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Nov 04, 2021



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ORPINGTON, SIDCUP, s t . Pa u l ’ s o r a y , ST. MARY CRAY, WEST WICKHAM.
The Fourth Edition of the Bromley Directory -will be, or
should be, in the hands of every tradesman in the sixteen
parishes of the Bromley Union, on and after the 1st of 1--- ----------- " '
October, 1868 ., The advantage of having a ready reference
to names of residents in this locality cannot fail to be ap­
preciated by not only every person in business, but also by
residents generally, for without it many would not know the
names of their neighbours, so rapidly has the population
increased of late in some parishes. W ith reference to the
E squires, we admit we may be at fault, and shall be glad
if some gentleman in each parish will undertake to put us
right in the Next Edition, or correct any error they may
happen to notice.
Brom ley: page
Street Directory ...................................................... ... 3
Down ............................................................................................ 41
W est W ic k h a m ............................................................................... 50
POST & MONEY OEDEE OFFICE: Postmaster—J. B. Shillcock, High street.
Letters dispatched at 9 a.m. & 1.5, 4.30, & 8.10 p.m.; cross post to Croydon G p.m. Sundays at 6 p.m.
Post & Money Order Office, Bicldcy Station—J. H. Ingram. Letters despatched at 8.20 a.m. and 3.40 & 7.20 p.m. Sundays at 7.10 a.m.
Sub-Office, Bromley common—H. W. Jen­ kins, receiver. Letters dispatched at 7.43 & 10.25 a.m. & 3.45. p.m Sundays 1.55 p.m
Pillar Post in Wall, Mason’s hill. Cleared at G.45 & 10.0 a.m. and 4.15 & 7.15 p.m. Sundays at 7 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Pillar Post in Wall, Freelands road. Let­ ters collected at 8.20 a.m., 4.10 & 7.45 p.m. Sundays at 7.55 a.m.
Pillar Post in Wall, Shortlands. Letters collected at 7.20 a.m, 3.40 & 7.15 p.m
Pillar Post near the Gravel road. Cleared at 8.0 a.m, & 3.15 p.m Sunday 1.30 p.m
Pillar Post in the Wall near the “ Farwig Arms,” Farwig. Cleared at 7.20 9.40 a.m, 4.0 & 7.20 p.m
ACTING MAGISTEATES. Arbuthnot W. esq. Bexley Beattie A. esq. Chislehurst Berens II. B, esq. Chislehurst Bcrens, E. B. esq. St. Mary Cray Cator P. esq. Beckenham Chapman James, esq. St. Paul’s Cray Child Coles, esq. Bromley Darwin C. E. esq. Down Devas Charles F. esq. Bromley lodge Edlmann F. Esq. Chislehurst Forster Major, Southend Hamilton Archibald, esq. Southbarrow Kirkland Sir John,;bart. Bcekenliam
Lcnnard Lieut.-Col. Wickham Court Lewin F. M. esq. Bexley Long Samuel, esq. Bromley hill Lubbock Sir John, bart. High Elms, Farn-
borough Norman G. W. esq. Bromley common Sydney Viscount, Frognall, Foot’s Cray Waring William, esq. Chelsfleld Whitmore William, esq, Beckenham Wilson C. L. esq. Beckenham
Clerk to the Magistrates...E. Latter Magistrates’ meetings are held the second
Monday in every month at the Police station. Sidcup; the third Monday in every month at Locksbottom, Famborough; and all other Mondays at the Town Hall, Bromley.
INSURANCE AGENTS. . Accident..,W. M. Walmisley, Wilton House,
Palace grove British Mutual Life...William James White Briton Life...Benjamin Wood, Park road , Caledonian Fire and Life...E. V. Harman,
High street Commercial Union Fire and Life...J. James,
Market place . County Fire and Provident Life...J.B. Shill­
cock, High street General Fire and Life...William H. Cooper,
High street; J. Mowat, High street; Isaac Uridge, Market place
Kent Fire and United Kent Life...Ed ward Isard, Market plaee
London and Liverpool and Globe Fire and Life...G. H. Osborn, Mason’s hill; E. Dunn, Market place; E. B. Burton, High street; J. Humphries, High street
Manchester Fire...G. Weeks, High street B
Medical Briton...R. B. Burton, High street; J. Mow'at, High street
Norwich Union Fire and Life...George Pam- philon, High street
Phoenix Fire...J. S. Carpenter, High street Prudential Life......\V. Simmons, 3, Boyal
Parade, Freelands road Public Life...Isaac Uridge, Market place Queen Fire and Life...Thomas Bay. Farwig Railway Passengers’...J.B.Shillcock, High st Eoyal Fire and Life...Alfred Smith, High st Eoyal Exchange Fire and Life...John How,
Widmore road Eoyal Farmers’ and General Fire, Life and
Hailstorm...Alfred Smith, High street Sovereign Life...W. M. Walmisley, Wilton
house, Palace grove Sun Fire and Life...G. B. and S. Baxter and
Payne, Town H all; B . B. and B. Latter, Market place
Union Fire and Life...William Morum, Ada villa, Freelands road
United Kingdom Fire and Life.„J. James, Market place
Western Fire and Life...... J. B. Shillcock, High street
PUBLIC ESTABLISHMENTS. Local Board...... Offices, Cage Field. C. F.
Devas, esq. (chairman), Dr. Farr, Messrs. Baxter, Black, Eaton, Haigh, Hughes, Ilott, Leatherdale, Muffctt, Starling, and West. Clerk, E. Latter. Surveyor, A. Jacob
County Court, held at the Town hall...R.B. Latter, esq. registrar
Inland Revenue Office,Bell hotel, High street Stamp Office, High street...Wm. W. Baxter Literary Institute, Town hall...Geo. Pam-
philon and|W.W. Baxter, hon. secretaries; B. Wood, librarian "
Bromley District Committee of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 5, Market place...Eev. E. J. Selwyn, sec
Bromley Union House, Locksbottom, Fam- borough...Richard Scarr, esq. clerk to the board; T. H. V. Lukey, master; Mrs. Jane Lukey, mistress; R. Wilson and J. Hickson, relieving officers
Gas Works, Brick-kiln lane...... George H. Osborn, secretary and manager
Fire Engine House, Cage Field, keys at the police station
Railway Stations...Bickley, James Hughes Ingram; Bromley, Alfred Golding; Short- lands, Edward Adye; Chislehurst, Wil­ liam Akers Lord; stationmasters
Police Station, Town Hall...Inspector Howe, Sergeants Dawes and Tipton
18th Kent Rifles...... Captain Satterthwaite, Lieuts. F. Norman and A. C. Wathen, En­ signs R. H. Alexander and T. Moseley. Head Quarte rs, Centenary place
Workmen’s Club and Institute, Widmorc... W. Browning, secretary
Working Men’s Club, Iron room, Cage Held, ...E. Gedge and J. Richardson, lion. secs.
Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Society, Market square...Henry Amos and George Payne, hon. secs.
place Clerk to Deputy-Lieutenants, to Commis­
sioners of Land and Assessed Taxes, and Commissioners of all the Courts...R. Lat­ ter, Market place
Assistant Clerk to Commissioners of Taxes ...Charles Freeman, Market place
Vestry Clerk, Perpetual Commissioner for taking Affidavits of Married Women and Registrar to the County Court...R.B.Lattcr
Surveyor of Taxes...C. A. Tapiin, Brewer street, Woolwich
Sub-Bailiff of County Court...Stephen Harris Registrar of Birth3 and Deaths for Bromley
District...... J. J. Bourne, Hayes. Deputy Registrar, Jabez Wood, Palace road, New Bromley
Registrar of Marriages...Charles Freeman, Plaistow. Deputy Registrar, Alfred Bailey, Park road cottages
Inspector of Weights and Measures for Bromley]District...J. W. Churcher, Palace road
PLACES OF WORSHIP. St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church...Rev.A.G.
Hellicar, M.A. perpetual curate S. Mary’s Church, Plaistow...Rev. Sir L. P.
H. Fleetwood, hart., incumbent Holy Trinity Church, Bromley common...
Rev. Arthur Rawson, M.A. incumbent St. George’s Church, Bickley...Rev. E. J.
Selwyn, M.A. incumbent Baptist Chapel...Rev. A. Tessier, pastor Congregational Chapel...Rev. D. Longwill Wesleyan Chapel...
SCHOOLS. National, Bromley common...Alfred Parker,
master; Mrs. Margaret Parker, mistress National Central...John Jennings, master;
Miss Mary Ann Husband, mistress: H. Harlow, assistant master
Infant...Miss Caroline Hare, mistress National, Plaistow...... George F. Thatcher,
master; Mrs. Thatcher, mistress Mason’s Hill Infant, Palace road, Bromley
common...Miss Hayes, mistress
New Bromley; to and from all parts of London daily
S T R E E T D I R E C T O R Y . 3
Beckenham Lane. Harding J. Harlow Henry French James Knight Henry­ Starling William Dallison,esq.The Hill Waller Miss Sarah Balfour Henry, esq. The Holly Brooksbank W . L. esq. Gleave Knole Latter Bobert Booth, esq. Pixfield Freeman William, Long’s lodge
Histead Joseph 1 I Taphouse George 2 l Frog’s Island North William 3 j
B ickley. Adams, W . J. esq. Buller’s wood Allcard G. esq. South bank Alston James B. esq. Fairfield Archibald Thomas I). esq. Inglewood Austin William H. esq. Crofton lodge Barlow William F. esq. Sandfield Batten Isaac, esq. Berryfield Batten James, esq. Highfield Bernard N. esq. 4 Elizabeth villas Brandt Robert, esq. The Laurels Bridgewater J. esq. Llandrinio house Brind F. W . esq Browne Rev Robert, 5 Elizabeth villas Chambers G. esq. Gordon lodge Chubb Hammond, esq Home lea Dixon Misses, The Nymans Edwards Charles, esq. Newton house Erskine Mrs H. T. Elm lodge Farr, William, esq. m.d. Southlands Forbes George, esq. Thornton house Forbes Neil MacVicar, esq. Elmwood Foskett Mrs. Southlands grove Gillbanks, Jonathan, esq . Green James, esq. Logs hill Hamilton R. esq. North bank Harris William J. esq. Merle wood Hastings George, esq. Holne lodge Hillyer W . Thomas, esq. Page heath Hurlbatt C. esq. 1 Elizabeth villas Jennings R. W . esq Kynaston John, esq Kynaston William, esq. Powis lodge Lock Robert, esq. 3 Elizabeth villas Martin John K. esq. Wood lawn Mathews Robert, esq. surgeon McICcwan William, esq. Elmfield
Nevins John, esq Payn James J. esq. Oak dell Percival Frederick, esq. Southfield Ritchie Robert, esq Spence Robert, esq. Springhurst Spink Mrs , Oak dell Spink John, esq. The Cedars Stephenson E. S. esq Thompson John, esq. Swallowfield Tudor Mrs., Summerfield W ilcock William, esq. 2 Elizabeth vil..
B ickley Park . Alexander, R. H. esq. The Farrants Bouch John, esq. Sunny side Boosey C. esq. The Pines Booth S. esq. Effingham lodge Bevington Samuel B. esq. The Elms Boulton Thomas, esq. The Firs Clavell Capt. John, r .n. Campville Curwen Robert, esq. Birkby house Gibbs George, esq. Nutwood Haigh Frederick W m . esq. Woodlands Layton Thos, Edward, esq. The Knoll Martin Richard, esq. Clarewood Paterson William, esq. Elmhyrst Selwyn Rev E. J. m.a . The Parsonage White J. Bazley, esq. Merevale Whitehead J. esq. Barfield lodge Wythes George, esq. Bickley hall
Brick-kiln L ane. Mann Mr M. ) Yew Tree Gordon Mrs. j Cottages
Mason C. esq. The Priory
S 1 Johnson William, esq 2 2 James Jeremiah, esq ^ 3 Scarr Richard, esq Sj 4 Prince Miss "«5 Goggs James esq. 1 6 Hodder M. H. esq
7 Longwill Rev David It] 8 Boys Thomas, esq
Hudd J. I West J. I Pascall’s Hudson A . [ Cottages Dale G. J Pascall Joseph, brickmaker
Hoare J. J? o Pink T. 4* 2 Sayers Mrs k? & Page H.
Ely W .
Carpenter’s Arms, Samuel Goodacre, publican and builder
Winfield J. v Miles R. c W ood W . H. sb Smith T. « Turner J.
Creese T. 5 Whittington M.
Taylor W . ^ Stacy G.
Grooby J.
•a Podger H. Page heath laundry a Baker R. farm fcq Hewetson H. esq. Heath bank
Duncan Mrs. The Knoll ^Foster M. esq. m.d.
Tasker F. esq.
