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NEWSLETTER DIVISION 82 March 2015 IN THIS ISSUE: Key Facts/ Upcoming Info Meet the Incoming LtG • District Convention (Club of the Month! • Eliminate Project Plus Fundraising Ideas • Dues! • Contact Information Volume 1 Issue 12 How do I contact you? My name is Rochelle Banta. My email is . My phone number is 541-787-5677 and I DO receive texts If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

Division 82 March Newsletter

Apr 08, 2016



Rochelle Banta

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M a r c h 2 0 1 5IN THIS ISSUE:• Key Facts/

Upcoming Info• Meet the

Incoming LtG• District

Convention (Club of the Month!

• Eliminate Project Plus Fundraising Ideas

• Dues!• Contact


Volume 1 Issue 12

How do I contact you?My name is Rochelle Banta. My email is phone number is 541-787-5677 and I DO receive

textsIf you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

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Facts about Division 82:Mascot: A Bunny Rabbit (like Bugs Bunny on the cover)Colors:Easter colorsKey Club LtG:Rochelle Banta Kiwanis LtG:Joe GuerraArea Admin:Mary Beattie

DCM: Our next divisional meeting will be held this Thursday, March 5th at 5:00 PM at Black Bear Diner (1900 N.W. 6th St., Grants Pass, OR 97526). As a way to welcome in our incoming Lieutenant Governor, Mariah Gronbach, we will be hosting the meeting together. There will be games and plenty of useful information provided. Please make your best effort to attend! We will go over DCON spirit gear there!

DCON: District Convention will be held March 13th through the 15th in Seattle, WA. More details can be found on page 4.

Key Facts/ Upcoming Info

March 20152

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March 2015 3

Meet the Incoming LtG Hi all!

I am Mariah Gronbach, and I will be your Lieutenant Governor for the 2015-2016 year. I would like to give a special thank you to Rochelle Banta, our previous LtG. She did an amazing job, and I hope do the same by further strengthening our division! I plan to increase the interaction and communication among our clubs to make this the best year possible for Key Club! I am determined to bring together the clubs of Division 82 so that we can increase membership and the number of people in attendance for events. With the increased attendance, we will do stronger and more powerful activities in the community.

A little bit of Q&A:

Q: What are your qualifications?A: I am very determined, organized, sufficient, and I will do the best that I can when doing my assigned job. I am currently a member of North Valleys Honor Society. I am also the Secretary of the Key Club at North Valley and am very experienced with time management. I will do everything in my power to strengthen Key Club (the best club to be in)!

Q: What are your hobbies? A: Outside of Key Club, I participate in volleyball, bowling, and track and field. I love spending time with my friends over the weekends. I also am an avid reader and tend to stay up much too late reading.Q:What is your best Key Club memory?A: My favorite moment happened right when I got off the plane going to attend the Winter Board meeting. There were many other Lieutenant Governors and we all greeted each other like we were long time friends, even though we have never met before. I realized at that moment that there were many other people who shared my views and goals when it comes to helping the community with Key Club.

Page 4: Division 82 March Newsletter

District Convention (DCON)At DCON, you can meet Key Clubbers from all over the PNW, elect the new executive officers, and retire and induct lieutenant governors. Also, there’s an awesome service fair, and informative forums where you can receive training as an officer, or simply learn more about Key Club. Not to mention, we always have cool entertainment and inspiring keynote speakers. Last year, we had Houston Kraft from the Choose Love campaign!

March 20154

“To Service and


• 66th annual DCON• Seattle Sheraton Hotel,

and the WA State Convention Center. March 13- March 15

When they ask: “Hey, Key Clubbers! How do you feel?”

We respond with: “We feel good! Oh, we feel so good! Oh! Double it up! Oh Oh! One long oh! Oooooooh! 82!!!!!

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March 2015 5

Key Clubbers, with the assistance of Kiwanis, are

out doing good in the world! Keep up the hard

work, South Medford High School!

Club of the Month!

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The Eliminate Project

One baby dies every nine minutes from this dreaded diseaseJust $1.80 can protect the lives of a mother and her childYOU can help eliminate this disease!(Continued on next page)

March 20156

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Eliminate ProjectOur District Project is the

Eliminate Project! What is YOUR club doing to help?Do you want to help, but can’t think of fundraisers? Look below! • Can Drive• Bake Sale• Birthday Kits• Buttons• Candy and Nut Sales• Car Smash• Car Washes• Carnival Night• Chili Cook-Off• Concession Stands• Dances• Face Painting• Flea Market• Hairy Leg Contest• Jail and Bail• Key Club/Faculty Sporting Events• Lost and Found Auction• Miracle Mile of Quarters• Movie Night• Parking Cars• Rummage Sale• Scooping for Money• Talent Shows• Thons• Weigh and Pay

Have you helped?

E-Mail me! I will feature your club in next month’s news letter! 7

Maternal Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) is a disease that robs a children of a mother's touch.

Key Club has partnered up with UNICEF to raise $110 million dollars by 2015. It only cost $1.80 to immunize a mother and all her future children- please make it your goal to

raise as much money as you can for this project!

March 2015

Page 8: Division 82 March Newsletter

If you do not have your club paid for and registered in the membership

update center, yet, please take care of this ASAP!!!

If you need help with collecting dues or with the Membership

update center, please contact me!

Here are the steps to get ‘er done!

1. Round up information from each new member, including email addresses and expected year of graduation.2. Log in and update membership records (graduate members and add new members) at Submit payment or print an invoice and pay by check under the “Finances” tab.


March 20158

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9March 2015

Lieutenant GovernorRochelle BantaCell: 541-787-5677Email:

District GovernorLisa AntonioEmail:

District TreasurerAneesh PappuEmail:

District SecretaryIk Hoon JungEmail:

District EditorJenny ZhangEmail:

See you all

on March 5th

Contact Information