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September Division Newsletter

Mar 24, 2016



Key Club Division D28N Newsletter
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C N H |K E Y C L U B


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September 2012 Edition

The Division 28N Newsletter

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Ronald Pai

News Editor

How do you feel? I am your Division News

Editor, Ronald Pai, and I would like to say I

am happy that you are reading this. The

newsletter is aimed to provide an

introduction for upcoming Key Clubbers and

if you are one of them, thank you for taking a

good look!

I would like to remind everyone that

although the school year has just started, do

not be upset because Key Club is here with

you! With the upcoming RTC that will begin

the following month, I am expecting to see

all you beautiful faces that define this

wonderful club.

With that said, I would like to remind

everyone to submit some articles and visuals

to my e-mail! It is an easy way to show off

your dedication to Key Club, so do it! If you

have any questions, please just e-mail me or

Ailina, with our information on the contact


Until then, buh bye~

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Words from the LTG

Scorching with service and spirit, Ailina Heng Lieutenant Governor

HEY ALL YOU FIERY PHOENIXES! My name is Ailina Heng, for those of you who don't know me, and I am the Lieutenant Governor

of Division 28 North! I'm so excited to be welcoming all you new faces to our division and to Key

Club! I know some of you may not understand who I am or what I do, but I really hope that by

the end of this Key Club year, you will have a greater grasp and understanding of Key Club.

However, basically, my job is to serve all 14 school clubs in our lovely division, and yes I said 14!

Key Club is not only a club that you participate in your own school, but Key Club is an

international organization! There are Key Clubs that can be found all over the world, and we all

are high school students working together to serve our homes, schools, and communities; and

along the way we also hope to inspire new leaders. So this year, my main goal is for you to have

the ability to see the wide scope of opportunities that Key Club has to offer because these

opportunities are so amazing and can truly make you fall in love with the organization. Not only

can we create such a great impact on our community, but we can make some great friends

along the way and discover even more about ourselves and who we are as a leader. So I

encourage you to get involved with your clubs and with the division this year! Go to Region

Training Conference, which is one of the most anticipated events of the Key Club year! You will

be able to meet over 2,000 Key Clubbers in the Las Vegas area, learn more about Key Club,

and have a fun-filled day with Key Club. Take on these new challenges and opportunities that

are presented to you at both the club and division level! If your club is looking for a class

representative, take on the challenge because you never know what you can get out of it.

Basically, I encourage all of you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new this

year. You have to put aside that fear because sometimes the only thing holding you back from

trying something new is fear. Put that aside, and put forth your dedication because I can

guarantee you that what you put into Key Club, you will get out, and that goes for all you new

and returning phoenixes. I have my Key Club story, now you begin yours! As always, if you ever

need anything, I am here to serve YOU! If you ever just want to chat, want to get to know me or

learn more about Key Club, feel free to contact me! I truly am excited to see the memories that

we will create and what we will accomplish together this year as a division. We are scorching,

hot phoenixes that have a spirit that burns hotter than the sun; and I just want to remind you to

keep that spirit and love burning as the school year has only just begun. Keep burning up the

skies, because service never dies!

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During the summer, I must admit that I haven’t been

participating as much on contributing to community service,

but when I heard my board was volunteering at the Ronald

McDonald House Charity I was all for it. Figuring out how to

get there was my problem, but since I knew Ailina was

heading there to join us, she picked me up and we went


Once we arrived at the Ronald McDonald house, it

was surprising to see that it actually looked like a regular

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BY Angelene Diego | LEGACY

house inside and out. The only difference is that there is a huge

playground in the backyard for the families that reside there.

After settling in at the kitchen, we went to work on preparing the

dinner for the families. The menu that night was enchiladas for

the main course, mashed potatoes, corn, and for dessert ice

cream sandwiches and strawberries. Ailina, Madonna and I

were limited to our cooking abilities, so it was entertaining to see

Christophe and Aedrian do most of the cooking.

Once everything was done, we placed the food on

serving dishes and called the families down to go eat. It was our

turn to eat some dinner, so we sat down with the families. I think

the children’s favorite part

of dinner was ice cream

sandwiches for dessert.

Their faces lit up with every

bite and before you knew it they were already eating their

second one. Before we left, we cleaned the kitchen by washing

dishes, taking out the trash and wiping down the countertops,

but were rewarded afterwards with a tour of the house.

I left that day with the feeling of accomplishment. It was

the most rewarding thing that had happened all summer, to be

able to take part in something like cooking dinner for a couple

families. I do encourage other clubs to consider this as one of

their service opportunities for the year because it was a fun

experience to bond over with my board.

