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CCSSO’s State Consortium on Educator Effectiveness (SCEE)

Feb 24, 2016




CCSSO’s State Consortium on Educator Effectiveness (SCEE). Team Lead Workshop: Prepping for the National Summit April 19, 2010. Welcome, Webinar Logistics, and Introductions. Webinar Logistics. Everyone is un-muted, so you can break in at any time *6 to mute and to un-mute - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Team Lead Workshop: Prepping for the National SummitApril 19, 2010CCSSOsState Consortium on Educator Effectiveness (SCEE)Welcome, Webinar Logistics, and IntroductionsWebinar LogisticsEveryone is un-muted, so you can break in at any time*6 to mute and to un-muteIf you prefer, you can use the chat function to make a comment or ask a questionYou may chat privately with individuals on the webinar3

Poll4PollHow many webinars have you watched, live or on-demand afterward?Nov Orientation___Dec Formative Assmnt___Jan Teacher Eval___Feb Teacher Eval___Feb Principal Eval___March ESEA___March Team Lead webinar___April Fullan/Drivers for Reform___5PollHow much has your state team met and jelled? We have just identified our team___We have met once or twice and are still figuring out our charge___We have met once or twice and have a strong sense of purpose___We have met more than twice and are still figuring out our charge___We have met more than twice and have a strong sense of purpose___We have met more than twice and are ready to start action planning/have already started action planning___

6Webinar AgendaWelcome, Introductions, & Webinar LogisticsYour Questions or CommentsPre-Readings and Team Decisions to MakeUse of the Collaboration SiteSummit LogisticsNext Steps and Q & A77

Your Questions and CommentsRoles for Team LeadsRoles for FacilitatorsWill know the Summit processes and plansWill help the team to advance their workfollowing the critical Summit processes, but following your lead as neededWe have a couple specific types of feedback we need from state teams!Will help CCSSO/SCEE staff to plan next steps

Roles for Team LeadsMeet/communicate with your team before SummitHelp your team to understand the Summit plans and stay engagedKeep your team there on Saturday morningWork with your facilitator to ensure your team gets what it needs out of the SummitHelp the team to capture notesRoles for Team LeadsIn addition to being for your state and your team, the Summit also is for your professional developmentLearn!Your colleagues in other states also are looking to learn from youShare!Content Discussion: Major IssuesPre-Readings and Think-AboutsAre posted now; we will let all participants know about them tomorrowYour team can decide now who wants to attend which strand, so each person can start preparing14Friday StrandsPreparationTeacher EvaluationSchool Leader EvaluationProfessional DevelopmentDevelopmental Continuums and Tiered LicensurePolicy and Systems Thinking15Explain jigsaw

We ask them about the desirability of a team lead strand15Cross-Cutting ThemesThemesGrounding in standardsCommon Core, InTASC, ISLLC, professional developmentData systems and feedback loopsConnections/relationships to districtsModels, casesAction steps, deep dive projects, collaboration16Strand 1: PreparationSome key topicsRange of preparation programs (IHEs, alternate routes, etc.)Clinical experienceProgram approval and renewalGrounded in standardsCandidate assessmentAre there other big issues related to preparation in your state(s)?17Strand 2: Teacher EvaluationTeacher and leader evaluation will be combined for the first breakout. Some Strand 2 issues:Next generation of federal and state policies, including ESEA ReauthorizationUse of student performance dataHow evaluation systems impact recruiting, hiring, induction, and pdHow you prepare evaluatorsStakeholder engagement18Strand 3: Leader EvaluationSome issuesRole of ISLLCResearch on leadership behaviors that impact student performanceKey design principles for valid and reliable evaluation systemsEarly adopters (SAELP states)How to increase collaboration with preparation programs, pd providers, and stakeholders

19Strand 4: Professional DevelopmentIssues:Learning Forwards soon to be revised standardsConnections among PD and the various standards and data from next generation assessment systemsNew definition and vision for PDWhat are the biggest issues related to professional development in your state(s)?20Strand 5: Tiered Licensure/ Developmental ContinuumsIssues:Stages in the learning (to teach/to lead) continuumResidency programs, developmental continuum modelsRole of tiered licensure systems/reforms in tiered licensureWhat are the biggest issues related to developmental continuums in your state(s)?21Strand 6: Policy and Systems ChangeSome issuesWhole systems reform (see Michael Fullans article and April 12 webinar)Grounded in a vision for transformation (David Houle, Shift Ed) and in standards for learning, teaching, and leading (InTASC standards will be released at the Summit)Capacity building, policy analysis/incursionWhat are the biggest issues related to systems change in your state(s)?

22How will you help people decide which strand?Their personal interestsThe state contextTheir expertise (deepening their expertise or learning something new?)Their work projectsOther? SCEE Collaboration Workspace

Collaboration Site To DosSign upComplete your profile (including a picture!)Write objectivesJoin your state teams private Work GroupUpload documentsPost a comment to a blog or a discussion thread

26Summit LogisticsAt SummitPlease bring a laptopSuggested AttireBusiness casual WednesdayBusiness attire Thursday & FridayBusiness casual SaturdayFridays dinner is on your own28Next Steps andQ&ANext StepsOnsite OrientationApril 27, 2:00 5:30 pm EDTNational Summit on Educator EffectivenessApril 28, 8:00 am April 30, 12:30 pm EDT

30Coming Up After the SummitMay 10, 2:00-3:30 pm EDTMonthly Webinar: Follow-up from SummitMay 17, 2:00-3:30 pm EDTRural Affinity Group WebinarMay 31, 2:00-3:00 pm EDTLive Chat with Summit speakerJune 14, 2:00-3:30 pm EDTMonthly Webinar with David Houle

31Q&AQuestions?Comments?Suggestions?32For More Information/SupportCollaboration[email protected] [email protected] 33Thank you!