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06/28/22 [email protected]. Interrogatives – Informative - 03 Voiced & Compiled by Nageswar Rao. A English Teacher Courtesy Mr. K. V. Madhusudan Resource Person (English)

Interrogatives informative - 03.

Feb 10, 2017



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Page 1: Interrogatives   informative - 03.

05/01/23 [email protected].

Interrogatives – Informative - 03

Voiced & Compiled byNageswar Rao. A English Teacher

Courtesy Mr. K. V. MadhusudanResource Person (English)

Page 2: Interrogatives   informative - 03.

05/01/23 [email protected].

In this lesson let us learn how to frame an interrogative sentence, using ‘Which’.We use ‘Which’ to get information about things.Which is your book?Which uniform is mine?Which course do you prefer?We use ‘Which + noun structure to get information about both ‘things and people’.Which train did you catch?Which way shall we go?Which boy is your brother?We may use ‘What’ for things when the choice or possibility is more.What is the longest river in the world?What type of job do you want?

Page 3: Interrogatives   informative - 03.

05/01/23 [email protected].

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