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Service Projects

I've been wanting to serve dinner at the Ronald

McDonald House Charity since my club volunteered last

November. The RMHC is a house for families to stay in

while their child receives medical treatment at local

hospitals. They stay for free because the bills for their

child's care can rack up pretty quickly. It seems like a

stressful environment, but that's not the case. When I got

to the house all I could see was happy smiles. It actually

made me smile just to know that they enjoyed

our presence! For dinner we decided to split up each

part of the meal between the officers. When we got

together in the kitchen we prepared the meal for dinner

time. As strange as it sounds we served chicken

enchiladas, mashed potatoes, and corn as the main

dish. I have to say it tasted pretty good! Then for dessert

we had ice cream sandwiches and strawberries. It was


so cute because one of the kids didn't want to eat

dinner, only the ice cream. He totally refused to eat! The

only way he ate dinner was his mom made a deal that

for every bite of chicken, he gets a bite of an ice cream

sandwich. It was funny because his mom came through

the kitchen every five minutes just to get an ice cream

sandwich for her son. I couldn't help, but laugh a little!

After we cleaned up, the hostess gave us a tour of the

house. It's huge! You'd be surprised how many families

actually stay at the house. It was an overall great

experience to serve dinner for people you don't know!

They welcome you with open arms which made the day

memorable. I would have to encourage so many

people to volunteer there!

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Member of the Month

Service Projects Cont.

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Jasmine Ethel Ballar From Rancho

Jasmine was chosen because her

continuous dedication and passion for Key

Club really shine. She's always caring in her

ways. She continuously volunteers to serve

her community any chance she gets, and

she enjoys doing it for the good of others.

However, one thing makes her stand out is

her continuous dedication, not only to her

home club, but also to her division.

Whenever leadership opportunities are

thrown at her, she takes the initiative and

goes for it! She deserves this recognition

because despite the fear of trying

something new, she wants to do anything

in order to serve her club, division, and


Club of the Month

Helping to rebuild the Magical Forest volunteer

opportunity was a magical opportunity. Firstly, I met up

some of the officers and together, we helped people

with intellectual disabilities in their winter wonderland

preparation. We started off with peeling the tape off

huge candy canes. Then after peeling off the red and

green tape, we painted the large, plastic confection

a magnificently. Later, we were offered

complimentary food and beverages for our services. It

was a marvelous experience! The entire project has

brought me closer to my fellow officers as well as

learning a great deal about myself too. Being part of

A-tech key club, I am proud to say that I have done

something useful during the summer.


BY Jay Yang| A-TECH




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We started this month with the firework sales which we had started in June. Two members a day for the days leading up to the Fourth of July volunteered to help our school's baseball team sell fireworks to raise funds for the upcoming year. Also this month, the club volunteered to run a drive for an organization called USO which works to provide the best possible support and encouragement to service members and their families with the help of volunteers and generous members of the community. Our club members collected money donations and cans for the organization at a Smith's shopping center. Also the members encouraged people to stop and take a moment to write letters to the troops as well. With the beginning of the new school year coming soon, we are focused on advertising Key Club to the incoming freshmen at Aggie Round Up as well as perfecting our plans for making this year the best it can be!

This month on the 21st we had our first board meeting of the summer at Fashion Show Mall. We had a wonderful time coming up with new fundrasing ideas and volunteer service projects. We were able to come up with at least eight possible ideas for new service projects and seven possible ideas for fundraising ideas. This meeting got us all very excited for the upcoming school year! These exciting great ideas will not only improve our Key Club experience but make it a very productive year. Our hospital volunteering project has also been quite fun. It gives insight into the extravegant medical field and is very inspiring. For the special volunteering in the nursery and NICU, it is also related to our District Project this year, Project Jump Start. We are aiding nurses in giving care to babies that are not healthy when they are born. This special volunteering project is so rewarding and one of the best volunteering projects that I have ever participated in.

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Alyson Palmer Jen Skidmore


A-TECH – Patrick Burden Arbor View – Patricia Williams Canyon Springs – Javier Garcia Cheyenne – Andrea Sheffer East Tech – Jannellynn Garcia Eldorado – Jorge Martinez Las Vegas – Brandon Gayton LVA – AJ Cali Legacy – Aedrian Aquino Mojave – Jacob Powell Rancho – Silvia Lee Shadow Ridge – Courtney Bailey Sunrise Mountain – Ana Alcantara VTCTA – Elisha Morgan-Lange


Executive Assistant Christopher Bui Division Specialist Alexa Carreon Division Secretary Desiree Guerrero News Editor Ronald Pai




Ailina Heng (702) 875 - 1332

Lieutenant Governor

Region 5 Advisors

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14th: RTC$$ Due –All money for RTC has to be received by Ms Palmer on the 14th, no exception 18th: DCM – Will be held at Canyon Spring High School from 5 – 6pm Visual/Articles – Each school is encouraged to send at least one visual and article each month

MoM – Member of the Month nomination is sent 22nd: Viva Bike Las Vegas – Serice opportunity at Town Square from 5am to 5pm. Email Ailina for more information or visit 29th: Green Apple of Service Day – A way in order to improve schools from all around the world. Visit to learn how! 30th: MRF – Secretaries from each club have to submit a Monthly Report Form

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