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Ethios Intro Presentation

Apr 13, 2017





215 Symmers Business Park, Opp Hotel Yellow Lime, Sarkhej Shantipura Road, Sarkhej, Ahmedabad 382 210Contact Us Ankur Shah 90333 71007, Website : ; [email protected]


IntroductionEthios Enviro Solutions Pvt Ltd started in 2011 with the goal of reducing environmental impact of Construction & Infrastructure industry. Experienced team of professionalsMultinational CompaniesExtensive Network in Gujarat & Maharashtra

Ethios was started in 2011 with a goal to build green by reducing environmental impact of the construction industry.FACTS - Construction uses 4% of total Water, 22% of total Power, x Resources @ Ethios we target to reduce the use of all this scarce resources and increase productivityHow do we do it Manufacturing Premix mortars & Adhesives Bronco Buildsmart, Distribution through our network in Gujarat & Maharashtra, Create awareness with key decision makes the ABCD of construction business. 2

Products & Services AAC Blocks, Premix Mortars, Construction Chemicals, WaterproofingAAC BLOCKS & BLOCK ADHESIVESteel Saving - LighterEnergy Saving 25 30%Higher Strength 1.5 timesNo Water CuringFaster Construction

1/3 the weight of Red bricks, 4 times better insulation reduces HVAC, 1.5 times more strength, Bigger size means less joints & faster construction.All the listed factors help reduce the Cost of Construction 3

Products & Services AAC Blocks, Premix Mortars, Construction Chemicals, WaterproofingBRONCO PRODUCTSBlock Adhesive & Ready mix PlasterTile Adhesives Industrial Hardener & GroutsMicro ConcreteWaterproofing Chemicals

Bronco Master4



Products & Services AAC Blocks, Premix Mortars, Construction Chemicals, WaterproofingTILE ADHESIVES & GROUTSReady to UseHigher Adhesion & StrengthFlexibility of WorkAesthetic ValueHorizontal / Vertical SurfacesTiles, Marble, Granite , Stone

I would like to talk about two companies whose product we distribute across Gujarat. The first is Weber a 350 year old company. Key competitors Kerakol, Laticrete, Ardex Endura. It has a range of Tile adehsives & Tile joint fillers. Tile adhesives are ready to use, provide higher bond strength and flexibility to work on multiple substrates fixing stone, tile or marble on Cementitous, wood, metal, substrates for both interior and exterior applications.

Epoxy & Cement grouts have Aestethic value and they also act as fungus and mould resistance.


Products & Services AAC Blocks, Premix Mortars, Construction Chemicals, WaterproofingCONCRETE ADMIXTURESSNF base OGSPUp to M 35 Grade ConcretePCE base NGSPFrom M 40 to M 100 Grade ConcreteLODHA WORLD ONENUCLEAR POWER PLANTS

Chryso is an 80 year old company operating in more than 70 countries. It has 3 key segments Concrete admixtures, Construction chemicals, & Waterproofing systems with more than 150 products.

Improve the performance & strength of Concrete SNF base Up to M35 grade concretePCE base up to M 100 grade concrete


Products & Services AAC Blocks, Premix Mortars, Construction Chemicals, WaterproofingCONSTRUCTION CHEMICALSIndustrial FlooringFree Flow GroutsRepair & RehabilitationSealantsExpansion Joints

Chryso has products for Industrial flooring, machine foundation grouts, Repair & rehabilitation products, Sealants for Construction joints & Expansion joints.


Products & Services AAC Blocks, Premix Mortars, Construction Chemicals, WaterproofingWATERPROOFING CHEMICALSRetaining Wall / RaftBathroomsRoofs / Terraces Swimming PoolsGardensCoP Area

In this slide I have listed the areas where Waterproofing must be done during construction Substructure : Raft, Retaining wall, UG Water tanksSuperstructure : Bathroom sunken, Roofs, Terraces, Gardens, CoP Area & Swimming poolsProducts : Acrylic polymer, 100% Acrylic, PU base & Epoxy based products






Over Deck Insulation

Under Deck Insulation


Temperature difference of 8 to 10 degrees can be achieved by using the right thickness of Owens Corning XPS sheets. Can be applied Over deck (on Floor) & Under deck (on the Ceiling)12

Residential & CommercialIndividual HomesBunglow & Appartment ProjectsTownship ProjectsCommercial ProjectsShop & Office BuildingsIndustrial & InstitutionalHospitalsFactoriesIndustrial ParksSchoolsThermal & Nuclear Power Plants

Products & Services AAC Blocks, Premix Mortars, Construction Chemicals, Waterproofing


OUR CLIENTS AAC Blocks, Premix Mortars, Construction Chemicals, Waterproofing


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