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RPBA Infographic: 16 Non-Tax Reasons to Move to Portugal

Jul 26, 2015



1. / /I-IY PORTUGAL? 16 Nonro>< reosons to move ro Porrugolz Quality of life Weather and 3300 hours of Modern and environment sunshine per cosmopolitanquality year country Cultural Top foreign Presence of 300 dailyff - language-9_ international flights from O ermg SP0keh3Ehgl1Sh schools Portugal to and French foreign countries Convenient Top Value for Affordable location for conditions money in cost of globetrotters for sports real estate living investments Hlgh quallty Economic Political Peaceful health development stability country systemWwwrt I RuaAbranchesFerraon. 10.9.Pnso, Frac; aoG.1600001 Lnsboa,Portugal |7 - p(351)2124o2743 (351)21o 203 393 gera'@rpba. pt In