^ 1 Day W . 0 2 2 Simmons H. 6 f 3 Golds S. g 5 Coppin J.
55 ^ 6 Hougham E.
Bromley Gas Company, George H. Osborn, secretary & manager
Bromley College. 1 Stone Mrs 2 Balfour Mrs 4 Younghusband, Mrs 6 Pickthall, Mrs 7 Muston Mrs
14 Greenside Mrs 15 Dunn Mrs 16 Oxland Mrs 19 Greenlaw Mrs 20 Smith Mrs 22 Marsh Mrs 24 Mullins Mrs 25 Hopkins Mrs G. 26 West Mrs 27 Hopkins Mrs 28 Saunders Mrs 29 Fennell Mrs
30 Jones Mrs 31 Jadis Mrs 32 Dwyer Mrs 34 Atkinson Mrs 35 Solbe Mrs 36 Dixon Mrs 37 Munro Mrs 38 Griffith Mrs 39 W ood Mrs 40 Williams Mrs
French Rev — chaplain Talman F. esq., Treasurer’s house Shorter Charles, lodge
1 Jones Miss 1? c>2 Saunderson Miss
3 McQuire Miss 4 Gayton Miss
c/j 5 Alfree Miss
Bromley Common. NORTH SIDE.
„ 1 Santer Robert, gardener « 2 Letts Henry, gardener §,3 Elliott George
1/5 4 Archer R. 1 5 W right W .
^ 6 Parsons ^ 8 Adams Charles, builder
Bricklayer’s Arms, James Whitehead are Park <Sr Palace Roads... Baxter Samuel, esq. 2 Laurel villas Draper William, wheelwright Pulham Charles, statuary <fe mason Chattell W . F. esq. Lyncourt villa Squire W . esq. Homefield villa Farwig Mrs., Osborn villa Dickenson W . esq. Yemon villa Mansfield Thomas, farmer is Brick-kiln Lane............
s 2 Reid Mrs 3 3 Cleveland Mrs
^ 4 Clarke J. J. esq '§ 2 5 Smith Alfred, esq ^ 6 Lee J. esq
Rogers Longdon M. esq. Laurel bank Wheeler Miss Sophia, ladies’ school,
Cromwell house Payne Richard J. esq. Meadow lodge Watson Robert, esq. Hart land cottage
Tregellas Walter, esq. Iver cottage Minifie Miss, [Bengal cottage Field R. esq. Kingsdown cottage James William, esq. Woodbine cottage Holt Nathaniel, esq. Walsham cottage Burmester A. esq. Lansdown house Easto Robert, esq. La Belle Yue Priest William, esq. Arlington house Johnson Goswell, esq. Bellevue house Reviere B. esq. Lay ham cottage Jeffery Mrs. Kelsey cottage *
Bryant Miss 11 Gothic Hunt Mrs 2) cottages
Philpott Richard, esq Forbes F. A. esq Hanbury W . G. esq. Ewell house Hunter William, esq. Cheriton villa Greenstreet Edward S. esq. Rose villa
Bradford Henry Hardy Miss Patrick S. Higgs Thomas
("Jenkins Henry, baker & grocer (Posit Office Receiving House
Spong Mrs Knatt James, painter & decorator Gregory James Farmer Mrs Oliver John Harris Henry, grocer &c Rive Bells, Henry Harris W olf Charles ' Church Frederick Bosberry John Hoskins James Humphrey Mrs Peill E. carman'
Roberts J. D. esq
Rumph' Samuel, plasterer, Bromley villa :
Pocock James R. Wesson Mr W . 11 Dyson Joseph 2) Bignold Henry 1 1 Jordan John 5 l Ongley, Walter 7 J
Rose cottages Johnson terrace
Chatterton ( Williams Mrs Road ( Carter T. builder
Winchester William, gardener Crown, E. Lambert, — Pawley William, farmer, Cooper’ s faun Pawley William, jun. brewer Trinity Church and Schools Sturgeon Charles F. esq. Barham house
Allen Walter Parker James Bullen John
•| Ailwood James 0 Mitchell George ^ Reeves William § Gurr Mrs •S Dunmall George
Gurr Thomas Whitehead Daniel Cole William . Boxall George, Rose cottage
Gill George, builder, &c Sawyer’s Arms, Richard Mitchell
Thurling Mrs Ann Durling William, butcher Boxall John Hollman John Sessions Mrs Mary Nettleton Thomas
Laidlaw Mr A. W . Bedford cottage Jackson George, grocer Jackson Albert, bootmaker ,
Mason William Denstow Tyler George Edmonds John. Gearing William Westbrook William
§j Burr William g Whitehead George
Whitehead John Whitehead James
Stewart James ' Boxall Charles
Shorter William, fruit grower Kemping Frank
v / ------- SOUTH SIDE.
Browne James W . esq. Frascati Court John C. esq. Lodore Hocker C. R. esq. St Aubyn’s Webber Ed. C. I. esq. St Brannock’s Holford William J. esq. St Helier Osborn G. H. esq. Northfield Wilks J. esq. Newlands Cornish W . esq. The Elms Barrett W . esq. The Hollies Sayers Thomas, farm bailiff Lansbury Thomas, fanner, Hook farm Barry Charles, esq. Elmfield Robertson T. esq. Woodlands Wybrow Wm. esq. Ravensboume lodg Norman Geo. Warde, esq. The Rookery Norman Mrs Henry. Oakley Taylor Mr William, Oakley farm Smith James, cattle salesman
Sheppard Wm. turner 2") Whitegate S winstead Bernard, esq 1 j cottages
Allen Edward, esq 2) Rhodes Steel David, esq 1) villas
Taylor Miss, Kent villa Paul Mrs. Magenta cottage Plough Inn , J. A . Woolnough Turner Wm. blacksmith | P1 , Whitehead Henry K g - Brooks Lewis I 6
Church R oad. Joyce G. F. esq
£ a 2 Smith H. esq i* 1 3 Beeby Dr. So 4S 4 Eaton Mr. Christopher
Walters Mrs L. D. stationer St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church Letts Samuel ' Dunn Edward
1 Sparks W . ti 2 2 Town E. S 1*3 How T. £>'5-1 Wheeler D.
w 5 Ashby Mrs. E. dressmaker
Longsdon R. esq. Church house Beeham E. plasterer, Church cottage Mortimer W jun. esq Stoberry house Nickalls P. esq. Stoberry cottage Bilke E. esq Mill lane Mortimer W . esq The Valley
Farwig. Newman Charles, tax collector is Muoreland road............
N WEST SIDE. Iseman Thomas Truelove William Harding William Lane Mrs. Carrick Mrs. Robertson Thomas
King Edmund, blacksmith Barber James Stamp Mrs Verrall Mr May Mrs. Cook Thomas Whale John Atherfold Mrs Dale Mrs. Stow Thomas Anderson Mrs. Mary Wadden Charles Muffett Thomas Meredith John Addis Edward Coke Mrs Mary Sennix Thomas Davis — Butland Joseph Westbrook J. B., whitesmith Wakerell Mrs. Eliza Roots Mrs. Hannah Leach Mrs. Charlotte Stevens William Barrett John Lee Joseph Muffett Mrs. W . Ford Henry Gold James Clement Charles, fruiterer Farwig Arms, George Atkins
C v EAST SIDE. Hicknock George Mepham Benjamin Smith John Walters John
Bateman William J. Alwen William T. jun. Loveland Mrs.
a 1 Carpenter Henry, writer &c. •2 u 2 Alwen William js -2 3 Carter Henry ” ^ 4 W ilcox John
Freelands R oad, west SIDE,
g 1 Gedge E. F. esq ^|2 Bentham Charles esq g*3 Brewer P. C. esq § 4 LuntleyMrs pq 6 Wheeler Miss, ladies school
................ here is Park road...... W ood W . S. ramoneur, Belmont is Freelands grove..
Godley Thomas, dust contractor Slow Michael Young Edwin Hunt Thomas Rowland Thomas laundry Greenbrook W . tailor Mullins Dennis Baines Mrs. Welch James Chapman William Young Mr Grubb Mrs. Letchford William Baker Henry Royal Oak, Abraham Southgate
Ray Thomas Tessier Rev. A. Jordan Peter
] College l Field
W ood & Son, bakers Marsh T. Grocer
F reelands Grove, Freelands road Orford Sidney esq 1, Ivy villas Either George, dairyman Dewey T. E. esq Standen Charles esq 2, Oakley villas May George esq Rounds W . grocer
Stevens — 1 1 Myrtle Padgham — 2 I Cottages
1 Bryant Thomas s S ‘2 Gaberthnul John D.
2 3 Birdseye Cornelias £ v 4 Amos Mr J. H.
^ r -------- Freelands Tavern, William Church
1 Giles & Co. grocers •§ 2 Allbon H. draper g 3 Simmons W . tailor | 4 Etherington J. baker
5 Hammond W . P. builder is Henry street............
1 Lock Simeon 2 Hammond George, plumber
^ 3 Towell Edward "s 4 Jordon Thomas "a 5 Whitehead Joseph ^ 6 W ood Mrs.
s ^ l Austin MissE. pi 2 Lambley George esq
h » 3 Thomas George, esq
; ) Freelands Randell William; G. esq 2) Cottages
Edmunds W . esq \ Freelands Tuck Mr E. J Villas
Withers Alfred esq
Waterman George Batsford George Harman James Woodall Thomas Lloyd Mrs Mercy
EAST SIDE. Kitson Henry esq Baddeley Samuel esq Oj ------- • S u l Johnston Joseph esq g ® 2 Davey Samuel esq
3 Waller W. esq
8 BROMLEY DIRECTORY. ^ to 1 Lumsden Archibald esq * :§ 2 Pfeil J. W . tt) 'a 4 Miskin Mr J.
Ellis Septimus, school The Limes
Morum William esq 1 ) Ada Hoyer Mrs Sarah 2 j Villas
Gravel P its. Vivash C. Rotherford C. Gearing Mrs F. upholstress Bawcomb Mrs Smith J. Harper T. Harper E. Milstead H. Langridge J. Milstead W . carman Harris C. West J. Sinfield J. Dixon Edward
Gravel R oad. Bromley Common.- Carter Miss, Beechwood Morphey John Thompson W. H. Davies Joseph Smith William carpenter Bird-in-Hand, T. Smith jun carpenter Parsons W . bricklayer, Grape cottage -Elliott Richard, basket maker Bowes Misses, dressmakers Church William, builder Burley John Dart Henry McLean Rbt. jun. florist, Gordon villa Purless John Saker Abraham Disney James
H enry Street, Freelands road. 1 Townsend Charles 2 Riches Daniel 3 Taylor Mrs. 4 Harris David W . 5 Elliott Charles 6 White William 7 Threadgold Henry 8 Thomas James 9 Williamson Walter
10 Ruinph John
11 Cheeseman Edward 12 Seal Henry 13 Lawrence Thomas 14 Field George 10 Godden George 17 Craker John 18 Mitchell John 19 Cheel George 20 Goldsmith James 21 Kimble Richard 22 Durrant Job 24 Dedman J. . 25 Marshall Thomas 26 Bate Thomas 27 Jimson William 28 Bysouth —
H igh Street. . y t '
W SOJJTH SIDE. ' ' ' y ' Richardson John, esq. RavS^gfell Sparkes George, esq
•Satchell Thomas, plumber, &c Russell James, carrier Oclee Edgar, watchmaker Mitchell Alfred ^ Batchelor Mrs. laundress Lowther Mrs. shopkeeper Boorman George, fly proprietor Leach Henry, grocer Ayling & Son, bootmakers Ellis Alfred, butcher Keer Manning, milliner, &c Parry Thomas, leather seller Storer George, pastrycook Jessup Mrs Sarah, dressmaker Nettlefold John, upholsterer Bath M iss. Chattell Wm. F., m .r .c .v .s .,' veterinary
surgeon & farrier Rising Sun, John Hadden Maydon George, linen draper Hodges William, hairdresser Sanders & Co. coal merchants Springett Herbert, m .r .c .v .s . veterinary
surgeon Bateman Mr George
Baxter William Walmisley, chemist Stamp Office .
