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FOCUS ON DANUBE - SGS /media/Global/Documents... · PDF file Europe’s longest river, the Danube originates in the town of Donaueschin-gen, in Germany’s Black Forest, and flows

May 22, 2020




  • LABORATORY EXPERTISE On average, each SGS laboratory in the Danube region conducts 41,000 analyses on 10,000 samples, every year. Our ongoing investment in new equipment and technologies ensures we deliver services with ever greater accuracy and faster turnaround times, to add value to your business

    With extensive expertise in the field of agricultural crops, food and soil, our staff conduct all testing in accordance with internationally recognised standards and methods for analyses, including:

    • Physical • Chemical • Heavy metals • Pesticide residues • Mycotoxins • Microbiological • Genetically modified organisms

    (GMO) • Nutrition and food additives.

    ISO 17025 accredited, equipped with state of the art facilities and staffed by agriculture experts, our laboratory network extends across the Danube region and beyond, to 1,650 office and laboratory facilities around the globe. Our laboratories, located in Nyiregyhaza, Constanta, NoviSad and Varna are also Gafta and FOSFA approved.


    Independent and innovative, our scientists and technicians deliver tailor made added value services that help improve your business, including:

    • Rapid turnaround times • Technical assistance • Key account management • Value-based pricing

    Enabling the efficient, timely and secure delivery of tests is paramount to SGS and its clients. In Hungary, to achieve

    this, we operate ‘QLab’, SGS’ online sample management system. QLab gives clients visibility of sample tracking, testing results and analytical reports in real time, 24/7.

    With a presence in nearly every single region around the globe, our experts speak the local language, understand the culture of the local market and operate in a consistent, reliable and cost-effective manner.


    N° 2 • JULY 2014


    Dear Customer,

    With the new season starting, SGS has been gearing up to support your business. Now in its fourth year, our ‘One Danube Project’ is delivering real improvements to the scope and scale of the services we can offer you across the region. We continue to expand our activities and assets in this important trade corridor.

    Harvest forecasts for 2014 are very promising and the new season is already showing potential for delivering high volumes of grains and oilseeds from the region.

    Europe’s longest river, the Danube originates in the town of Donaueschin- gen, in Germany’s Black Forest, and flows some 2,872 km before it reaches the Black Sea. Carrying more than 50 million tons of goods every year, the river has both strengths and weaknesses as a

    major transport route. It is environmen- tally friendly with low transport costs – one journey with four pushed lighters at 7,000 mt, is equivalent to either 175 rail- way wagons, or 280 trucks, but transpor- ters must also meet the requirements of low and high water, iced water in winter and its low network density.

    We can help you to meet the challenges and opportunities, posed by this supply chain and our highly qualified staff and professional laboratories along the route of the Danube enable fast turnaround times helping to prevent the shipment of sub-standard cargoes. Our timely and accurate testing avoids the delivery of product that is out of specification and with potential problems related to the presence of mycotoxins and other harmful contaminants being a feature of this supply chain, the reliable and

    experienced resources that we have are fully required to protect your business.

    Ready for the new season, our teams are looking forward to receiving your orders and instructions.

    Thank you for your continued trust in SGS.

    AXEL HARMSEN International Sales Manager

  • P. 2N° X • XXXXXXXX 2008XXX P. 2 N° 2 • JULY 2014

    ROMANIA Building on its success in 2013, SGS Romania is looking forward to the new season’s challenges. With 153 employees, we have invested in new accreditations and equipment to deliver the best and most effective range of services in the area.


    Following the relocation and expansion of SGS Romania’s laboratory facilities in Constanta in 2013, we are now ISO 17025 accredited to conduct mycotoxin analyses, using the HPLC and ELISA methods. In the first year of operation we conducted 39,384 analyses on 9,462 samples, and in 2014 have already completed 16,125 analyses on 4,217 samples. Constanta port is an important hub and SGS continues to develop its facilities there whilst going from strength to strength. We have invested again in 2014 and installed new equipment for pesticide testing and analysis. Testing and calibrating of the new facility is underway and we will be able to launch an on-site pesticide analysis service during the second half of 2014.


    With growing global interest in biomass, biofuels and sustainability certification, we have also developed the capability to conduct International Sustainability & Carbon Certification scheme (ISCC) audits and certification.


    Serving the Danube and inland Romania, SGS has offices in: Timisoara, Turnu Severin, Turnu Magurele, Craiova, Bucuresti, Giurgiu, Calarasi, Slobozia, Braila, Iasi, Suceava.

    This network is complemented by our offices and laboratory in Constanta Port, where we have berth inspectors, surveyors, quality coordinators and commercial experts.


    Daniela Pop Commercial Manager [email protected]

    Raluca Gheorghe Commercial Coordinator [email protected]

    Cristina Ionut Junior Coordinator [email protected]

    Elena Tararache Commercial Assistant [email protected]

    Elena Ungureanu Back Office [email protected]

    Carmen Daroiu Back Office [email protected]


    Anamaria Ene Coordinator

    Marinela Serban Biochemist [email protected]

    Georgiana Mirea Chemist

    Camelia Barbulescu Chemist

    Elena GIurgea Analyst

    Aneta Popescu Analyst

    Daniela Cristea Analyst

  • P. 3N° X • XXXXXXXX 2008XXX P. 3 N° 2 • JULY 2014


    Bisera Camovic Stamenkovic Back Office

    Aleksandar Legeza AGRI & CMA Coordinator [email protected]

    Jovan Zagorac Agri & Min Manager [email protected]

    Isidora Filipovic Back Office

    Tanja Vesnic Back Office Coordinator [email protected]

    Ana Radojicic Back Office



    Milijana Hadzic Expert Associate

    Branimir Maric Manager / QA Manager [email protected]

    Andrijana Radic Technical Manager [email protected]

    Jelena Sindelic Technician

    Mirjana Vucetic Technician

    Tanja Crnogarc Technician

    Jelena Petkovic Technician

    Marija Plusic Technician

    Iljena Bozic Technician

    Zorana Lazic Technician


    SGS is installing a new automatic sampler (Cobra H 3001) at the Serbian port of Novi Sad, one of the country’s most important ports. Sitting on the banks of the Danube river, Novi Sad handles some 600 KMT of grains and oil seeds annually. Work will commence in autumn 2014.

    This investment will enable SGS to perform sampling on the cargo of all trucks entering and leaving the port laden with grain or oilseed. It builds on our existing facilities, to improve the sampling of corn, wheat, barley, sun seed, soy bean and rapeseed, destined for export markets. As a result, the checking of trucks and delivery of representative samples to the lab for testing will become more efficient.

    Our on-site laboratory, equipped with an Infratec 1241, quick test moisture, test weight scale, sieves, balances and all equipment for fast aflatoxin testing, enables us to perform fast and effective sampling and testing. On successful completion of testing, a certificate of quality will be issued. In addition, our experienced team at Novi Sad conduct a full range of inspection services, as well as IP traceability.


    SGS Serbia’s Multilab has been ISO 17025 accredited, by the Accreditation Board of Serbia, since 2006. We are also Gafta and FOSFA approved, LQSI participants and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management for food safety testing of official controls. Our main testing scope covers:

    • Nutritional testing • Food additive • Pesticide residues • Heavy metals • GMO • Mycotoxins

  • XXX



    Istvan Locze Head of Inspectors [email protected]

    Rita Toth Administrator [email protected]

    Henrietta Makacs Administrator Henrietta.Makacs[email protected]

    Agota Kiss Business Manager [email protected]

    Kornelia Maji Administrator [email protected]

    Andrea Majlath Administrator Andrea

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