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Development of Digital Resources Collection
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  • 1. Development ofDigital Resources Collection

2. ClickView supplied content Own content Image collection Free to air television and audio The Learning Federation Film Australia Podcast Directory for Educators, Schools and Colleges Teachertube 3. The Learning FederationDevelopment of online curriculum content for all schools-delivered electronically in 2 forms 4. A Digital Resource Moving image(video) footage Audio file of a song or broadcast Document image such as a map orpainting 5. A Learning Object Chunk of digital material Includes graphics, text, audio,animation and interactive tools 6. Allows staff and students toview videos stored in theColleges digital library ClickView Player is installed onall computers in the College 7. Double-click on the ClickViewPlayer icon on the desktop or Click on Start All ProgramsClickView then click onClickView Player 8. Double-click on the required category(listed down the left of the screen) or Select the Video Search tab, enter keyword(s) and click Search Click on title of video to view details 9. ClickView videos are split into chapters Click Play Video button to view theentire videoor Double-click the required segmentfrom the Chapters list 10. Click on the Tools tabAddLesson Add required Lesson contentand details Save Lesson 11. Click on the Lessons tab Click on required Lesson fromthe list on the left 12. Access the Lesson Click on the Tools tab Select Edit Lesson or RemoveLesson as desired (password isrequired) 13. Locate and right click on requiredchapter Click Publish to PowerPoint/Intranet Select PowerPoint Presentation radiobutton and click OK Save the Windows Media Video(wmv) file thus created 14. Open PowerPoint 2007 Click on Insert tab Click drop down arrow Movie fromMedia Clips Click on Movie from File Double-click on saved wmv file Select desired mode of initiating clip 15. Open Word 2007 Click on Insert tab Click drop down arrow Object fromText section and click on Object Click on Create from File tab Double-click on saved wmv file andclick OK 16. Clickview School Bag A method of transferring content from theClickView Library into a location on acomputer including a removable storagedevice This content is then accessible withoutbeing connected to the ClickView LibraryServer Home viewing Network unavailable