Baxter Miss Weeks George, ironmonger Cooper William Henry, linen draper Woodall William, fishmonger Mundy Edwin, linen draper Wells Joseph, china and glass dealer
Cooper 'William, tailor Ingles William Henry, saddler Co veil James George, butcher' is Church road.................. Ilott James William, surgeon Pamphilon George, wine merchant Bean Frederick, grocer Williams Edward Augustus, esq. Sanger Misses Esther & Sophia, dress­ Sweeting George, plumber, &c, [makers Chalcraft Misses M. & S. A. milliners Johnson James, poulterer Mitchell William, clothier Wesleyan Chapel Yickers Robert Hall John, tallow chandler Yerrall James, stationer & news agent Burton Robert Barber, tailor Barrell Allen Sudds William Morley Thomas, Bromley academy
' Harman Robert Vine, music seller Melville H. T. photographer Payne Charles, greengrocer Innous M r John . Smith Alfred, plumber Steele James, die sinker Spooner William, bootmaker Gomer William, dairyman Muffett Charles, builder
o Burgess M rs Elizabeth, linen draper •S Vanderpant H. C. surgeon dentist ^W ells George W . grocer tojilby & Sons,' hair dressers ~ Wheatley Mrs Elizabeth, school (3 Layfield Miss C. fancy repository -
Swan, G. Dowden ..... is Beckenham lane............ Smith Mrs Jane, railway coffee house Browning & Son, pork butchers Filby Mr. Edmund, Fullarton Mrs. straw bonnet maker Ayling William T. oilman Pratt W . refreshment rooms Harradine Mr Joseph
5 NORTH SIDE. Devas Chas. F. esq. j .p . Bromley lodge Hughes H. esq surgeon Tweed cottage Wicks Spencer esq. Verandah cottage Hinchliffe David, mason Leggatt J.' D. tea dealer & tobacconist Carpenter James Summers, upholsterer
Milstead Joseph, builder Nash & Milstead, stationers Leatherdale John, esq. Redwood house Nettlefold John, auctioneer & upholstr. Nesbitt James, bootmaker Shonfeld Thomas, greengrocer Bateman William, plumber Nicholls Samuel, baker & beer retailer White Hart Hotel, William Lownds White Hart Assembly Room
Gould Edward, homoeopathic chemist Mowat James, tailor Battersbee George, ironmonger Bayman Charles, hair dresser &c. is Market square............ The Forester, E. Scholey Rose Sr Crown, George Davison Duke’s Head, Henry Edward Wren Green Misses Mary Ann & Sarah, fancy
repository Hughes & Willev, surgeons Willey Dr. ' Critchlow James, grocer is Market square............ Bell Tap, H. Brazier > Oliver Percy, bootmaker Bell Hotel, William Sutton Stubbs William, corn & coal merchant Dunn J. & E. upholsterers
(Shillcock Joseph Bradley, chemist ( Post Office
Burgess William, fancy repository Nash John, linen draper Burgess Joseph, bootmaker Walter James Birch, ironmonger Greyhound, I. Sanders White William, baker Gordon Charles Wm. watchmaker Burgess William, bootmaker
Golding William, general dealer g Jarvis John
.e Addison James ^W est John
-^Doe Charles Rate Charles
§ Martin John Fuller Mrs Hapted John
Lowrance John Wm. marine stores Wells Thomas, grocer Payne & Balding, builders & contractors Eaton Christopher, butcher
Cook George Stringer Eichard Larkin Stephen Star&r Garter, John Humphries Churcher — Golds George, writer and grainer Ferris Kobert, saddler ' Selby Henry, esq Stidolph William, florist (College slip)
L ondon E oad. Hunter J. K. coach builder, Bochester
1 Godfrey James g 2 Gooding Harry
gs3 Burden Miss J 35 4 Whale William *** § 5 Keates William
6 Hunt Henry, grocer
1 Latter Misses § 2 English William D. • 1 * 3 Widgery James ^ i 5! Betts Thomas *| S 5 Mills George to 6 Shearman William
7j Kettel Mrs
Teldom Thomas, bird stuffer Pearson Thomas Pritchard 'Miss, dressmaker Knowles George Parrott Martin The Laurely Anthony Newell
8 1 Harris George «S 2 Snelgrove William ^"3 Trower Edward
4 W oollett John g>5 Brown Francis e 6 Podger James
£ 7 West E.
Thornhill Miss Lee Mrs . Long Colonel, Bromley hill
Mathews James L. esq. Ivybank Hall John esq. Woodlands Truscott Wm. H. esq. Hawthorn cot.
Bennett Alfred esq. 1 ) Medina Bennett William T. esq. 2) Villas
10 Allcock Joseph esq. 2 > Beech Niesigh George esq. I jT Villas
The Beech Tree. Henry Coombs Letts T. A . esq. Holly cottage Clarke Mrs. Westfield
Maeket Squabe. 1 Coutts & Co. bakers 2 Freeman Miss Elizabeth, fruiterer 3 Mowat J. A. bootmaker 4 Latter E, solicitor 5 Bush Samuel, bookseller 6 Heaysman William, butcher 7 Isard Edward,, tallow chandler 8 Mumford Miss Eliza, stationer 9 Tuck Edward, ironmonger
10 Humfrey William, pawnbroker 11 Prince o f Wales, Mrs L.-Jewell is Widmore Road .......... 12 & 13 Uridge Isaac, grocer 14 Strong Edward, printer & stationer 15 & 16 Uridge Isaac, china dealer 17 Humfrey William, hosier 19 Cooper Bobert, corn dealer 20 Dunn Edward, upholsterer 21 Brown Joseph, cooper 22 Doe George, bootmaker 23 Brister Mr John 24 Broad Miss, dressmaker 25 tfe 26 Crowhurst Eobt. linen draper 28 Rose & Crown, George Davison 29 Hopton J. fruiterer , 30 Duke’s Head,-.Henry E. Wren 31 Green Misses M. A . & S. fancy
. repository & ironmongers 32 Eeed Mrs 33 Alsop J. A. solicitor
Baxter George B.& Samuel & Payne, auctioneers & estate agents
Faversham A le Stores} Eobert ^ Cooper, agent i2 Literary Institute, ,G. Pamphilon ^ and W. W . Baxter, lion. secs.; § Benjamin Wood, librarian
^ London and County Bank, George Dennen, manager .
Police Station, Inspector Howe, Sergts. Tipton & Dawes
Masons H ill. £ .4,sir avbst side.
Golding Alfred, station master '
STREET DIRECTORY. 11 5 Powell & Co. coal merchants P § Cray Coal Compy. W . Stubbs agt -"2 ’*> Kent Coal Compy. R. Cooper agt.
^ Sanders & Co. coal merchants Hilton & Co. coal merchants
I Tillman J. ,, 2 Napier J. £,3 Reed J. F. umbrella maker ;§ 4 Cousins C. rc. 5 Smith George ^ 6 H illG .
7 Williams E. C. ^ 10 Sales W .
12 Lawrence G.
Railway Signal, C. Cole Walker & Holmes, upholsterers Sibery F. grocer
1 Santer T. § 2 Hatcher T. g S 3 Darnell D. g e 5 Smith S. U = 6 Griffith Pj>ivv.wi* V * 7 Googe W - . k* 8 Day Mrs. shopkeeper
Mead C. corn doaler Cook Edward Isard C. stationer Startup Elijah Amaud J. C. builder Shaw & Springett, veterinary surgeons Unstead Edward, grocer Beaman William esq. Sinclair villa Davis George Hayes Mrs Three Horse Shoes, Thos. Partridge
beer retailer & carman
J 4 Winchester T. 5 Jenner David
"S G Buck Robert a, 7 Cripps George ? 8 Deadman Samuel
O-i 9 Batchelor John 10 Emmins W . I I Bennett Henry
Vyse Henry ;
Bullen John Moore W . gardener W ingham W . builder
Head William, Gardener Jessop Mrs. Golding George, district surveyor Roberts T. esq. Enever Mrs. Atherstone cottage Nickalls C. esq. Sinclair eottage Thompson Charles esq. 11 Alma Baker Charles esq. 2 ) Villas
WfiST. EAST SIDe T" —- I t u ,
Barham H. Day Richard Boorman George, fly proprietor Railway Tavern, George W ass Knight John, farmer, New farm
Isard Mr R. Streamlet house <u Mercer S. e Isard Thomas
Griffith John Maunton J.
1 Ware Thomas 3 Bullen J. 4: Tye John ^ Tucker G. ) Isardj’s
Ladd John ) Field
Devas Mrs. South hill
King George Hurst Hugh
3 Yeates Edward tg Hampton J. W . Rose cottage § Wood William 02 Bussall Thomas. < ,
.Soames Ely, esq. Ravenscroft Tiger’s Head, George Bennett
Mooreland R oad. 1 Ralph John, grocer ’ 2 Skinner F. W . 3 Davies Charles 4 Stock George, earman 5 Rumbold W . 6 Stevens W . 7 Chalcroft F. sawyer 8 Bakewell H. fishmonger 9 Sparkes J. jun
10 Fisher 11 Hards William
BROMLEY DIRECTORY.12 12 Blake C. 13 Clark E. 15 Stevens Of. W . 16 Brett Alfred 17 Podger W . 18 Lucas F. 19 Parrott W . 20 Smith W. 21 Hull Mrs E. laundress 22 Walker W . 23 Taglow George 24 Winterson W . 26 Skinner G. 27 Ford George 28 Weatherley E. 29 Hunt R. 30 Smith John 31 Crockford C. 32 Potter J. baker 33 Leighfield Robert, greengrocer, &c 36 Sparks James 37 Humphrey Robert 38 Hodgeskins J. 39 Ransom Robert 40 Brown W . 41 Leach James 42 Soanes 43 Vinters W . 44 Draper W . 45 Brett John 46 Hart J. 47 Piper G. 48 Ashdown J. 49 Berry J. bootmaker 50 Chance Robert, dairyman 51 Bagwell William 52 Woodcock C. 53 Mase John 54 King J. 55 Hearn H. 56 Green Miss 57 Brenton A. 58 Ransom J. 59 Holloway W . B. 60 Philpot E.
Palace G rove, New Town.
WEST SIDE. Jacob Arthur, esq. Jesse John, esq. Springfield
Scott Dalton, esq. 1) Heath Block A. S. esq. 2 ) villas
Griffin E. esq. 1) Grove Vaughan T. esq. 2 j villas
M acintosh — esq. Glengyle cottage Young Miss, Rose villa
Jones M rsE. 1 ) Westboume Baker J. esq 2) villas
Boyall Mrs 14 Deeping Fenning Miss 2) villas
Patrickson J. esq. Stratheden villa Goodwin W . esq. Selsdon villa
Clear Thomas, esq 15 Couldry Thomas, esq 2 I Winkfield Rawlins on, Mrs 3 f villas Crutcher George, esq 4 J Tiddy W . esq Latter Walter, esq.R.A.M. Balchin William, esq
Beulah villas
Hewitt W . esq. Percy villa Walmisley W . M. esq. W ilton house Burrows Mrs. Chester house
EAST SIDE. Firmin. Charles esq. Ufton house Garstang Mrs. Harold house Willis William esq
Nxgdge Mrs. J. St. Edmond’s house Howlett S. B. esq. Pulham house
Cooper Mr Robert 1) Santry Calvert Rev. J. 2j Villas
Blondel A. esq 1) Home Dunstall John esq 2) Villas
Denton George esq 2, The Firs
King Mrs. 1) Florence Stanger Caleb esq 2 j Villas
P alace R oad, Bromley Common. Hadnutt Mr G. surveyor &c. Wells E. J. wood dealer, Ebenezer cot. Palace Tavern, T. Cox Yaxley David, grocer 5 1 Swatten Thomas s o 2 Cowland Lennard §* ^ 3 Rayment G. 3 '* 4 Burrows John
M cEill W . esq. l f_ Palace Hichens W . G. esq 2 j Villas
Maskell J. esq. Smith Thomas esq. Amos cottage Elliott F. gardener, Myrtle cottage Hilton John P. esq. Hermon lodge
Cook Mr William ) Weaver Kemp Mr Thomas ) villas
Hudgell Mr Edward, Brenchley cot. Milstead W . J. & H. bakers, Ashbum-
ham cottage
Locke A. & S., builders 1 > Stone Atkins James 2y Cottages
Q 1 Isard C. ^ 2 Dale J. D. X 3 Ruegg H. -J 4 Muffett F. o 5 Elliott J.
^ 6 Stone G.
Collins W . 1 Andrews J. >- Gibb’s cottages Gibbs Mrs. )
Gomer W . Elm cottage Harris S. broker, furniture dealer &c. Harris Mrs Geo., Straw bonnet maker,
Rose cottage
Clark A. 1 ) Camden Mills H. 2 ) cottages
Green Mrs. 1 "j Mullett F. 2 I Park road Bailey A. 3 ( cottages Bailey J. 4 J Thorpe W . butcher Reeves John, fishmonger Putman Miss, stationer Fisher J. grocer &c.
£ 1 Smeed Edward T. •2 2 Dunham J. ^ 3 Hart P.
