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Division 26 Newsletter March Newsletter for Division 26. T-O District.

Division 26 March Newsletter

Apr 08, 2016




The Official March Newsletter for Division 26. T-O District.
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Division 26 Newsletter March Newsletter for Division 26. T-O District.

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over $2,000 for Children’s Miracle network, we’ve made birthday cards for Hunter, a kid with Autism, improved our relationships with K-Family Clubs and we have a canned food drive going on right now! Also this time last year only 20% of clubs paid their dues but we have raised that percentage to 83%! I’m so lucky to be your Lt. G!

Hey-oooooo Division 26! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN? I’ve seen so many of you guys in the span of one month because we have been B-U-S-Y! I am so proud of all the hard work you guys have been dedicating to Key Club lately. I have taken up so many weekends this year and I am so grateful for you guys allowing me to! So far we have raised

- Mat!ew Riley

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Riley’s Riddle

Mary’s father has five daughters — Nana, Nene, Nini and Nono. What is the

5th daughters name?!!

If you said Nunu you’re wrong! It’s Mary!!

!** Sent in by Katie Gilbert9


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In November, the Key Club International Youth Opportunities Fund Committee met to discuss YOF applications. We had a wonderful time reading about all of the service projects and fundraiser. We encourage you to apply next year! If you are interested in learning about YOF and the process of applying, go to Key Club;s channel on YouTube to watch a video.

In January, the International Board will be meeting in Detroit for the Winter Board Meeting. It will be held with the Circle K and Kiwanis International Boards.

Get ready for International Convention! ICON will be in Indianapolis with Circle K and Kiwanis. Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Kiwanis with the K-Family.

Trustee Update

Regional’s Recap

Hello Division 26 members. First off I would like to start off by thanking all of those Key Clubbers who helped my home Kiwanis club work the Pancake Day. With y’alls help we made it a major success. With most of your divisional projects out of the way you need to start focusing on DCON. If you are interested in attending DCON please inform your Lt. G and I. Its is key that you start

preparing now that way you can have a smooth DCON trip and stay. Please begin talking to your club advisor, board members and your sponsoring Kiwanis club if you think you are ready to go to DCON and lets see if we can get you there. Lets finish this year strong! Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication you guys put into this organization!

something the international board promised to do if Key Club reached $100,000 raised for the Eliminate Project! To see pictures of the International Board kissing octopuses go check out KCI Facebook page or Instagram! If you are interested in attending ICON I recommend to start saving money and preparing now! Talk more to your Lt. G if you are interested in attending!

At the January Board Meeting the international board prepped for ICON which will be held in Indianapolis for Kiwanis’s 100th Birthday! The meeting was held in Detroit Michigan with the Kiwanis and Circle - K international boards as well. During this board meeting members of the International board were super excited to kiss an octopus. This was

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DCON TIPS AND TRICKSHow much money should you bring? When signing up for DCON you will have 3 meals provided for you at DCON (unless you are an advisor then you will have 4). You need to bring enough money to buy food for the rest of the weekend unless only plan on eating 3 times while at DCON. I recommended buying breakfast foods before going to DCON because buying food can be pricey. Also bring extra money to buy souvenirs!

Should I go full out with dressing up? The answer to that question is simple— YES!!!! People at DCON have literally no chill! You should expect to see people dressed as dinosaurs or tour guides to match this years theme! For those of you who live under a rock and still don’t know what this years theme is it’s Service Adventure (Jurassic Park)! I, myself, along with a few other Lieutenant Governors will be purchasing the costume shown to the left! If you maybe don’t want to buy a costume full body pajamas (or onesies if you will) are the perfect way to go! You can find dinosaur pajamas at Rue 21 or online!

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Is there a dress code? Yes, and a fairly strict dress code as well! Guys and girls will be required to bring both business casual and formal clothes to wear during specified times. When I get the DCON schedule I will be sure to send it out ASAP so you guys can see how many times you will need to dress up and plan out how many changes of clothes you will need to bring. If you are unsure if something you would like to bring is in dress code feel free to ask and I can tell you.

Is DCON fun? You have not lived until you have gone to the Texas-Oklahoma Key Club District Convention! This weekend will be one of the most event packed weekends of your high school lives. You won’t leave DCON without a sense of accomplishment, preparedness and memories that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Not only will DCON bring you closer to your friends but gives you the opportunity to make friends with 1,600+ Key Clubbers!

What should I expect? While at DCON you can most defiantly expect to be A) sleep deprived B) busy C) making life long memories D) having the time of your life! At DCON a major part of the reason we host DCON is to have forums to teach you guys how to be the best Key Clubbers you can! Wether that be by teaching you guys how to send in reports, make newsletters, plan a projects or how to handle stress! After you leave DCON you will most defiantly take away a few things that you can apply to not only your everyday Key Club life but also just your everyday life in general! While at DCON you will be surrounded by the friendliest people you will have ever met and they all have a mutual interest that you have— serving others! I can’t wait for this years District Convention and I hope you feel the same!

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If your club has participated in this years Governor’s Project (CMN) be sure to fill out the Governor’s Project Completion form and postmark it by Friday, March 6th to receive a patch for your service.

You can find the Project Completion form on the District Website (TOKEYCLUB.COM).

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Governor Katie Wilson !! !(214) 236 - 3271

Secretary Samuel Kinnin !! !(325) 998 - 6240

Treasurer Colin Gonzales !! !(817) 583 - 1171

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Editor Emily Zhao !! !(512) 284 - 3234

CL Andrew Loh !! !(628) 551 - 6461

Tech Producer Bobby Thakkar ! !(214) 620 - 7114

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