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12 Reasons Music is Essential Music & Memory Infographic

Aug 11, 2015



  1. 1. 12 f3EA$@lNi$. I1 L I. i-i-v: :2: =1. -:7 c "E cu; =;= A. .. Ir _Published Bl!Ai reports mgre-conn_ecting_ -- _increasingly document11- e| d_erS Witt] their 'hl that music has aJ.favorite music,it can I_ g I til I. / - - I245 Lufjn healing effect on nllijn Va5i'Y "P'V la"tV f iii:life regardless of a persons cognitive or physical statusIt can relieve boredom,empowerespecially werful for those Tjgz ' ' ' ' Ilnnjn ' 2%, ! withAlzheimers Disease,-M21_ choice,enable memory, Where it can restore.-'f-- and provide avenues fortemporarily but repeatedly, genuine communicationthe sense of self oftenwith loved ones and lost when memory caregiversf _ 9 Music ji '"p'" "9dPr0VideS the II 74tii. IlZ. = arid can Illju opportunity for =""-*-'"'""-ate EIEEEEEE iniei9e"eiati"a'i 95' 5' a9'tat! "ip'9V'd. engaging conversationsrestoragon of identity caregivers an increasesocializationMusic ca" music provides a induce 3 State Of --L: .: j- means of hetl?Ottset _self-expression when depression,anxiety verbal language and fatigue abilities arereplace music provides a E'74' 'lt3t. "9.e"Vttm. "tat I= I-' III2%;_ StirriU| iWitti Serriettiirig""Lf$, , 'i"tE, , ,}3L, ,"* IZET4 girel interpretable; personalized I .- - piayiisrs distract from -m- re| Iaiice_0ii ar_iti-lJSV0ti0t| C. boredom or distress with a"t"a"X'etV and ? anti-depressant medications a soothing,familiar experience. incorporates deep Dr0teSSt0ii Strorigtlf .. .'. breathing thereby -IIwg. .,, Z'2,l- believes that singing is a Iilj;improving breathinggood form of aerobic exer- capacity,muscle_" tension,posture,and abdominal muscles,thethe reduction of _ tUri_QS andcirculation of blood some respiratorySpread the word and help millions struggling to escape the isolation of dementia.Please help them feel alive again through MUSIC 8 MEMORY. Juniper Communities and Music 8 Memory are committed to getting personalized playlists and music into the hands and hearts of as many elders as possible who J U N I P E K are suffering from Alzheimer's disease and dementia.MCQMMU N | T| ESVisit:www. junipercommunities. com/ music_memory_program/
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