4 Crockford Frederick f£J5 Shoebridge Edward
Smith Mr T. accountant, Woodbine cot
Brown Mr 1) Margaret Spooner G. bootmaker 2j cottages
1 Stubberfield R. 2 Parks A. 3 Towell G. 4 Hudd Mrs. 5 Barlow J. 6 Strange T.
£ 7 Pearce Mrs. *2 8 Constant T. greengrocer ^ 9 Selfe —
10 Jones T. -2 11 Compin Henry
12 Hills H. 13 Parks S. 14 Allen R. 15 Holden C. 16 Pearce W . 17 McKenzie D. 18 Egerton T. bootmaker 19 Muffett W . 20 Crowhiirst Robert
. 1 Ring A. | 2 Mills H. .
’jS Jf3 Allen E. baker & grocer © 4 Morris James u 5 Sweetlove T.
Darby W . mason, Emma’s cottage West Mrs. Cousins G. Chitty W . coach builder Greenaway Charles, Limes cottage Chitty C. Ash cottage Eldridge James T. plumber, Home cot Underwood Charles W hite George Mersh William, carman
EAST SIDE. Crown & Anchor, W . Wise Blackney H. farrier Bricklayer's Arms, J. Mabet Fawsitt Frederick, leather seller W ood William, greengrocer ' Churcher J. W . bootmaker, ! Office fo r Stamping Weights and [ Measures.
Banks Joseph, grocer & china dealer W ood Benjamin, pianoforte tuner W ood J. parish clerk Carrick C.
1 Bishop W . 2 Smith E.
•S3 Marshall G. ^ 4 Lopard W . § 5 Carter George
^ 6 Banks Benjamin 7 Swan J.
1 Johnson Charles 2 Pealing Thomas 3 Rush Mrs. 4 Packet Edward
|> 5 Bolton John £ 6 Penfold Charles § 7 Raison Elisha
.** 8 Nash William a 9 Taylor George
^ 1 0 Lewis James 11 Allen H 12 Marshall Mrs. 13 Johnson Reginald
Anglesea Arms, G. Budding
Middlemiss W . baker j Ilewett R. butcher I Claremont Steiert L. watchmaker f place Spackman W . grocer J Houliston William 1 ~\ . Bittle E. T. 2 I Maryland Weipert W . 3 | cottages •Carter W . 4' J '
1 Bateman H. & *5 2 .'Burch J. plumber . S gs3 Healy George § -s 4 Presland T.
^ § 5 Chatman W . 6 Dunn J. paperhanger
Holland G. .Burbridge W . Yarley J. cutler Hudd W . Stanton R. Ashley J. Ellis C. Waters P
Dunford J. Iiopkins E. plumber Adams T. White Horse, Thomas Sweetlove
£ 1 Beaben F. .« 2 Curtis C.
3 Clarke George .§ 4 Waters Mrs. N 5 Marshall H.
1 Royal Oak, George Church 2 Brister E. 3 Turner E. 4 Brown J. 5 Hawkins R. G Walker R.
g 7 Packham T. - §» 8 Sargent T. 52 9 French Mrs. «1 0 Sharman J. ~ 11 Budgen R. -S»12 Pawley R. *5,13 Hall D. S 14 Jarrod D. ” 15 Stevens R.
16 Sharp J. 17 Hodkins G. 18 Chitty T. 19 Chitty J. M archant H.
gjHughesman Mrs. 5s Wagner W . § Carpenter A.
•ia Penfold John e Monk W .
^ Simms H. 3 Roberts R. 4 Phillips John
,e 5 Procter George 6 Talbot Joseph
^ 7 Burbridge Charles © 8 Biggs James . ^ 9 Jarratt George
10 Searle Arthur
„ 1 Dye Charles &j2 Batchelor William ~ 3 Collins George § 4 Hayles Henry a 5 Kingsworth SamueL (2 6 Palmer Abraham •4?7 Pearson Robert . ^ 8 Stewart Edwin :
Park Hoad, Bromley Common. Fulham Charles, mason Mansfield Mr Reuben Allen J. horticultural builder
Sinclair Mr Robert 11 Rose West W . painter 2 J cottages
Teversham Miss Renshaw Mrs Digby John, esq. Eton cottage Clark R. Homewood cottage Harding A . T. esq. Park cottage Chirrill J. esq. Blanford cottage Jones B. builder, Alps cottage Cuthbert W . F. esq. Jura cottage Taylor J. plasterer, 1 Hope villas Austen A . esq. Fairfield villa Giles C. esq. Nutley villa
Hollis Charles, esq 1 "I Hawkhurst Pierce Mrs 2 J villas
Hadnutt G. esq. Madingley cottage Hyde Mrs. Thetford cottage Herring George M. esq. Laurel cottage
Hodges Mr Richard 2) Oak Haukohl Henry esq l j villas
g 1 Law George « 2 Adams Henry £ 3 Smith James ^ 4 Richardson M. J? 5 Hoskins Richard '§ 6 Whitehouse E. 2 7 Burley G. ^ 8 Oliver Philip &a9 Tasker James
Donham Miss 81 Gordon Bourdon Walter, esq 4 j terrace
Bensley J. Laura villa Ranson George, esq. Alma cottage
Park R oad, New Town. NORTH SIDE.
Baptist Chapel Bysouth Henry, florist ............ here is Palace Grove ............ Wadsworth Mr Joel Porter Mrs. Park view .
is 1 White Mrs ^ J 2 Allen Mrs ^ n* 3 Emmett Edward, esq R, 4 Latter Miss C.
............ here is Palace road............... Crown 8y Anchor, W . Wise Blackney Henry, farrier Herbert George, carrier
How Mr James 1 1 Thompson Miss 2 l Palace place Luckin Mrs 3 J Heaysman Mr T. Stangrove villa Sturt Misses, school, Haxted house
^ 1 Fitze William, esq 1: § 2 Button G. esq c ? £ 3 Coles Henry J. esq
4 Williams W . T. esq
Greener Jas. H. esq. Komani villa SOUTH SIDE.
1 Micklewright William, esq § 2 Fertell George, esq rS 3 LeGrand Mrs
4 Ostler Walter, esq *5 5 Marsh Sidney, esq
R, 7 Sanger Mrs 8 Smallbones C. esq
Wylde Mrs 1 ) Wycherley Sturt Miss 2) villas '
Morrison S. esq. Norland cottage Brown James, fly proprietor
1 Pilbrow Misses 1 | 2 Townsend Miss H. S 3 Radcliffe J. esq 3 ** 4 Dixon Robert, architect
1 5
Plaistow. 3 Harris John
•g1 *5 4 Dale Henry I? § 5 Mead James, coal dealer p? "S.6 Simpkins William
7 Slow Mrs. .
Cooper W . H . butcher Porter Mr. George Griffiths Richard Blackshaw Miss Elizabeth, grocer &c.
. 1 Haggerstone Mrs. | g 2 Ellis John *3 §>3 Weaklin John 5 ^ 4 Gower George g § 5 Dowling Edward S.
Bugbee Janies, esq. 2, Mead villas Bult Thos. S. esq. 1, Beckington vil Giles W . esq. 2, Springhill villas Golds Mr William, Alpha cottage
^ Grover F. esq. 1, Springhill villas -"a Hallpike C. esq. 2, Beckington villas bsHughes Loftus esq. Minie villa
Isard Mr John J^-Mallett William esq. 2, Holly villas
Muckle Mrs. Dagmar house Neall William S. esq. 1 Holly villas Rush Percy C. esq. 2, Cambridge vil Sichart George esq. 1 Cambridge vil Stevens Mr J. builder, 2, Crescent vil
S. Mary's Church Fleetwood Rev. Sir L. P. H., bart., Ros-
sall cottage
Moser Charles esq.. 1 (Nelson Philips Joseph esq. 2 J Villas
Satterthwaite Clement esq. Springhill Hollyman Mr J. farm bailiff Freeman Mr Charles Mackenzie J . esq. Plaistow lodge
Marshall William Butcher Henry Sears James Holt John Morgan Thomas Mahoney J. Weaklin John Winterman William
g Wallace David 5 Marshall John ^Russell William S Ellis Charles
Bays James (q Craker John
Burrows Edward Chelfield Henry
1 6 Marshall Thomas Russell Thomas Toner Francis Prince Frederick, John Wallis- Baker William Pocock Joseph
Shuttleworth Mrs. Plaistow hall Podger Mrs Elizabeth Gibbs William Hills Mrs Reading George Emery Mrs Charles Ardem William, dairyman Baker John Lee Joseph Pilcher William, carpenter Chance Sirs Monckton Stephen Simms John Hoskins Jeremiah Broadway William Bonathern William Kite Thomas Sinfield John Millrose Peter Norgate George Francis William P. Blackwell Pharoah Palmer Thomas Mitchell Thomas Osborn William Hart George Slow William Brook William, jun Crown, William C. Fox Crank Henry
SlIORTLAN'DS. See Beckenham.
SOUTHBOKOUGII. Chequers, William Knight Filby J. beer retailer, Crooked Billet
, Hamilton Archibald, esq. Southbarrow ' Lovibond John, esq. Turpinton farm 'Oldham Dr Henry, Blackbrook Sawtell R. farmer, Blackbrook farm
Skilleter Jeremiah, fanner _ Wells Mrs. Southborough lodge
T ylney R oad, Widmore........ BAST SIDE,
Cole Mr Edward .
1 Thompson James 2 Trundle Joseph
"a os3 Palmer Jesse "o ~ 4 Pearce Miss ^ § 5 Wells Joseph
6 Brown Joseph
Prater William Brown W . F.
1 Adams William ,3 |»2 Whittington Morris 5} £; 3 Honeyboume George
§ 4 Smith Robert
Henner T. Ellard Mrs Mary Jenner James B., plasterer Harbar Henry Stahmer E. tailor
Beacham — 1) Nightingale Adams Henry 2) cottages
EAST SIDE. Hartnall Henry 1) Fern Browning William 2) cottages
Harper & Spooner, builders Sperring & Cole, plumbers, &c Nunn Walter, builder
^ 2 Hills Thomas, o u 3 Eblen Charles
S 4 Monckton Stephen S | 5 Hunt James
6 Burbridge William
Bulleid A. builder Jeary Joseph Weller Charles T. Taylor Alexander Jones George Somerset Benjamin
W esteeham Road, Bromley Common Rawson Rev Arthur, m.a . Parsonage Pigott Edmund, corn dealer Peacock William Whiffin Mrs
Green Mrs Gregory J. Darby Mrs White Miss Harvey Thomas Thompson1 Henry Obee William Pocknall Thomas Brown David Doyle Thomas Dodd Isaac Pawley Joseph Nicholls Mrs Boakes Edward Thame Henry J. W ood Mrs Goodwin George Belfield Thomas, jun Belfield Thomas, sen Parsons Matthew Twiton Mrs Lewington James Two Doves, Alfred Penfold Drake Samuel Jackson Albert, bootmaker Israel Alfred J. Holiday George Wilson Mr R. The Cottage Neighbour William Woodhouse Mr George, Point house „
A/ _f.\ , ^W idhore”'Road. '
WEST SIDE. Nash William, dining rooms Willmot I. fruiterer Grubb William, builder Britten John, chemist Dunstall John, baker Blundell Thomas, fishmonger Cooper George, esq. Widmore house is Bark Road ............
13 Wheeler Miss, ladies’ school 12 Bailey E. H. esq ' 11 Adams George, esq 10 Howes Capt. John, Monkswell ho
:§ 9 Savill John, esq s> 8 Hayes Dr. dentist S 7 May William E. esq •2 6 Gould Edward, e.sq
5 White J. esq 4 Ross Anthony, esq 3 Winthrop Edward, esq 2 Ilott Dr. 1 Law Francis H. esq
I Brent Cecil, esq ^ 2 Cowtan Mrs. ladies’ school
| 3 Sparrowhawk Mr Bichard s •"§ 4 Stidolph John, esq
Q 5 Alsop J. A. esq. Denmark house 6 Kirkman Wm. D. esq
Boheson Bichard, esq. 2 ) Eochester Bennett J. esq l j villas
Anderson John B. esq. Dunbar villa Adams W . J. esq Stocken W m . esq. Kendal lodge Lord H. esq. Keston villa
% .1 Savory Mrs ^ 2 Whitley C. esq R, 3 Musson Thomas, esq £ 4 Hellicar Eev A . G. m.a .
5 Green J. G esq 6 Pettitt Thomas, esq
§ 7 Brown F. esq 8 Mitchell Eobert, esq is Freelands Road ........ Holworthy Joseph M. esq. Elsworth ho Horwood M. esq. Chatham house . Jones Dr A . 0 . Grange house.
Hooper A. D. esq 1) Beechfield Dove J. esq 2 j ' villas
Bicknell Edgar, esq. Parkside W ogan Kendall, esq. Lewes house Verrall Bev George .
