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03/15/22 [email protected] Interrogatives – Confirmative. Voiced & Compiled by Nageswar Rao. A English Teacher Courtesy Mr. K. V. Madhusudan Resource Person (English)
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Page 1: Interrogatives   confirmative.

04/15/23 [email protected]

Interrogatives – Confirmative.

Voiced & Compiled byNageswar Rao. A English Teacher

Courtesy Mr. K. V. MadhusudanResource Person (English)

Page 2: Interrogatives   confirmative.

04/15/23 [email protected]

In this lesson let us learn how to frame an interrogative sentence, in order to get confirmation as it is necessary to continue our communication with others.a) Inversion of auxiliary verb:

I am a boy.You are Gopal.You have done your work.Rahul can swim.They will be here soon.You have got a car.She is singing.

Am I a boy?Are you Gopal?Have you done your work?Can Rahul swim?Will they be here soon?Have you got a car?Is she singing?

Page 3: Interrogatives   confirmative.

04/15/23 [email protected]

In simple present and simple past we do not have auxiliary verbs. To form a question we add ‘do’; ‘does’ and ‘did’ according to the tense and number.

I work hard.Mahesh goes to school.She gets up early.I worked hard.Mahesh went to school.You had your dinner.

Do I work hard.Does Mahesh go to school.Does she get up early?Did I work hard?Did Mahesh go to school?Did you have your dinner?

Page 4: Interrogatives   confirmative.

04/15/23 [email protected]

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