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Aurasma Directions for creating an aura

Aurasma - · Aurasma Directions for creating an aura. Decide on Trigger Image Print out image. To create new aura, tap + Tap ... Choose camera or another picture in

Apr 19, 2020



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  • AurasmaDirections for creating an aura

  • Decide on Trigger ImagePrint out image

  • To create new aura, tap +

  • Tap Device

  • Choose +

  • Choose camera or another picture in your photo album to create overlay.

  • Either video tape yourself or record audio instructions focusing camera on trigger image.

  • Name your overlayI name it the name of the activity, such as Pic Collage or

    Word Work

  • Tap on video image, then tap select.

  • Click Finish when done.

    Name the Aura, select Public.

    Move slider to Yes to add to a channel.

    Add a channel by tapping the plus.

  • Capture trigger image, make sure slider bar is in green.

    Then select the purple camera icon in lower right corner.

  • Setting up Student iPads for Aurasma

  • Create an account

  • You don't have to add student names. You can make user name your last name and student number.

    I make passwords abcd, no email required. Tap join.

  • At this screen, tap the magnifying

    glass on the bottom.

  • Type your name and then


    This searches for your channel.

  • Tap the channel you

    want student to follow

    In this case, I want them to follow Center Directions.

  • Tap follownow the student can read

    the aura on the iPad

  • Post printed trigger image in room.Students use Aurasma app by holding iPad over trigger

    image to see or hear the aura.