Pointer B. 1 1 Crowhurst Geo. 2 I White Horse Eose George 3 [ cottages Cooper Mrs 4 J Payne George, esq. Widmore cottage Baxter G. B. esq. Euxley house Plumbridge J. esq. Claremont house Bance T. G. esq. Clifton house Hankey J. A. esq Charlesworth F. esq
RAST SIDE. Carreck W . N. stationer & bird stuffer How Brothers, watchmakers Ingles Miss, ladies’ school Hatfield Mr A. Townsend Mrs Sarah Harvey Mrs
Compasses, J ohn Ellis Lukey Mrs Latter Bobinson, esq Congregational Chapel Nash i l r John ^ Pryce Francis H^esq Acton S. P^jestjTLynton house Talmaji^Major $ Buty'J. H. esq. Parkfield Child Coles, esq. The Palace Maynard John, farm bailiff Henchman John, esq. Crosborough ho Billinghurst Henry, esq. Hundalee Garle J. esq V c » t - ( -l Davis Thomas, esq. Birkenfeld Scrutton James, esq. Belcaire Dalton J. esq. Beechfield
WlDMOKE. 1 Osborn G.
^ 2 Dauris John, gardener •S 3 Downe J. g 4 Potter John
5 Furr Mrs * 6 Wells S.
7 Lawson J. S 8 Eoberts J. ft) 9 M ogg G.
10 Harper T. jun
Staff Mrs. Widmore farm Ewins Bichard Green William
Craker Bichard 1 ] Huxley George 2 I Oak Dennis Charles 3 f cottages i Maseley — 4 J
The OaJc, Thomas Handford Widmore Brick & Tile Works, John
Browning, agent • Willson Mrs. farrier Harbar Miss Eman W . fishmonger Blundell W. fruiterer
1 Pack W . 2 Faircloth D. 3 Parsons J. 4 Miller J,
5 Cronk C. 5 G Lambkin Thomas o ' 7 Wiles S. § 8 Mont W . £ 9 Hall T.
'is 10 Everest J. 11 Tye A. F.
Cj 12 Hall William g UPPKK STORY.
5 1 Warran James ^ 2 Harbar John
3 Barnes Alfred 4 Wiles John 5 Muggleton H. 6 Browning John, grocer
Telford Charles, esq. Widmore lodge Ellis Miss Bird in Hand, George Wiles Telford Miss, Widmore house Yeatman M. esq. Shawfield Fisk John, esq. Redlands
Tasker H. Waite Mrs
Holgate Mrs Spooner John Laslett S. Trower R. Tapsell J.
s Humerson J. S Craker Misses, dressmakers
(5 Craker W . ^ Boakes W . S Gammon W . ,3 Carter Mrs
Wesleyan Chapel ^ Smith W .
Hentry H. Risbridger J. Wise John Trower James Sargent T.
C O M M E R C I A L D I R E C T O R Y . Adams Charles, builder, Adam square, Bromley common Allbon Henry, draper, Freelands road Allen Edward, baker and grocer, Palace road, New Town Allen J. horticultural builder, Park road, Bromley common Alsop J. A. solicitor, 33 Market square Amner William, baker, Tylney road, Widmore Ardem William J. dairyman & coal merchant, Plaistow Arnaud John C. builder, Masons hill Ashby Mrs E. dressmaker, 5 Church cottages, Church road Atkins George, Farwig Arms, Farwig Ayling & Son, bootmakers, High street Ayling W . T. oilman, &c. High street
Bakcwell H. fishmonger, 8 Mooreland road, Farwig Banks Joseph, grocer and china dealer, Palace road, New Town Baptist Chapel, Park road, New Town Barber W . stationer, Tylney road, Widmore Bateman William, plumber, High street Battersbee George, ironmonger, High street Baxter George B. & S., & Payne, auctioneers, Town hall Baxter William Walmisley, chemist, Stamp Office, High street Bayman Charles, hairdresser &c, High street Bean Frederick, grocer, High street Beeham E. Church cottage, Church road Berry John, bootmaker, Farwig Bennett George, Tiger's Head, Masons hill
Betts Thomas plasterer, Salubrious range, London road Black Alexander, Sundridge park farm, Plaistow Blackney Henry, smith and farrier, Palace road, New Town Blackshaw Miss Elizabeth, fancy repository, Farwig Blundell Thomas, fishmonger, Widmore road Blundell Walter T. fruiterer, Widmore Boorman George, fly proprietor, High street & Masons hill Bowes Misses, dressmakers, Gravel road Brazier H. Bell Tap, High street Britten John, chemist, Widmore road Broad Miss Ann, dressmaker, 24 Market square Bromley Congregational Chapel, Widmore road Bromley Gas Company, George H. Osborn, secretary & manager,
Brick-kiln lane Bromley Literary Institute, Town hall Bromley Record Office, 14 Market square Brown David, tailor, Westerham road, Bromley common Brown James, fly proprietor, Park road, New Town Brown Joseph, cooper, 21 Market square Browning Charles & Son, greengrocers & pork butchers, High st Browning John, grocer, Widmore Budding George, Anglesea Arms, Palace road, New Town Bulleid A. builder, Tylney road, Widmore Burch J. plumber, 2 Ebenezer cottages, Palace road, New Town Burgess Mrs Elizabeth, milliner, Alexandra house, High street Burgess Joseph, bootmaker, High street Burgess William, bootmaker, High street Burgess William, fancy repository, High street Burton Bobert Barber, tailor, High street Bush Samuel, bookseller, 5 Market square Bysouth Henry, florist, Park road, New Town
Carpenter James Summers, upholsterer, High street Carpenter Henry, sign painter and decorator, Farwig : Carreck W . N. bird stuffer, Widmore road Carter Thomas, builder, Chatterton road, Bromley common Chalcroft Misses M. A. & S. milliners, High street Chalcroft F. sawyer, 7 Mooreland road Chance Bobert, dairyman, 50 Mooreland road Chattell William F. m .k .c .v .s ., veterinary surgeon, High street Chitty W . coach builder, Palace road, New Town Church o f St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s, Church road Church G. Royal Oak, Palace road, New Town Church William, Freelands Tavern, Freelands road 1 Church William, builder, Gravel road, Biomley common Churcher James William, boot maker, Palace road, New Town Clement Charles, greengrocer, Farwig Cole Charles, Railway Signal, Masons hill Constant Thomas, greengrocer, 10 Adelaide place, New Town Coombs Henry, Beech, Tree, London road Cooper H. G. butcher, Farwig Cooper Bobert, com and coal merchant, 19 Market square Cooper William Henry, draper, High street Cooper William, tailor, High street
21 County Court, Town hall Courts & Co. bakers, 1 Market square Covell James G-. butcher, High street Cowie James, farmer, Model farm, Plaistow Cowtan Mrs Kate, ladies’ school, 2 Denmark villas,Widmore road Cox T. Palace Tavern, Palace road, Bromley common Craker Misses A. & C. dressmakers, Widmore Cray Coal Company limited, W . Stubbs, agent, Railway station Critchlow James, grocer, High street Crowhurst Robert, linen draper, 26 & 27 Market square
Darby W . stone mason, Emmas cottage, Palace road, New Town Dauris John, gardener, 2 Beechfield cottages, Widmore Davison George, Rose & Crown, High street, and Market square Day Mrs. shopkeeper, Masons hill Dodd Isaac, grocer, Bromley common Doe George, bootmaker, 22 Market square Dowden G. Swan & Mitre, High street Draper William, wheelwright, Bromley common Dunn Edward, upholsterer, 20 Market square Dunn J. & E. upholsterers, High street Dunn John, paperhanger, &c. 6 Ebenezer cottages, New Town Dunstall John, baker, Widmore road Durling W . butcher, Bromley common
Eaton Christopher, butcher, High street Egerton T. bootmaker, 18 Adelaide place, Palace road, New Town Eldridge James, plumber, Home cottage, New Town Elliott F. gardener, Palace road, Bromley common Elliott Richard W . basket maker, Gravel road, Bromley common Ellis Alfred, butcher, High street Ellis John T. Three Compasses, Widmore road Ellis Septimus, school, The Limes, Freelands road Eman William, fishmonger, Widmore Etherington James, baker, Royal Parade, Freelands road
Fawsitt F . leather seller, Palace road, New Town Ferris Robert, saddler, High street Ferris S. pork butcher, High street Filby & Sons, hair dressers, 2 College place, High street Filby John, Crooked Billet, Southborough Fisher Jonathan, grocer, &c. Palace road, New Town Fox William Clark, Crown, Plaistow Freeman Miss Elizabeth, fruiterer, 2 Market square Fullarton Mrs. straw bonnet maker, High street
Gearing William, fruit grower, Skim comer, Bromley common Gentry C. baker, Adelaide place, Palace road, New Town Gill George, builder, Bromley common Giles & Co. grocers, Royal Parade, Freelands road Godley Thomas, dust contractor, Earwig Golding George, district surveyor of highways, Masons hill Golding Alfred, station master, Bromley railway station Golding Wm, general dealer, Hooker’s place, High street
Golds George, Writer and grainer, High street Gomer & Son, dairymen, High street Gordon Charles William, watchmaker, High street Goodacre S. publican & builder, Carpenter's A rms, Brick-kiln lane Gould Edward, homoeopathic chemist, High street Green Misses Mary Ann & Sarah, ironmongers and fancy reposi­
tory, 31 Market square and High street Greenbrook William, tailor, Farwig Grubb William, builder, Widmore road
Hadden John, Rising Sun, High street Hadnutt George, surveyor, &c. Palace road, Bromley common Hall John, tallow chandler, High street Hammond George, plumber, &c. John’s terrace, Freelands road Hammond William P. builder, Freelands road Handford Thomas, The Oak, Widmore Harman Robert Vine, music seller, High street Harper & Spooner, builders, Tylney road, Widmore Harris Mrs George, straw bonnet maker, Rose cottage, New Town Harris Henry, shopkeeper, Five Bells, Bromley common Harris Stephen, broker, furniture dealer,&c. Palace road, New Town Hayes Dr. dentist, 8 Palace villas, Widmore road Heaysman Thomas, jun. builder, Park road, New Town Heaysman William, butcher, 6 Market square Herbert George, carrier, Park road, New Town Hewett Robert, butcher, Palace road, New Town Hilton J. P. & Co. coal merchants. Railway station Hinchliffe David, mason, High street & Widmore road Hodges William, hair dresser, High street Hopkins E. plumber &c. Palace road, New Town Hopton J. fruiterer, 29 Market square How Brothers, watchmakers, Widmore road Howard James, smith & farrier, Greyhound yard, High street Hughes & Willey, surgeons, High street Humfrey W . pawnbroker & general outfitter, 10&17, Market square Humphries John, Star & Garter, High street Hunt Henry, grocer, London road Hunter James Ker, coach builder, London road
Hott Edward, m.d., surgeon, 2 Palace villas, Widmorc road Ilott James William, surgeon, High street Ingles Miss, ladies’ school, Widmore road Ingles William Henry, saddler, High street Isard Cornelius, toy shop, Masons hill Isard Edward, tallow chandler, 7 Market square Isard Richard, butcher, Mason’s hill
Jackson Albert, bootmaker, Bromley common Jackson Albert, bootmaker, Westerham road, Bromley common Jackson George, grocer, Bromley common Jenkins Henry William, shopkeeper & postmaster, Bromley coin Jenner James Bird, plasterer, Tylney road, Widmore Jessup Mrs Sarah, dressmaker, High street Jewell Mrs L. Prince o f Wales, 11 Market square
Johnson James, poulterer, High street Jones Alfred 0 . m.d., physician, Grange house, Widmore road Jones B. builder, Alps cottage, Palace road, Bromley common
Keer Manning, haberdasher, &c. High street Kent Coal Company, E. Cooper, agent, Bromley Eailway Station Kent D ye Works, Browning & Son, Widmore King Edmund, blacksmith, Farwig Either George, dairyman, Freelands grove, New Town Knight John, farmer, New farm, Masons hill Knight William, Chequers, Southborough Knatt James, painter & decorator, Bromley common
Lambert E. Crown, Bromley common Lansbury Thomas, Hook farm, Bromley common Latter Kobinson, solicitor, 4 Market square Latter Walter, b .a.m., professor of music, 1, Beulah villas, Palace
grove, New Town Layfield Miss, stationer, &c. College place, High street Leach Henry, grocer, High street Leggatt J. D. tea dealer, &c. High street Leighfield — greengrocer, 33 Mooreland road Letts Henry, gardener, Adam square, Bromley common Lock Arthur, builder, Palace road, New Town London & Cmmty Bank, Town hall Lownds William, White Hart Hotel, High street Lowrance John William, marine stores, High street Lowther Mrs Sarah, shopkeeper, High street
