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Industry Chat: CPG - University of Pennsylvania · PDF file Industry Overview. Industry Overview. Consumer Products. Consumer Packaged Goods. Other/ Diversified Products. Personal

Jun 07, 2020




  • Industry Chat: CPG August 2018

    Sugirtha Stathis, Career Advisor

    Rebecca Krick, Employer Relationship Manager

    MBA Career Management

  • Job Search Competencies

    MBA Career management


    Self-Assessment and Clarifying Goals

    Process Management

    Industry and Company


    Resume Writing

    Personal Brand and Pitch

    Cover Letter Writing and Email Outreach

    Building a Target List



    Offer Management

    On-the-Job Success

    Master the Competencies to Master Your

    Job Search

  • Job Search Competencies

    MBA Career management

    Conduct research to understand trends, skills needed to succeed, and career paths in your industry of interest. Collect company intelligence to prepare for networking and interviews.

    Master the Competencies to Master Your Job Search

    Industry and Company Research

    Self-Assessment and Clarifying Goals Process Management  Industry and Company Research  Building a Target List  Resume Writing Personal Brand and Pitch  Cover Letter Writing and Email Outreach  Networking  Interviewing  Offer Management  On-the-Job Success

  • Agenda

    • CPG Careers Team

    • CPG Industry ─ Trends

    ─ Functions, Roles and Internships

    ─ Company Relationships

    • The Job Search ─ Recruiting and Summer Outreach

    ─ Is the CPG industry for you?

    ─ Career Pathways

    ─ Recruiting Strategy and Timeline

    • Hiring Data ─ Offers, Compensation and


    • Resources at Wharton ─ Wharton Marketing Club

    ─ Next Steps

    ─ Upcoming MBACM Workshops

    • Q & A

  • MBA Career Management CPG Team

    Career Advice

    • Self-assessment & decision making

    • Industry Insight

    • Networking

    • Resumes, Cover Letter & Interview Prep

    Corporate Relationships

    • Develop employer outreach strategy with RRM


    • Develop programs for students interested in CPG


    Corporate Relationships

    • Strategize best recruiting approach for variety of employers

    • Co-manage employer relationships with Career Advisor

    • Manage recruiting events

    Student Support

    • Assist students with logistics of on-campus interview process, job board postings, etc.


    Collaborate with the Wharton Marketing Club

  • Industry Overview

  • Industry Overview Consumer Products

    Consumer Packaged


    Other/ Diversified Products

    Personal Care

    Household Goods

    Consumer HealthFood

    Beverage (Non-


    Wine & Spirits

    Food & Beverage


    Beauty & Cosmetics

  • CPG Company Examples

    Other / Diversified Products

    Food and Beverage

    MBA Career Management

  • Geographic Distribution of CPG Companies





    GA PA






  • Trends in CPG

    End-to-End Digitization


    Bolder Paths to Innovation

    Disruptive Consumer and Competitive Dynamics

  • Keeping Up with Trends…

    • 2018 CPG Industry Trends Reports: Deloitte, McKinsey, ShopKick

    • Grocery Manufacturers Association – News and research reports covering food, beverage, and consumer goods manufacturers; TIP: sign up for GMA SmartBrief!

    • Beverage Industry – Covers trends and issues in the US beverage industry

    • Lippincott Library Business Research Guides – access reports on consumer behavior and demographics, industry performance and outlook, major companies operating in the sector, and key statistics

    • Consumer Communication & Brand Marketing:

    • AdAgeDaily – A premier source for advertising and marketing news

    • AdWeek – Covers media news including print, technology, advertising, branding and television

    • Mobile Marketer – News related to mobile marketing, media and commerce

    Note: Many sites offer a daily or weekly email newsletter with top industry headlines

    MBA Career Management

  • Functions in CPG

    Product Development

    Demand Planning


    Supply Chain

    Market & Consumer Research

    Consumer Promotions

    Package Design


    Sales & Customer Planning

    Category Management

    Advertising Services


    Media Planning

    Public Relations

    Brand Team (Marketing)

    Brand Management /


    • General management “mini-CEO” role; typically have P&L responsibility

    • Set long-term business strategy; develop/implement brand positioning

    • Lead cross-functional teams to build and execute operating plans across the 4P’s (Product, Place, Price, Promotion)

    • Set and deliver sales, market share and profit projections; track consumer and market data to identify risks & opportunities

  • Functions in CPG

    Consumer Insights

    • Provide functional expertise to ensure business decisions are based on relevant consumer insights

    • Design and implement consumer research plans

    • Ensure rational/emotional/product needs of consumers are delivered through product and marketing ideas

    Corporate Finance

    • Work in areas ranging from treasury, to FP&A, to corporate M&A to supporting brand teams or groups like sales, manufacturing or R&D

    • Monitor and drive essential P&L and balance sheet levers

    • Partner to make recommendations on business strategy and new product development

    Corporate Strategy

    • Coordinate overall view of the marketplace and key opportunities/issues

    • Develop long-term strategic plans, analyze growth opportunities, develop recommendations and help plan implementation

    • Serve as internal consulting partner to support business unit or corporate-level initiatives

  • Functions in CPG

    Operations / Supply Chain

    • Procurement: Oversee purchasing operations; analyze historical purchasing costs for materials, forecast future costs, find vendors

    • Supply Chain: Review existing procedures and examine opportunities to streamline production, purchasing, warehousing, distribution, and financial forecasting to meet company’s needs

    General Management /

    MBA Leadership Program

    • High-profile, “fast-track” MBA programs designed to develop future leaders of the company

    • Typically offer accelerated career path, customized training, senior executive mentorship

    • May rotate across business units, functions, and/or regions during LDP period, with final placement in area of interest

  • Marketing / Brand Management

    • Evaluated entry into new category, including competitive analysis, consumer research, and financial modeling. Provided launch recommendation with marketing support plan.

    Consumer Insights

    • Analyzed consumer and market data to identify growth opportunities. Recommended future product enhancements and new consumer targets to increase penetration.

    Corporate Finance

    • Developed a model to optimize allocation of trade investment and maximize profitability across regions and channels in LatAm market.

    Sample Internships

    Corporate Strategy

    • Conducted research and valuation analysis on $50M-$100M potential acquisition targets.

    Operations / Supply Chain

    • Developed operations performance dashboard to track production/delivery timelines and identify operational inefficiencies.

    General Management / Leadership Program

    • Developed strategic framework to launch a direct-to-consumer eCommerce business model for the firm’s 90+ brands.

  • The Job Search

  • Two Strategies = Two Skillsets

    MATURE – Be ready for when an opportunity is available.

    • Structure and process • “Formal” Events • Stand out from the crowd

    • On-Campus interviews • Heavy fall/winter recruiting

    ENTERPRISE – Be ready if an opportunity becomes available.

    • Unstructured • Multiple types of events • Build and leverage your


    • Pitch solutions and make opportunities

    • Year-round recruiting

  • Things aren’t always black & white within the industry

    How Companies Recruit in CPG

    Level of Wharton MBA Engagement


    Company Recruiting App