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Infographic: Top Reasons for Car Breakdowns

Jun 14, 2015



This infographic outlines the topic of the top reasons for car breakdowns
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  • 1. Top Reasons ForBreakdownsDead or Low Battery TO PREVENT YOUR CAR BATTERY RUNNING FLAT, BATTERY WILL DO THE TRICK.of emergency calls are related to tyre damage.the legal minimum preasure to tyres tread depth is 1 .6mm. Electrical FaultElectrical Faults account For about4% OF BREAKDOWNS. .An intermittent Fault which makesstarting your car a problem. Transmission[including Clutch]Most peole Fail to have their transmissions O . i serviced uid changed and components adjusted. This caused increased stress and wear and tear on transmissions. Engine OverheatingMost common reasons' '_" ' .n .-. . , _ .i..s -I, . . i - ..'-.l '.._. ,1/, , 1 .I .l .R--'~' q. '.,= T i "I P .- T . K " ' : ?> .5 J v l3} _ ' . ii we . _V. ,/T__? . x ' Um /r__ / RED FLAGS: The upper radiator hose not warming up on Leakage ofENGLINE WARMING UP.COOLANTBrought to you by New Car Sell OFF http: //www. newcarsellofF. com/