Mabet J. Bricklayer's Arms, Park road, New Town Mansfield Thomas, farmer, Bromley common Marsh T. grocer, Farwig Mason's Hill Sunday School, Palace road, Bromley common Mathews Eobert, f .r .c .s ., surgeon, Bickley Maydon George, linen draper, High street Maynard John, farm bailiff, Widmore road McLean John, florist, Bromley common McLean Eobert, florist, Gravel road, Bromley common Mead C. com dealer, Masons hill Mead James, coal & wood dealer, Plaistow Melville H. T. photographer, High street Mersh William, carman, Palace road, New Town Middlemiss William, baker, Palace road, New Town Milstead Joseph, builder, High street Milstead J. & H. bakers, Palace road, Bromley common Milstead Walter, carman, Gravel Pits, Mason’s Hill Mitchell Bichard, Sawyer’s Arms, Bromley common Mitchell William, clothier, High street Moore W . gardener, Mason’s Hill Morley Thomas, Bromley academy, High street Mowat James, tailor, High street Mowat John A. bootmaker, 3 Market square Muffett Charles, builder, High street Mumford Miss Eliza, stationer, 8 Market square
Mundy Edwin, linen draper, High street
Nash William, dining rooms, Widmore road Nash John, linen draper, H igh street Nash & Milstead, stationers, &c. High street Nesbitt James, bootmaker, High street Nettlefold John, auctioneer & upholsterer, High street Newell Anthony, Laurel, London road Newman Miss F. dressmaker, Alps cot. Palace road, Bromley com Newman Charles, tax collector, Earwig Nicholls Samuel, baker, White Mart Tap, High street Nunn Walter, builder, Tylney road, Widmore
Oclee Edgar A. Watchmaker, High street Oliver Percy, bootmaker, High street
Pamphilon George, wine merchant, High street Parry Thomas, leather seller, H igh street Parsons William, bricklayer, Gravel road, Bromley common Partridge T. carman & beer retailer, Horse Shoes, Masons hill Pascall Joseph, brickmaker & potter, Brick-kiln lane Pawley William, fanner, Cooper’s farm, Bromley common Pawley William, jun. brewer, Bromley common Payne & Balding, builders, H igh street Payne Charles, greengrocer, High street Peill E. carman, Bromley common Penfold Alfred, Two Doves, Westerham road, Bromley common Philpot Mrs. staymaker, Earwig Piggott Edmund, com dealer, &c. Westerham road, Bromley com Pilcher William, carpenter, Plaistow Podger Henry, laundry, Brick-kiln lane Police Stat'on, Town Hall Potter J. baker, 32 Mooreland road Powell & Co. coal merchants, coal depot, Bromley Railway station Pratt W . refreshment rooms, High street " Pritchard, Miss Matilda, dressmaker, London road Pulham Charles, mason, Bromley common Putman Miss, stationer, Palace road, New Town
Ralph John, grocer, 1 Mooreland road, Farwig Ralph & Muffett, builders &c., London road Reeves James, fishmonger, Palace road, New Town Rounds W . grocer, Freelands road Rowland Thomas, laundry, Earwig Rumph J. plasterer, Henry street,.Freelands road Rumph Samuel, plasterer, Johnson road, Bromley common Russell James, carrier, High street
Sanders I. Greyhound, High street Sanders & Co. coal merchants, High street Sanger Misses Esther & Sophia, dressmakers, High street Santer Robert, gardener, Adam square, Bromley common Satchell Thomas, plumber, High street Sawtell Richard, farmer, Blackbrook farm, Southborough
25 Sayers Thomas, farm bailiff, Bromley common Scholey E. Forester, High street _ _ Shaw & Springett, vererinaiy surgeons, High street & Masons hill Sheppard William, turner, Whitegate cottage, Bromley common Shillcock Joseph Bradley, chemist, Post Office, High street Shonfeld Thomas, greengrocer, High street Shorter William, farmer, Skim corner, Bromley common Sibery F. grocer, Mason’s hill Simmons W . tailor, Royal parade, Freelands road Skilleter Jeremy, farmer, Southborough - - Smith Alfred, plumber, High street Smith Mrs Jane, coffee rooms, High street Smith James G. cattle salesman, Bromley common Smith Thomas jun. carpenter and beer retailer, Bird-in-Hand,
Gravel road, Brcmley common Smith Thomas, commercial academy, Palace, road, New Town Smith William, carpenter, Gravel road, Bromley common Southgate Abraham, Royal Oak, Farwig Spackman Willliam, Palace road, New Town Sperring & Cole, plumbers, gasffitters, fyc., Tylneyroad, Widmore Spooner George, bootmaker, Palace road, New Town Spooner William, bootmaker, High street, Stahmer E. tailor, Tvlney road, Widmore Steele James, die sinker, &c., High street Stevens J. horticurtural builder, 2, Crescent Villas, Plaistow Stidolph William, florist, College slip, High street Steiert Leopold, watchmaker, Palace road, New Town Stock Geoge, coal merchant & carman, 4, Mooreland road Storer George, confectioner, High street Strong Edward, printer & stationer, 14 Market Square Stubbs William, com & coal merchant, High street Sturt Misses ladies’ school, Haxted lodge Park road New Town Sutton William, Bell Hotel, High street Sweeting George, plumber, High street Sweetlove Thomas, White Horse, Palace road, New Town
Taylor J. ornamental plasterer & scagliotist, 1 Hope villas, Park road, Bromley common
Thorpe Walter, butcher, Palace road, New Town Tuck Edward, ironmonger & gas fitter, 9, Market square Turner Henry, butcher, Tylney road, Widmore Turner William, smith & farrier, Bromley common
Unstead Edward, grocer, Perseverance house, Mason’s hill Uridge Isaac, grocer & china dealer, 12,13, 15 & 16 Market square
Vanderpant H. C. dentist, Alexandra house, High street Varley John, cutler, Palace road, New Town Verrall James, stationer, High street
Walker & Holmes, upholsterers, Mason’s hill Wallis John, Prince Frederick, Hollowbottom, Plaistow Walters James Birch, ironmonger, High street Walters Miss L. D. stationer, Church road
Wass George, Railway Tavern, Mason’s hill Weeks George, ironmonger, High street Wells E. J. wood dealer, Palace road, Bromley common Wells Joseph, china & glass dealer, High street Wells Thomas, grocer, High street Wells George W . grocer, College place, High street Wesleyan Chapel, High street West G. painter, Rose cottage, Park road, Bromley common West William, surveyor, Bickley Westbrook J. B. whitesmith, Farwig Wheatley Mrs Elizabeth, day school, College place, High street Wheeler Miss Sophia, ladies’ school, Cromwell house, Bromley com­
mon ; 13 Palace villas, Widmore road: and 6 Broomfield, Free­ lands road
White Hart Assembly Room, High street White William, baker, High street Whitehead James, beer retailer, Bricklayer's Arms, Bromley com Widmore Brick and Tile Works, John Browning, agent Wiles G. Bird-in-Hand, Widmore Willmot I. greengrocer, Widmore road Willson Mrs Elizabeth, farrier. Widmore Wilson Robert, relieving officer, The Cottage, Westerham road Winchester William, gardener, Bromley common Wingham William, builder, Broomlay cottage, Mason’s hill Wise William, Crown & Anchor, Park road, New Town W ood Benjamin, piano tuner, Palace road, New Town W ood Jabez, parish clerk, Palace road, New Town W ood & Son, bakers, Farwig W ood William Selby, ramoneur, contractor and patentee, Belmont
Freelands road W ood William, greengrocer, Palace road, New Town Woodall William, fishmonger, High street ' Woolnough J. A. The Plough, Bromley common Workmen s Institute, Widmore Wren Henry E. Duke's Head, High street and Market square
Yaxley David, grocer, Palace road, Bromley common • Yeldom H. J. bird stuffer, London road Young Men's Mutual Improvement Society, 8, Market square
Adams G. esq. 11 Palace villas, W id­ more road
Adams W . J. esq. Buller’s wood, Bickley Adams W . J. esq. Widmore road Alcock Joseph, esq. 2 Beech villas,
London road Alexander E. H. esq, The Farrants,
Bickley park Allcard G. esq. South bank, Bickley Allen Edward, esq. 2 Rhodes villas,
Bromley common Allen Mrs G. 2 Park road villas, Park
road, New Town Allfree Miss, 5 Sheppard’s college Alsop J. A. esq. Brunswick house,
High road Alston James B. esq. Fairfield, Bickley Anderson J. esq. Dunbar villa, W id­
more road Archibald Thomas D. esq. Inglewood,
Bickley Atkinson Mrs. 34 Bromley college Austin A. esq. Fairfield villa, Park
road, Bromley common Austin Miss, 1 Thorn vil. Freelands rd. Austin W . H. esq. Crofton Idg. Bickley
Baddeley S. esq. 2 Freelands road Bailey E. H. esq. 12 Palace villas, W id­
more road Baker C. esq. 2 Alma vil. Masons hill Baker J. esq. 2 Westboume villas, Pal- • * ace grove, New Town Balchin William, esq. Beulah villas,
Palace grove, New Town Balfour Mrs. 2 Bromley college Balfour H. esq. The Hollies, Becken­
ham lane Barlow William F. esq. Sandfield,
Bickley Barrett Eev A. Palace grove, New Tn Barrett W . esq. The Hollies, Bromley c Barry C. esq. Elmfield, Bromley comn. Bath Miss, High street Batten Isaac, esq. Berryfield, Bickley Batten James, esq. Highfield, Bickley Baxter Miss, High street Baxter George B. esq. Ruxley house,
Widmore road Baxter Samuel, esq. 2 Laurel villas,
Bromley common
R E S I D E N T S . Beaman William, esq. Sinclair villa,
Masons hill Beeby Dr. 3 Church ter. Church road Bennett A. esq. 1 Medina villas, Lon­
don road Bennett J. esq. 1 Rochester villas,Wid­
more road Bennett W . T. esq. 2 Medina villas,
London road Bentham C. esq. 2 Broomfield, Free­
lands road Bernard N. esq. 4 Elizabeth vil. Bickley Bevington S. esq.The Elms, Bickley pk Bicknell E. esq. Parkside, Widmore rd Bilke E. esq. Mill lane, Church road Billinghurst H. esq. Hundalee, W id­
more road Bittle Mr E. T. 2 Maryland cottages,
Palace road, New Town Black A. esq. Sundridge park farm,
Plaistow Block A. S. esq. 2 Heath villas, Palace
grove, New Town Blondel A . esq. 1 Home villas, Palace
grove, New Town Booth S. esq. Effingham lodge, Bick­
ley park Boosey C. esq. The Pines, Bickley park Bouch J. esq. Sunny side, Bickley park Boulton T. esq. The Firs, Bickley park Bourdon Walter, esq. 4 Gordon ter­
race, Park road, Bromley common Boyall Mrs. 1 Deeping villas, Palace
grove, New Town Boys Thomas, esq. 8 Holmesdale place,
Brick-kiln lane Brandt Robt. esq. The Laurels, Bickley Brent C. esq. 1 Denmark villas, W id­
more road Brewer P. C, esq. 3 Broomfield, Free­
lands road Bridgewater J. esq. Llandrinio house,
Bickley Brind F. esq. Bickley Brooksbank Wm. esq. Gleave Knole,
Beckenham lane Brown F. esq. 7 Rochester place, W id­
more road Browne James W. esq. Frascati, Brom­
ley common Browne Rev. Robert, 5, Elizabeth villas,
Bickley Bugbee J. esq. 2 Mead villas, Plaistow
Bryant Miss, 1 Gothic cottages, Brom­ ley common
Balt T. esq. 1 Beckington vil. Plaistow Burmester A. esq. Lansdown house,
Bromley common Burrows Mrs. Chester house, Palace
grove, New Town Buty J. H. esq. Parkfield, Widmore rd Button 2 Park grove, New Town
Calvert Eev. J. 2 Santry villas, Palace grove, New Town _
Carter Miss, BeechwoodJ Bromley cmn Chambers G. esq. Gordon ldg. Bickley Charlesworth F. esq. Widmore hill Chattell Mr Wm. F. Lyncourt villa,
Bromley common Cherrill Mr J. Blanford cottage,] Park
road, Bromley common Child Coles, esq. j.p. The Palace Chubb H. esq. Home lea, Bickley Clarke Miss, Westfield,'London road Clarke John Irwin, esq. 4 Fairlawn
villas, Bromley common Clavell Capt John, k.n., Campville,
Bickley park Clear Thomas, esq. 1 Winkfield villas,
Palace grove, New Town Cleaveland Mrs. 3 Fairlawn villas,
Bromley common Coles H. esq. 3 Park grove, New Town Cook Mr. William, Weaver villas,
