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Bromley High School 2013

Mar 11, 2016




  • Bromley High School 2013

    Anniversary Issue1883 - 2013





  • Lily ChowScreenprint/mixed mediaA LevelArt and Design





  • Anniversary Issue 1883 - 2013One hundred and thirty yearsis a long time. The challengewith this years special issueof the magazine was tocelebrate Bromley Highsproud record of educatinggirls since 1883 and to makethis relevant to the presentday. It has been clear from the fascinating materialprovided by alumnae that school days are bothinfluential and unforgettable.Many contributions have shown how the past is notforgotten and is an integral part of everything wedo in many subject areas today.Pupils from all year groups have chosen a decadefrom the past 130 years to study for each subject,

    and the Junior School tell usabout 2013 in their ownwords. I hope that thisanniversary magazinewill be a treasuredkeepsake for many.Mrs Davies Editor

    AchievementArtBusiness StudiesDanceDesign TechnologyDramaEconomicsEnglishFrom the HeadmistressGeographyGovernment & Politics

    HistoryMathematicsModern LanguagesMusicPhysical EducationPsychologyScienceSixth FormYear 7Junior SchoolAlumnae

    Printed by Impress Print Services Ltd, Hersham, Surrey. KT12 3PU 2013




    Wed love to hear about your Bromley Highschool days too. If you have memories and photosto share, then please send them to Mrs DeniseWoodfield, Bromley High School. BlackbrookLane, Bickley Bromley Kent BR1 2TW or sendan email to [email protected] are unable to return originals, so please copyor scan anything precious! Bromley High OldGirls Association enables you keep in touch withus and your classmates, contact us for details.

    Right: a BromleyHigh pupil duringa Drill session in1911.

    Above:Creating 3Dstructuresbased onFlight







    In 1883 the founding Headmistress of Bromley High School must have openedthe doors to her new pupils feeling a range of emotions; excitement, trepidation,determination and many others perhaps.Little did she know that, 130 years later, we would have moved the school lock,stock and barrel to a new site a couple of miles away, and that we would beproviding an education that is light years ahead of her experience in terms ofteaching, learning and technology. She could not have imagined the facilitiesthat we enjoy, the range of co-curricular opportunities and the strength of thepastoral care system, or that the school would have grown to 900 pupils.Times have certainly changed at Bromley High School, but thefundamental values have remained the same. Like Miss Heppel, we continueto put girls first and like Miss Heppel, we continue to provide a first classeducation for every single one of our girls, putting their individual needs atthe very heart of all that the school does. Like Miss Heppel we want toprepare the girls for a productive, exciting and successful future in the worldbeyond school, wherever that exciting journey takes them.I hope that you enjoy this special celebratory magazine that looks back at our 130 yearsof history and the changes which have happened both within and beyond the school in that time.Our year of celebration has been a time to reflect on all that we are proud of, and to look forward tothe next 130 years of Bromley High School. It has reminded us of what is important to the school andits wider community and we are delighted that this magazine edition has allowed us to crystallisea little of this to share with you.I hope that you enjoy the magazine and I thank the editorial team; Mrs Davies, Mrs Upton andMrs Woodfield, and all the many contributors, for producing such a wonderful publication.

    HeadSeptember 2013

    Louise Simpson

    BROMLEY HIGH SCHOOL1883 - 2013






  • Forew


    Bromley High School as itstood on Elmfield Road,Bromley South from 1883,until the whole schoolmoved to its green leafysite in Bickley in 1980.Right:Miss Heppel(1883 - 1908) the schoolsfounding Headmistress.

    Above: some of the firstBromley High Old Girls c.1900Left: just some of the current 900!

    Miss Heppel couldnot have imaginedthe facilities that weenjoy, the range ofco-curricularopportunities andthe strength of thepastoral care system,or that the schoolwould have grownto 900 pupils.






    Miss Schofield

    Miss Heppel

    Miss Littlewood

    Miss Reid

    Miss Hodge

    1883 - 1903

    1908 - 1924 1924 - 1939

    1971 - 1984 1984 - 1989

    Miss Mary Louisa Heppel was the firstHeadmistress of Bromley High School taking upher role in 1883. According to an extract fromSchoolgirl Voices - This position which she heldin the educational world of Bromley was unique.Her striking personality commanded alike

    admiration, respect and affection, and her influenceextended far beyond the boundaries of the school

    over which she presided.


  • 5Heads

    Miss East

    Mrs Hancock

    Miss HardwickeMiss Leale

    One of the earliest photos of Bromley High girls in 1911,about to do their Swedish Drill in the hall. As one formerpupil recalls,We had Swedish Drill on Friday mornings.For this, we wore navy blue pleated skirts and long sleevedwoollen jerseys with pale blue ties. This was our only schooluniform duringWorldWar I and worn for Drill.

