Do you work? Are you happy?Does she smoke?Did you cook?Can you swim? DictationDid she work yesterday?Does he now about?Can you call me at fiveIt is good 4. Is that it?Excuse meReally?FALLING INTONATIONIt has levels: 2 Standard (INITIAL) 3 High (VARIABLE) 1 Low (FINAL)Short WH / QuestionsShort AffirmativesShort NegativesShort AffirmativesLong WH/ Questions 5. EXAMPLESAre you happy? Do you work?Why are you happy? = FALLINGWhere do you work? = FALLINGWho is Monica?Where is Kassandra?How is your father?How are you doing?What is your name?How often do you exercise?What color do you prefer?How much is that book? 6. Where in Canada are you li ving?What time is the game?I studyI dont studyDo you study?I study and wo rkI li keI like itI preferDo you prefer chicken or fish?