Palace road, Bromley common Cooper G. esq. Widmore house, W id­
more road Cooper Mr Bobt. 1 Santry villas, Palace
grove, New Town Cornish W . esq. The Elms, Bromley c Couldery Thomas, esq. 2 Winkfield
villas, Palace grove, New Town Court J. C. esq. Lodore, Bromley cmn Crause Capt. Skim corner, Bromley cmn Crutcher George, esq. 4 Winkfield
villas, Palace grove, New Town Curwen Bobert, esq. Birkby house,
Bickley park Cuthbert W . F. esq. Jura cottage,
Park road, Bromley common
Dalton J. esq. Beechfield, Widmore rd. Davey S. esq. 2 Kemsing terrace, Free­
lands road Davis The Misses, 3 Bexley villas, Free­
lands road
more road Denton G. esq. 2 The Firs, Palace
grove, New Town Devas Mrs. South hill, Masons hill Devas Charles F. esq. Bromley lodge Dewey T. E. esq. Freelands grove Dickinson W . esq. Vernon villa, Brom­
ley common Digby John, esq. Eton cottage, Park
road, Bromley common Dixon Mrs. 36 Bromley college . Dixon Misses, Nymans, Bickley Dixon B. esq. 4 Lavender villas, Park
road, New Town Donham Miss, 8 Gordon terrace, Park
road, Bromley common Dove J. esq. 2 Beechfield villas, W id­
more road ' Duncan Mrs. The Knoll, Page heath,
New Town Dunn Mrs. 15 Bromley college Dunstall Mr J. 2 Home villas, Palace
grove, New Town Dwyer Mrs. 32 Bromley cottage
Easto Bellevue, Bromley cmn Eaton Mr C. 4 Church ter. Church rd. Edmunds W . esq. Freelands villas,
Freelands road Edwards C. esq. Newton ho. Bickley Edwards Capt. William Gamul, Wes-
terham road- Bromley common Ellis Miss, Widmore Emmett E. esq. 3 Park road villas,
Park road, New Town Erskine Mrs H. T. Elm lodge, Bickley Evener Mrs. Atherstone cottage, Ma­
sons hill
Farr Wm. esq. m.d., f.r.s., Southlands Bickley
Farwig Mrs. Osborne vil. Bromley cmn Fennell Mrs. 29 Bromley college Fenning Miss, 2 Deeping villas, Palace
grove, New Town ' ' Fertel G. F. esq. 2 Park villas, Park
road, New Town Field B. esq. Kingsdown cot. Bromley c Filby Mr. Edmund, High street Firmin C. esq. Ufton house, Palace
grove, New Town Fisk John, esq. Bedlands, Widmore Fitze Mr W . 1 Park grove, New Town
Fleetwood Rev. Sir P. L. H. Rossall cottage, Plaistow
Forbes N.McV., esq. Elmwood, Bickley Forbes F. A. esq. Bromley common Forbes G. esq. Thornton ho. Bickley FoskettMrs. Southlands grove, Bickley Foster M. esq. m.d. Page heath, Bickley Freeman Mr Charles, Plaistow French Rev. — Bromley college
Garle J. esq. Widmore road Garstang Mrs. Harold house, Palace
grove, New Town Gayton Miss, 4 Sheppards college Gedge Mrs. J. St. Edmunds house, Pal­
ace grove, New Town Gedge E. F. esq. 1 Broomfield, Free­
lands road . Gibbs G. esq. Nutwood, Bickley park Giles C. esq. Nutley villa, Park road,
Bromley common . Giles W. esq. 2 Springhill vil. Plaistow Gillbanks, Bickley Goggs James, esq. 5 Holmesdale place,
Brick-kiln lane Goodwin W . esq. Selsdon villa, Palace
grove, New Town Gould E. esq. 6 Palace villas, W id­
more road . Golds Mr W . Alpha cottage, Plaistow Green James, esq. Log’s hill, Bickley Green J. G.' esq. 5 Rochester place,
Widmore road Greener James H. esq. Komani villa,
Park road, New Town Greenlaw Mrs. 19 Bromley college Greenstreet Edward, esq. Rose villa,
Bromley common Greenside Mrs. 14 Bromley college Griffith Mrs. 38 Bromley college Griffin E. esq. 1 Grove villas, Palace
grove, New Town Grover F. esq. 1 Springhill villas,
Hadnutt Mr G. Madingley cottage, Park road, Bromley common, Bickley pk Halford W . J. esq. St Helier’s, Brom­
ley common Hall J. esq. Woodlands, London road Hallpike C. esq. 2 Beckington villas,
Plaistow Hamilton A. esq. Southbarrow, Bickley
Hamilton Robert, esq. North bank, Elmstead lane, Bickley
Hanbury W . G. esq. Ewell house, Bromley common
Hankey J. A. esq. Widmore hill Harding M r A. T. Park cottage, Park
road, Bromley common Harradine Mr Joseph, High street Harris Mrs. The Hollies, Bromley cmn Harris Wm. J. esq. Merlewood, Bickley Hastings G. esq. Holne lodge, Bickley Haukohl Henry, esq. 1 Oak vil. Park
road, Bromley common Hayes Dr. 8 Palace vil. Widmore road Heaysman Mr Thos. Stangrove villa,
Park road, New Town Hellicar Rev. Arthur Gresley, M.A., 4
Rochester place, Widmore road Henchman J. esq. Crosborpugh house,
Widmore road Herring G. M. esq. Laurel cottage,
Park road, Bromley, common Hewetson H. esq. Heath bank, Page
heath, Brick-kiln lane Hewett W . esq. Percy villa, Palace
grove, New Town Hichins W . G. esq. 2 , Palace villas,.
Palace road, Bromley common Hilton Mr John P. Hennon lodge,
Palace road, Bromley common Hillyer W . T. esq. Page heath, Bickley. Hocker C. R. esq. St. Aubyns, Brom­
ley common . , Hodder M. H. esq. 6 Holmesdale place,
Brick-kiln lane Hodges Mr R. 2 Oak villas, Palace
road, Bromley common Hollis Charles, esq. 1 Hawkhurst vil.
Park road, Bromley common Holt Nathaniel J. W . esq. Walsham
cottage, Bromley common Hoi worthy Joseph Matthew, esq. Els-
worth house, W idmore road Hooper A. D. esq. 1 Beechfield villas,
Widmore road Hopkins Mrs. 27 Bromley college Hopkins Mrs G. A. 25 Bromley college. Horwood Matthew, esq. Chatham
house, Widmore road How Mr. J. 1 Palace place, Park road, Howes Capt J. b.n. Monks W ell house,
10 Palace villas, Widmore road Howlett S. esq. Pulham house, Palace
grove, New Town
Hoyer C. E. esq. 2 Ada villas, Free­ lands road
Hudgell Mr. Edward, Brenchley cot­ tage, Palace road, Bromley common
Hughes H. S. esq. Tweed cot. High st Hughes L. esq. Minie villa, Plaistow Hunt Mrs. 2 Gothic cottages, Bromley
common Hunter W . esq. Cheriton villa, Brom­
ley common Hurlbatt 1 Elizabeth vil. Bickley Hyde Mrs. Thetford cottage, Park
road, Bromley common
Hott Dr. 2 Palace villas,Widmore road Hott James William, esq. High street Innous Mr. John, High street Isard Mr John, Plaistow Isard Mr. B. Streamlet house, Stream­
let place, Mason’s hill Ives — esq. 3 Oak villas, Park road,
Bromley common
Jacob Mr Arthur, 1 Springfield, Palace grove, New Town
Jadis Mrs. 31 Bromley college James J. esq. 2 Holmesdale place,
Brick- kiln lane James Wm. esq. Woodbine cottage,
Bromley common Jeffery Miss, Kelsey cot. Bromley cmn. Jennings B. W. esq. Bickley Jesse J. esq. 2 Springfield, Palace
grove, New Town Johnson Goswell, esq. Bellevue house
Bromley common Johnson W . esq. 1 Holmesdale place,
Brick-kiln lane J ohnston Joseph,esq. 1 Kemsing terrace,
Freelands road Jones Mrs.E. 1 Westbourne vil, Palace
grove, New Town Jones Mrs Howell, 30 Bromley college Jones Miss, 1 Sheppards college Jones A. 0 . esq. M.D., Grange house,
Widmore road Joyce G.F. esq. 1 Church ter. Church rd
King Mrs. 1 Florence villas, Palace grove, New Town
Kirkman W . D. esq. 6 Denmark villas, Widmore road
Kitson H. esq. 1 Freelands road Kynaston John, esq. Bickley
30 Kynaston W . esq. Powis lodge, Bickley
Laidlaw Mr A. W . Bedford cottage, Bromley common
Lambley G. esq. 2 Thom villas, Free­ lands road
Latter Miss C. 4 Park road villas, Park road, New Town
Latter Misses, 1 Salubrious range, London road
Latter Pixfield, Beckenham la Latter Bobinson, esq. Widmore road Latter Walter, esq. h a .m ., 1 Beulah
villas, Palace grove, New Town Law F. H. esq. 1 Palace villas, W id­
more road Layton The Knoll,Bickley pk Leatherdale John, esq. Bedwood ho.
High street Lee Mrs. London road Lee J. E. esq. 6 Fairlawn vil. Bromley c LeGrand Mrs. 3 Park villas, Park
road, New Town Letts T. A. esq. Holly cot. London rd. Llewellyn Bev Alfred, Palace grove,
New Town Lock B. esq. 3 Elizabeth vil. Bickley Loe Daniel P. esq. Hayesford Long Col. Samuel, j .p . Bromley hill Longbottom Skim corner, Brom­
ley common Longsdon B. esq. Church house Longwill Bev D. 7 Holmesdale place,
Brick-kiln lane Lord H. esq. Keston vil. Widmore road Lovibond John, esq. Turpington farm,
Southborough Luckin Mrs 3 Palace place, Park road
New Town Lukey Mrs. Widmore road Lumsden A. esq. 1 Bexley villas, Free­
lands road Luntley Mrs.4 Broomfield,Freelands rd
Macintosh — esq. Glengyle cottage, Palace grove, New Town
Mackenzie J. esq. Plaistow lodge Mackrill W . esq. I Palace villas, Palace
road, Bromley common Mallett Mr VV. L. 2 Holly vil. Plaistov Mansfield Mr B. Park rd. Bromley cm. Marsh Mrs. 22 Bromley college Marsh S. esq. 5 Park villas, Park road,
New Town
Martin J. K. esq. W ood lawn, Bickley Martin R. esq. Clarewood, Bickley pk. Maskell J. esq. Palace rd. Bromley cm Mason G. esq. Priory, Brick-kiln lane Mathews Robert, esq. Bickley Mathews J. L. esq. Ivybank, London rd May George, esq. Freelands grove,
Freelands road May W . E. esq. 7 Palace villas, W id-
more road McKewan Wm. esq. Elmfield, Bickley McQuire Miss, 3 Sheppard’s college Micklewright W . esq. 1 Park villas,
Park road, New Town Minifie Miss, Bengal cot. Bromley cmn Miskin Mr J. 4 Bexley vil. Freelands rd Mitchell R. esq. 8 Rochester place,
Widmore road Morrison S. esq. Norland cottage, Park
road, New Town Mortimer William, esq. The Valley Mortimer jun. Stoberry house Morum Mr W . 1 Ada vil. Freelands rd Moser G. esq. 1 Nelson villas, Plaistow Muckle Mrs. Dagmar house, Plaistow Mullins Mrs. 24, Bromley college Munro Mrs. 37 Bromley college Musson T. esq. 3 Rochester place,
Widmore road Muston Mrs. 7 Bromley college
Nash Mr John, Shirley house, W id­ more road
Neall W . esq. 1 Holly villas, Plaistow Nickalls P. esq. Stoberry cottage Nickalls Conrad, esq. Sinclair cottage,
Mason’s hill Niesigh G. esq. 1 Beech vil. London rd Nivins John, esq. Bickley Norman George Warde, esq. j.p. The
Rookery, Bromley common Norman Mrs H. Oakley, Bromley cmn
Oldham Dr. H. Blackbrook, Southboro Orford Sidney, esq. 1 Ivy villas, Free­
lands grove, Freelands road Osborn G.H. esq. Northfield, Bromley c Ostler W . esq. 4 Park villas, NewTown Oxland Mrs. 16 Bromley college
Patrickson J. esq. Strathenden villa, Palace grove, New Town
Paterson Elmhurst, Bickley p Paul Mrs. Magenta cottage, Bromley c
Payn J. Jabez, esq. Oak dell, Bickley Payne G. esq. Widmore cottage, W id-
more road Payne Mr R. J. Meadow ldg. Bromley c Percival Frederick, esq; Southfield,
Bickley Pettitt T. H. esq. 6 Rochester place,
Widmore road Pfeil 2 Bexley vil. Freelands rd Philip J. K. esq. 2 Nelson vil. Plaistow Philpott Richard, esq. Bromley commn Pickthall Mrs. 6 Bromley college Pierce Mrs. 2 Hawkhurst villas, Park
road, Bromley common Pilbrow Mrs. 1 Lavender vil. New Tn. Plumbridge John Langley, esq. Clare­
mont house, Widmore road Porter Mrs. Park view, Park rd. New T Porter Mr George, Plaistow Priest W . esq. Arlington house, Brom­
ley common Pryce F. H. esq. Widmore road Philip G. esq. The Retreat, Bickley Prince Miss, 4 Holmesdale place, Brick­
kiln lane
Radcliffe J. esq. 3 Lavender vil. Park road, New Town
Ranee T. G. esq. Clifton ho. Widmore rd Randell William G. esq. 2 Freelands
cottages, Freelands road Ranson George, esq. Alma cottage,
Park road, Bromley common Rawlinson Mrs. 3 Winkfield villas,
Palace grove, NewTown Rawson Rev. Arthur, M.A., Westerham
road, Bromley common Reid Mrs. 2 Fairlawn vil. Bromley cmn Renshaw Mrs. Park road, Bromley cm Richardson J. esq. Ravensfell, High st Ritchie Robert, esq. Bickley Riviere B. esq. Layham cot, Bromley cn Roberts J. D. esq. Bromley common Roberts T. esq. Mason’s hill Robertson, Bromley c Robeson R. esq. 2 Rochester villas,
Widmore road Rogers bank,Bromley c Ross Mr. A. 4 Palace viL Widmore road Rush P. esq. 2 Cambridge vils., Plaistow
Sanger Mrs. 7 Park villas, Park road, New Town
Saunders Mrs. 28 Bromley college
3 1
Satterthwaite Clement, esq. 1 Spring- hill, Plaistow .
