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May 30, 2018




  • 8/14/2019 Buckle Up! Buckle Up!


    Buckle Up!Buckle Up!Buckle Up!Buckle Up!Advocacy AM ReportAdvocacy AM Report

    Duty and Szalkowski-LehaneDuty and Szalkowski-Lehane11/4/0911/4/09

  • 8/14/2019 Buckle Up! Buckle Up!


    Case 11mos old girl, follow up from MVA oneweek ago

    Taken to ED by EMS- some scratches andbruising, but sent home Now well appearing, playing and interacting

    appropriately Scratches/ bruises are largely healed.

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    Case What more do you want to know?

    What counseling would you provide?

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    Statistics 2005, 1,335 children ages 14 years and youngerdied as occupants in motor vehicle crashes

    Approximately 184,000 were injured. Among children under age 5, in 2006, an

    estimated 425 lives were saved by car restraint

    systems Properly used car seats are 71% effective at preventingfatalities

    CDC national center for injury prevention andcontrol

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    Statistics Almost 40% of children riding with unbelteddrivers were themselves unrestrained.

    Child restraint systems are often used incorrectly

    Approximately 73 percent showed at least onecritical misuse.

    CDC national center for injury prevention andcontrol

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    Utah Restraint Laws All motor vehicle passengers required towear a seat belt

    Primary offense for age 18 and younger Fine not more than $45 First offense dismissed if provide proof of acquiring a

    car seat or child restraint

    Secondary offense for age 19 and older Fine of $45

    Reduced to $15 if complete a traffic safety class

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    Child Restraint Laws Children age 4 and under must be in an approvedchild safety seat

    Children aged 4-8 must be in an approved boosterseat

    Children age 8-18 must be in an approved boosterseat OR seat belt

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    Child Safety Seats Rear facing until 1 year of age AND20 pounds Forward-facing car seat between 1-4 years and 20-40


    Children between 4-8 years and 40-80 pounds should use abooster seat with the shoulder and lap belt Children under age 8 do not need a booster seat if at least 57

    tall (4 9)

    Children should sit in the back until at least 12 yrs of age

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    The Case for Rear Facing

    Car Seats Compared the injury risk between rear-facing(RFCS) and forward-facing (FFCS) car seats forchildren less than 2 years of age

    Children in FFCSs were significantly more likely tobe seriously injured than children restrained inRFCSs in all crash types

    Effectiveness estimates for RFCSs were found tobe 15% higher than those for FFCSs

    Henary et al., Inj Prev . 2007 Dec

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    So many types Rear-facing Convertible 5 point strap vs Overhead shield

    5-point harness attach at the shoulders, at thehips, and between the legs

    Overhead shield a padded tray-like shield thatswings down over the child

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    Installation Install tightly in the vehicle and ensurethe harness fits snugly.

    If you can move the seat more than an inchside to side or front to back, its not tightenough.

    Correct angle

    Proper belt path for reverse vs forward 1-866-seat-check

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    Installation LATCH system Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children

    Eliminates need to use belts Anchors in back seat for use withcompatible car seats

    Most cars & car seats after Sept 1,

    2002 Cannot use both LATCH and belt.

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    The Case for

    Booster Seats Compared booster to seat belt-only in ages4-7yrs

    Assessed pattern of injury The odds of injury were 59% less for kids

    in boosters While in boosters kids had no injury to

    abdomen, neck, spine, back or lowerextremities

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    Exemptions Buses, car models 1966 and older If there are no shoulder belts, then children

    more than 40 pounds may use the lap belt onlywithout a booster seat

    Physicians note stating the child is unable to weara seat belt for medical reasons

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    Most Common Car Seat

    Mistakes Not using the car seat every time MVAs are leading cause of death for children in the US Using old car seats, none>6 yrs old

    No manufacturer instructions Old plastic is brittle

    Accident history Do not use secondhand car seats unless the original instructions booklet and

    manufacturers date and model number are on the car seat

    Turn forward-facing too soon Child doesnt fit or is bored

    Removing from booster seat too soon Max 100 pounds for some booster seats

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    Common Mistakes Car seat installed/used incorrectly

    Read manufacturers instructions Car seat not strapped down tightly, harnesses too loose, retainer clip too low Car seat not buckled into the car

    Not using a locking clip Cars pre-1996 may not have locking seat belts

    Holding a child in parents lap

    Child riding in front seat

    Never place a rear-facing car seat in the front seat with an air bag present

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    What if I was just in an

    accident? Replace a car seat that has been involvedin a MVA unless... Seats that were in a minor crash may still be

    safe to use. The NHTSA considers a crashminor if all of the following are true: The vehicle could be driven away from the crash. The vehicle door closest to the car safety seat was

    not damaged. No one in the vehicle was injured. The air bags did not go off. You cant see any damage to the car safety seat.

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    Happy Children in Car

    Seats Start early Be consistent

    Use encouraging words and a caring voice Set a good example Take along a travel bag

    Properly fitting car seat

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    Car Seat Check Points 662-CARS

  • 8/14/2019 Buckle Up! Buckle Up!


    Bottom Lines Check manufacturer recommendations Car seats save lives, but need to be

    installed properly Rear-facing is safest Car seats are complicated

    Remember the rules: 1 and 20

    1-4 and 20-40 4-8 and 40-80

  • 8/14/2019 Buckle Up! Buckle Up!


    Sources Restrain resources/buc Henary B, Sherwood CP, Crandall JR, Kent RW,

    Vaca FE, Arbogast KB, Bull MJ. Car safety seatsfor children: rear facing for best protection. Inj Prev. 2007 Dec;13(6):398-402.
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