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Integrated Communications

Nov 01, 2014




Why integrated marketing communications are essential to every brand.

  • 1. Integrated Communications
  • 2. integrated marketing communication advertising public relations direct response sales promotion new media personal selling the imc promotion mix
  • 3. integrated marketing communication done right, IMC is the planning and implementation of the various communications disciplines as a single, overall communications system -- making all the channels work.
  • 4. Why We Need Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
  • 5. Why We Need IMC
    • Media Explosion
    • Consumers Takeover
    • Branding is Everything
  • 6. Media Explosion
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  • 14. Consumers Take Over
  • 15. Signs that the Consumer is in Control
    • Media fragmentation
    • Explosion of cable TV
    • Birth of the Internet
    • FedEx
    • TiVo/DVRs
    • Viral Marketing
    • Rise of the Blog
    • Social Networking
    • Consumer Generated Media
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  • 21. Doritos Ups The Pot For Super Bowls Ad Contest USA Today Frito-Lay is announcing today that it's adding some spice to what already seems like a Super Bowl tradition: the annual consumer-generated commercials for Doritos , Bruce Horovitz reports. Three, rather than two, 30-second executions will be aired and the company is offering up to $5 million in prize money, rather than the $1 million that two unemployed brothers won last year by finishing first in USA Today 's Ad Meter poll. This year, an Ad Meter top-prize winner will get $1 million; a second place will garner $600,000; third, $400,000. If the spots finish 1-2-3 in the polling, each will get a $1 million bonus. "This is a new world where one person (online) can make a difference to millions," says Ann Mukherjee, group vp of marketing at Frito-Lay. "If we can trust them with our brand, they become better ambassadors than we can ever be." But a payoff is assured only for Frito-Lay, notes Kathy Sharpe, owner of Sharpe Partners. "Even if [the ads] don't win Ad Meter, they still get buzz and engage consumers with their brand."
  • 22. The Consumer is in Control
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  • 26. Don't Look Now, but the Crowd Might Just Steal Your Ad Account Unilever Takes Practice Further Than Most, Sacks Lowe on Peperami Biz For some time, marketers have been using ad contests as one-off PR ploys for their brands. Now, Unilever is testing whether crowdsourcing can be a long-term strategy for one of its British brands -- and the result could have far-reaching consequences for any number of agencies on the consumer-goods giant's roster. Just ask Lowe, London, which was recently sacked by Unilever on its Peperami snack brand so that the marketer can run a contest to find ad ideas. Unilever is offering a $10,000 bounty to the winner of a competition to find TV and print ideas for the meat snack popular with schoolchildren.
  • 27. Branding is Everything
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    • Find out why a MINI handles the way it does at
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  • 47. ADAGE Despite Rising Costs, Burger King Adds to Value Menu Will Advertise New Items With 'Reverse Pickpocketer' Campaign In the latest evidence that value menus are shifting across the fast-food category, Burger King is adding smaller, lower-cost items -- priced at $1.39. The new Burger King items -- the "Cheesy Bacon BK Wrapper" and the "Spicy Chicken BK Wrapper" -- are similar to those already on the menu at McDonald's, Wendy's, KFC and Taco Bell. The move comes as franchisees in the fast-food industry struggle to balance rising commodity costs with value menus, which often have items priced at or under $1. Burger King will bolster the new products with TV spots that depict its King as a "reverse pickpocketer" who puts money back into consumers' wallets. Crispin Porter & Bogusky is the chain's agency. "Unlike our competitors, Burger King Corp. is helping cash-strapped customers by adding to our BK Value Menu, not cutting back," said Russ Klein, Burger King's president-global strategy, marketing and innovation. "The new campaign showcases the additions to the BK Value Menu and emphasizes value with Burger King Corp.'s signature irreverent humor
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  • 50. LA Times: Burger King sacrifices Facebook app after dispute Burger King has decided to end its Whopper Sacrifice campaign, which asked Facebook users to remove 10 of their friends in order to earn a coupon for a free burger. But not before 233,906 people were defriended, discovering that t
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