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French Maghrébins and Muslim Americans: a comparative look NEH presentation Shannon Swann

French Maghrébins and Muslim Americans: a comparative look NEH presentation Shannon Swann.

Dec 27, 2015



Terence Dixon
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  • French Maghrbins and Muslim Americans: a comparative look NEH presentation Shannon Swann
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  • The overall picture Thriving? Young Muslims in US 40% vs. Young Muslims in France 23% Highly Educated US Muslims 40% vs. French Maghrbins 6% Respected 88% of US Muslims report feeling respected 40.8% Male and 36% Female Maghrbins experienced discrimination
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  • Why is this so? Read 20+ scholarly articles Looked for common threads Reached some tentative conclusions Found many avenues for further research and/or study
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  • Some major factors History Culture Geography Economics Social/Political reasons
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  • Immigration timeline US Muslims Long history Larger waves in early and late 20 th century Variety of nationalities, ethnicities, and traditions (in addition to native-born American Muslim groups) French Maghrbins Virtually no migration to France prior to 1950s Male workers came in large numbers in early 1960s from former colonies Countries of origin for vast majority are three North African countries: Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco
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  • Settlement patterns: US
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  • Settlement patterns: France
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  • National Identity USA is a country of immigrants Narrative focuses on the building of a nation from Pilgrims to modern times Multicultural nature of country acknowledged France is a great European nation Narrative focused on achievements of the French people from the Gauls to de Gaulle (and beyond) Fear of communautarisme and insistence on monocultural nature of France
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  • (France an immigrant country?)
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  • Religion and the State US: freedom of religion (government takes a hands-off approach) France: la lacit (the republic is officially secular)
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  • Civil Rights and anti-discrimination laws United States: Civil Rights Act 1964 Affirmative Action France: Hate speech laws Illegal to collect information on race/ethnicity
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  • Public discourse Media Government officials Political parties Events divers/videos-le-clip-anti-jihad-choc- du-gouvernement-7776368684 divers/videos-le-clip-anti-jihad-choc- du-gouvernement-7776368684
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  • Final thoughts Numbers, circumstances, and shorter timeframe make acceptance more difficult for French Maghrbins Muslims are an integral part of both American and French society I need to ensure that my curriculum reflects the diversity of French society