Saunderson M iss, 2 Sheppard’s college Savill 9 Palace villas, Widmore rd Savory Mrs. 1 Rochester place, W id-
more road Scarr Richard esq. 3 Holmesdale place,
Brick-kiln lane r Scott Dalton esq. l Heath villas, Palace
grove, New Town .. Scott S. esq. Sundridge park, Plaistow Scrutton J. esq. Belcaire, Widmore. hill Selby Henry, esq. High street Selwyn Rev. E. J. Bickley parsonage Shuttleworth Mrs. Plaistow hall Sichart George, esq. I Cambridge vil.
Plaistow . Sinclair Mr R. I Rose cottages, Park
road, Bromley common Smallbones C. esq. 8 Park villas, Park
road, New Town . Smith Mrs. 20 Bromley college Smith Alfred, esq. 5 Fairlawn villas,
Bromley common ' Smith H. esq. 2 Church ter. Church rd. Smith Thomas, esq. Amos cottage,
Palace, road, Bromley common , Soames E. esq. Ravenscroft,Mason’s hill Solbe Mrs. 35 Sparks G. esq. High street ,, Sparrowhawk, Mr. R. 3 Denmark villas, . Widmore road , ,
Spence Robt. esq. Springhurst, Bickley Spink Mrs. Oak dell, Bickley ' Spink John esq. .The Cedars, Bickley Squire W .esq. Homefield vil. Bromley c Standen Charles, esq; 2 Oakley villas, r Freelands grove, Freelands road ... Stanger Caleb; esq. 2 Florence villas,
Palace grove, New Town Starling W . D. esq. The Hill, Beckqn- j ham. lane Steel David, esq. 1 Rhodes villas, Brom­
ley common . Stephenson, E. S. esq. Bickley; Stidolph Mr. J. 4 Denmark villas, W id­
more road . Stocken W . esq. Kendall Lodge, W id­
more road Stone Mrs. 1 Bromley college Sturgeon Charles F. esq. Barham house, . Bromley common
Sturt Miss 2 Wycherley villas, Park road, New Town
3 2
Swihstead Bernard, esq., 1 Whitegate cottages, Bromley common
Talman F. esq.. Treasurer’s House, Bromley college
Talman Major Samuel, Widmore road Tasker F. esq. Page heath, Bickley Taylor Miss, Kent villa, Bromley com. Telford Miss, Widmore house Telford Charles esq. Widmore lodge Tessier Rev. A . College .field, Farwig Teversham Miss, Park rd. Bromley c mn Thomas George, esq., 3 Thorn villas,
Freelands road .. Thompson C. esq. 1 Alma villas, Ma­
son’s hill Thompson J. esq. Swallowfield,Bickley Thompson Miss, 2 Palace place, Park
road, New Town • Thornhill Miss, London road Tiddy W . esq.. 1 Beulah villas, Palace
grove, New Town Townsend Mrs. 2 Lavender villas, New
Town . '" , ^ Tregellas Iver cottage, Bromley
common . Truscott W . esq. Hawthorn cottage,
London road . . Tuck Mr. E. Freelands villas, Free­
lands road ' . . Tudor Mrs. Summerfield, Bickley Tweedie A. F. esq. Bonnington, Bickley
Vaughan T. esq. 2 Grove-villas, Palace grove, New Town .
Verrall Rev. George, Widmore road Vogan Randall G. esq. Lewes house, ' Widmore road .
Wadsworth Mr Joel, Park road, N ewT Waller Miss Sarah, Beckenham lane Waller W . esq. 3 Kemsing terrace,
Freelands road Walmisley W . M. esq. Wilton house,
Palace grove, New Town Watson Robert, esq. Hartland cottage,
Bromley common Webber, E. C. I. Esq. St. Brannock’s,
Bromley common. Wells Mrs. Southborough lodge West Mrs. 26 Bromley college West Mr. G. Rose cottage, Plaistow.. White Mrs. E. 1 Park road villas, New
White J. B. esq. Merevale, Bickley pk. White J. esq. 5 Palace vil.Widmore rd Whitehead J. esq. Barfield lodge, Bick­
ley park Whitley C. esq. 2 Rochester place,
Widmore road Wicks S. esq Verandah cot., High st. Wilcock W . esq. 2 Elizabeth villas,
Bickley Wilks J. esq. Newlands, Bromley cmn. W illey Dr. High street Williams Mrs. 40 Bromley college Williams E. A. esq. High street Williams W . esq. 4 Park grove, New . Town Willis William, esq Palace grove, New
Town Wilson Mr R. The Cottage, Wester-
ham road, Bromley common
Windthrop E. esq. 3 Palace villas, Widmore road
Withers Alfred, esq. Freelands road W ood Mrs. 39 Bromley college Woodhouse Mr George, Point house,
Wester ham road, Bromley common Wyhrow William esq. Ravenshourne
lodge, Bromley common Wylde Mrs. 1 Wycherley villas, Park
road, New Town Wythes George esq. Bickley hall, Bick­
ley park
Yeatman M. esq. Shawfield, Widmore Yeldom Mr. T. London road Young Miss, Rose villa, Palace grove,
New town Younghusband Mrs. 4 Bromley college
3 3
B E C K E N H A M . POST & MONEY ORDER OFFICE. Thomas Sweeting Day, postmaster.
Letters arrive at 7 & 9 a.m. 6 p.m.; dis­ patched at 9 a.m. 1.20,5.0, & 10.0 p.m. cross post to Croydon 6.30 p.m. Sundays— delivery 7.30 a.m.; despatch 6.30 p.m
P il l a r B o x at Railway bridge, cleared at 7.45 a.m. & 4.30 & 7.10 p.m. Sundays 8 a.m
Beckenham is now a post town, and letters should ho addressed “ Beckenham, Kent,” not “ Beckenham, S.E.” as formerly
INSURANCE AGENTS. Atlas Fire & Life..."W. Church, Bromley rd. British Mutual Life...’William Levens North British & Mercantile...Charles New­
man, 4 Gloucester terrace Provincial...James G. Wheller Norwich Union...W. Fuller, Village Sun Fire & Life...T. S. Day, Post Office
PLACES OF WORSHIP. St. George’s Church...Rev.Frederick Skeme
Courtenay Chalmers, b.d'., rector; Rev. G. Pritchard, M.A., curate
St. Paul’s Church, New Beckenham...Rev. F. Howlett, M.A.
St. Mary’s Church, Shortlands...Rev. H. F. Wolley, M.A.
_ SCHOOLS. National...Charles Henry King, master; Mrs
Ann Jane King, mistress Infant...Miss Annie Wood, mistress
Churchwardens...C.E.Goodhart & C. Purvis Overseers;..H.Brett & J. Hooker Parish Clerk...Charles H. King Carrier to London...Richard Harman, daily
Railway Stations..... .Beckenham Junction, Michael Moore ; New Beckenham, George Hannam ; Shortlands, Edward Adye; sta­ tion masters
PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Alderman John, esq. 3 Lime villas,
Lower Copers Cope road Astell Mr W . 10 Gloucester terrace Arnold Edward, esq. Bromley road Athawes Edward G. esq. 5, Upper
Copers Cope road Atkins John, esq. Radnor house, South­
end road Atkinson William, esq. Erwood house*
2, Upper Copers Cope road Azemar, John C. C. esq. 4 Upper Co­
pers Cope road Baker Charles, esq. Bexley house,
Southend road Bangs Charles, esq. 8 Shortlands villas,
Shortlands Barkworth Mrs. Emma, 11 Upper Co­
pers Cope road Barnes, Thomas Ilott, esq. Oakington
house, Lower Copers Cope road Barry Alfred, esq. 1 Bromley grove,
Shortlands Bealby Philip S. esq. Elmwood, Brom­
ley road Beggs Hawthorns, Shortlands
- BECKENHAM. Bendall Alfred, esq. Cleveland house,
Shortlands Benson Thomas, esq. Albemarle house,
Lower Copers Cope road Bertram Thos. H. esq. 1 Fox Grove rd. Bicknell Percy, esq. Fox Grove, Fox . prove road
Blatchley Wm. esq. 8 Gloucester terrace Blow Joseph, esq. Tintem house, Lower
Copers Cope road Borrowman John, esq. 5 Brackley road Bothamley Henry, esq. Hope villa, 10,
Brackley road Bourner Henry, esq. 2 Lime villas,
Lower Copers Cope road Bradley Thomas W . esq. Boyton villa,
Bromley road Breeze & Bussell, builders, Wickham
road & Copers’ Cope road Brett Henry, esq. Southend road Bridge George, esq. Brackley house Broe Edgar P. esq. 5 Bromley grove,
Shortlands Browne Lathom E. esq. Winkfield, 4
Brackley road Bryant Mrs Park side, Southend road Carey Edward, esq. Oak lg., Shortlands Carr Ambrose P. esq. Boyton house, 2,
Upper Copers Cope road Cator Charles 0 . F. esq. Stratford house,
Southend road Cator P. esq. j .p . The Hall, Bromley rd Chalmers Bev. Fredk. S. C. b .d . Bectory Chater — esq. Southend road Chichester Wm. esq. Penge lane Christy Joseph Fell, esq. Old Manor-
house, Bromley road Clapham Benjamin F. esq. Teversham
house, Southend road Clarke Theophilus Hugh, esq. Atling-
worth house, Southend road Collett Mark W . esq. Langley house,
Wickham road Cook Thomas, esq. 4 Gloucester terrace Collins — esq. Copers Cope road Coombe Edward, esq. Heathboume,
Lower Copers Cope road Cowan Thomas Wm. esq. Byde house,
8 Brackley road Cox John, esq. Benscliffe, Lower Copers
Cope road Craik G. L. esq. Chilchester lodge,
Wickham road Crosse Major, Southend road
3 4 Cramp Francis, esq. Oak wood, Brom­
ley road Cumberland Mr W . 3 Burrell row Davenport Charles, esq. The Knoll,
Bromley road Davis William B. esq. The Limes,
Southend road Dawks — esq. Brook cottage, Village Dawson A. esq. Melville house, South­
end road Downham Francis, esq. 1 Glo’stcr ter Dunn A. Douglas, esq. Thayers park
farm Edmiston Charles, esq. Southend road Edwards W m. esq. Copers cope house,
Southend road Evans John Lewellyn, esq. 6 Brackley
road Fanner Henry, esq. Colville house,
2 Brackley road Farmer Stephen, esq. Butland house,
Southend road Farrow Charles, esq. Westgate lodge,
Fox Grove road Field Mrs. Sarah, The Village Fisher John Atkin, esq. Brentwood,
Bromley road Fitzgerald Joseph, esq. 1 Limes villas,
Lower Copers Cope road Fletcher Capt. Kelsey cottage Fowden Beginald, esq. Burrell lodge,
Wickham road ' Gascoyne Wm. esq. 11 Glo’ster ter. Gates Bobert, esq. Ashur