    1940 - 1949 1949 - 1963 1963 - 1971

    1989 - 2000 2001 - 2009

    Mrs Duggleby





    Francesca Aaskov 10 (10)Harriet Abbott 9 (9)Elizabeth Adewale 7 (0)Iqra Ahmed 9 (9)Folu Alao 9 (2)Daisy Andrews 9 (6)Anna Baines 11 (9)Frances Barcelos 10 (7)Alice Barker 9 (0)Megan Barnes 9 (9)Katherine Barrow 10 (9)Rebecca Barrow 10 (9)Annie Baxter 9 (4)Grace Baylis 11 (10)Ellen Birke 10 (10)DakotaBlacklaws-Lacy 10 (5)Eleanor Blackwood 10 (10)Sianah Brock 9 (9)Annie Burfoot 9 (0)Hannah Cawker 10 (8)

    Sarah Christie 10 (10)Emily Clarke 10 (9)Helena Coleman 11 (11)Olivia Courtney 10 (10)Rosie Crowley 9 (6)Maddie Crust 11 (11)India Dafter 9 (2)Louise Davison 10 (5)Pearl Desai 8 (0)Katie Dulieu 9 (6)Sophie Durman 9 (5)Hyat El-Zebdeh 10 (10)Elvina Emmerson 9 (4)MymaEnchill-Yawson 10 (10)Sydni Evans 10 (5)Kiersha Fitzsimons 10 (8)Florence Ford 9 (2)Jemma Foyle 9 (6)Phoebe Glass 10 (10)Ursula Goddard 10 (10)

    We are delighted that the girls have beenso richly rewarded for their efforts this year.

    There has been so much doom and gloomaround the examinations process, and A level

    grade deflation, but Bromley High girls rightlycelebrated excellent results again this year

    They have been brilliantly supported byexcellent teachers and their families

    and they deserve their success.Well done to them all!

    Louise Simpson

    Bromley High Girlscontinue to fly high!



  • 7GCSE


    Emma Gray 9 (6)Aveen Hamawandi 10 (10)Abby Harmer 9 (9)Beth Harrison 9 (9)Chaenel Hay 10 (10)Molly Haynes 10 (10)Becca Houlder 9 (7)Angharad Hunter 10 (9)Parmis Imani-Berendjestanki 10 (10)Lottie Jenkins 9 (9)Tara Jennett 9 (8)Honor Jennings 10 (10)Eva Jensen 8 (3)Hannah Jones 10 (10)Tara Jones 9 (9)Tilly Keeper 9 (6)Liz Kelleher 10 (9)Laura Kruszewski 10 (10)Ellie Lawrence 10 (5)Felicity Lawrence 10 (9)

    Rebecca Lennard 10 (10)I Wa Liu 8 (6)Anita Lofinmakin 10 (2)Abbie Maddison 9 (5)Faye Mallett 10 (10)Amirah Martin 10 (10)Georgina McCartney8 (0)Rebecca McKenzie 10 (9)Hibah Mehmood 9 (2)Darcie Moore 9 (8)Anna Morris 9 (5)Eliz Mullali 9 (2)Anna Myers 10 (10)Amber Needham 9 (9)Emma Northwood 10 (9)Megan ONeill 11 (11)Jessica Page 9 (8)Asha Parmar 10 (4)Karishma Patel 9 (4)Kinita Patel 10 (10)Emma Ptak 9 (9)

    Amy Reynolds 10 (9)Sarah Rowe 9 (1)Saba Sait 9 (0)Lydia Scobie 9 (7)Jennifer Sewell 9 (4)Kayley Smith 9 (9)Honor Teideman 9 (7)Rachelle Thevathas 9 (9)Monika Totman 9 (8)Katie Tragheim 10 (10)Olivia Tritton 9 (5)Gaby Victor 10 (10)Natasha Walton 10 (7)NatalieWeidlich Riley 10 (5)Elise Wiseman 9 (9)Zoe Wiseman 9 (7)Zara Zapico 10 (10)Yasemin Ziya 9 (1)

    Results correct at time of going to print

    (* denotes grades A* and A)

  • ADVANCED AND ADVANCED SUPPLEMENTARY RESULTS 2013LUCY ALLISON Business Studies, Geography, Mathematics AS Psychology

    Business Management with Accounting and Finance UWEKHEZIA ASAMOAH Biology*, Chemistry, Spanish AS Mathematics, EPQ*

    Pharmacy ReadingLEILA BOULDEN English Literature*, GPS*, History AS Economics, EPQ*

    Law SouthamptonELLIE BROAD Biology*, Chemistry, Psychology* AS EPQ*

    Medical Sciences LeedsLUCY BUBBERS Biology*, Chemistry*, English Literature* AS Mathematics*

    Medicine UEACHLOE BUNTING Biology* Geography*, Mathematics* AS DT*

    Biomedical Science WarwickFIONA BUTTERWORTH Mathematics*, Further Maths, Music*, Physics* AS DT, Music Technology

    Acoustics and Music SouthamptonELLIE CLAYSON English Literature, Mathematics, Psychology AS Biology, EPQ*

    Criminology with Psychology UWECHARLOTTE COLEGATE Biology, PE, Psychology

    Sport and Exercise Science LoughboroughNICOLE ELANGO Biology, Chemistry, French* AS Mathematics, EPQ*

    Biomedical Science St GeorgesLAURA ELLIOTT Mathematics, Further Maths, Spanish AS EPQ

    Electronic Engineering with foundation year (4 years) YorkFRANCESCA EVANS Drama*, English Literature*, Spanish* AS Classical Civilisation*

    English and Spanish (4 years) OxfordALEXA FARRELL English Literature*, Geograph

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