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Integrated Integrated Marketing Marketing Communications Communications Chapter Chapter 14 14

Integrated Marketing Communications Chapter 14 Integrated Marketing Communications Chapter 14.

Jan 11, 2016



  • Integrated Marketing Communications Chapter 14

  • Learning Objectiveschapter14

    1.Discuss the role of promotion in the marketing mix. 2. Discuss the elements of the promotional mix. 3. Describe the communication process.

  • Learning Objectives (continued)chapter14

    4. Explain the goal and tasks of promotion. 5. Discuss the AIDA concept and its relationship to the promotional mix. 6. Describe the factors that affect the promotional mix. 7.Discuss the concept of integrated marketing communications.

  • Integrated Marketing CommunicationsMakes up the Promotion P of marketing

    Objectives of IMC are to:Inform PersuadeRemind

  • Promotional Strategy1A plan for the optimal use of the elements of promotion:AdvertisingPublic RelationsPersonal SellingSales Promotion

  • The Role of Promotion1

  • Promotional MixCombination of promotion tools used to reach the target market and fulfill the organizations overall goals.AdvertisingPublic RelationsPersonal SellingSales Promotion2

  • Promotional Mix2

  • AdvertisingImpersonal, one-way ___________________ ___________________ or organization that is paid for by a marketer.2

  • Advertising Media2

  • AdvertisingAdvantagesAbility to reach large number of people Cost per contact is low Can be micro-targetedDisadvantagesTotal cost is high2

  • Public RelationsThe marketing function that evaluates public attitudes, identifies areas within the organization that the public may be interested in, and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.2

  • Public Relations2

  • Publicity2Public information about a company, good, or service appearing in the mass media as a news item.

  • Sales Promotion2Marketing activities--other than personal selling, advertising, and public relations--that stimulate consumer buying and dealer effectiveness.

  • Sales Promotion2

  • Sales Promotion 2

  • Personal Selling2Planned presentation to one or more prospective buyers for the purpose of making a sale.

  • Communication3The process by which we exchange or share meanings through a common set of symbols.

  • Marketing CommunicationCategories of CommunicationInterpersonalCommunicationMassCommunication3

  • The Communication Process3

  • The Sender and Encoding3

  • The Communication Process3

  • Characteristics of Advertising3

  • Characteristics of Public Relations3

  • Characteristics of Sales Promotion3

  • Characteristics of Personal Selling3

  • Goals and Tasks of Promotion4

  • Goals and Tasks of Promotion4

  • Goals and Tasks of Promotion4

  • Goals and Tasks of Promotion4

  • Goals and Tasks of Promotion4

  • The AIDA ConceptModel that outlines the process for achieving promotional goals in terms of stages of consumer involvement with the message.5

  • The AIDA Concept5

  • AIDA and the Promotional Mix5

  • Factors Affecting the Promotional Mix6

  • Nature of the ProductProduct characteristics Business product vs. consumer product

    Costs and risks Social risk


  • Stage in the Product Life Cycle6

  • Product Life Cycle and thePromotional MixLight Advertising, pre-introductionPublicityHeavy use of advertising,PR forawareness;sales promotionfor trialAD/PRdecreaseLimited Sales Promotion, Personal Selling fordistributionAds decrease.Sales Promotion,Personal Selling Reminder & PersuasiveAdvertising, PR, BrandloyaltyPersonal Selling fordistribution 6

  • Target Market CharacteristicsFOR:Widely scattered marketInformed buyersRepeat buyers

    6AdvertisingSales PromotionLess Personal Selling

  • Type of Buying Decision6

  • Push and Pull Strategies6

  • Integrated Marketing CommunicationsA method of carefully coordinating all promotional activities to produce a consistent, unified message that is customer focused.7

  • IMC Popularity GrowthProliferation of thousands of media choicesFragmentation of the mass marketSlash of advertising spending in favor of promotional techniques7

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