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    Homes Cafe Sdn Bhd is a casual dining restaurant group originating

    from Penang, Malaysia with a Baba-Nyonya theme.

    Founded in June 1999 by Zackry Bin Zaffry.

    Homes Cafe specializes in Nasi Lemak with Chicken Horr Fun and

    Hokkien Mee Tofu Special dishes with ether medium, hot or extra hot.

    June 2008 - Made history, company became the first pioneer of localfood by using a microwave vending machine to serve that food

    Today - Homes Cafe operates in 16 states on Malaysia country and

    every outlet got own vending machine 73 workers.

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    Homes Cafe Sdn Bhd is recognized as a High Quality Malaysian

    Product and it bears unique product characteristics.

    Company won the prestigious Golden Bull Award 2007, an award

    given to the top 100 SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) in

    Malaysia. In addition, we also carry the HACCP and HALAL


    Homes Cafe Philosophy

    To let everyone enjoy Malaysian foods, anytime and anywhere!

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    Vision & Mission

    To be Asia Pacifics Leading Local Foods (Malaysia) Producerproviding high quality products to customers globally.

    To promote our Unique Malaysian Taste the Nasi Lemak withChicken Horr Fun and Satay Tofu, and also continue Local Foods

    Legacy through continuous improvement and innovation thatexceeds customer expectations.

    We strive for continuous improvement, in corporate innovationsand technology in our commitment to create customer value in ourboth products and services.

    Aligned with transparent policies and achievable targets, togetherwith our core values, we are able to move forward as oneresponsive team and deliver our best.

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    Our Core Values

    Originality & Creativity

    To spearhead breakthroughs and set the precedence in the market by

    developing line extensions and create new products to cater to

    customers changing needs.

    Respect Diversities & Traditions Coming from a country and corporate culture with diverse races,

    languages and traditions, we respect each others unique differences

    and embrace their individual qualities, their rich culture and heritage.

    Ethics & Integrity

    We take pride in our work, and conduct our business with integrity. We

    embrace good business practices, adopt international standards and

    demonstrate professionalism so as to earn respect and trust.

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    Germany officially the Federal Republic of Germany is a country

    in Western and Central Europe. It is bordered to the north by the North

    Sea, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea; to the east by Poland and the Czech

    Republic; to the south by Austria and Switzerland; and to the west

    by France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

    Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Wrttemberg in southern


    The sixth-largest city in Germany, Stuttgart has a population of 600,038

    (December 2008).

    Stuttgart is not only an industrial city with world famous automobile

    companies and state-of-the-art science and research facilities.

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    Stuttgart - cultural city that has made a name for itself through its

    renowned State and ballet programs, and the exceptional art collections

    at the State Gallery and the Gallery of Stuttgart.

    Main attractions - clearly the hilly landscape, the numerous vineyards

    that stretch all the way to the city centre, the many parks that make

    Stuttgart one of the greenest cities in Germany.

    People and Langu

    ages Anyone born in Stuttgart is known a Swabian people or Stuttgarters.

    Current population in Stuttgart is 589793 and its estimated to be

    600,038 (German citizenship, Turks, Greeks, Italians, Croats, and

    Serbs, followed by immigrants from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia,Portugal, Poland, Austria and France).

    They speak German well with their local dialect Schwbisch; and they

    love to practice other languages (especially English)

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    The economy based on high-tech industry. It is the top of all European

    Union cities in their share of employment in high-tech (and medium

    high-tech) manufacturing.

    There is also a large number of scientific research and academic

    organizations in Stuttgart and has the second largest stock exchange(to Frankfurt) in Germany.

    Along with the high-tech and manufacturing base Stuttgart is also one

    of the largest wine growing towns in Europe.

    Unemployment in the Stuttgart Region is low compared to other

    metropolitan areas in Germany and Stuttgart also one of the safest

    cities in Germany.

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    Eating Style

    Stuttgart is a lively city with many restaurants, cafes and bars where

    people can try traditional food, and other international specialties. A few

    miscellaneous points to consider by eating in Stuttgart, Germany are:

    Smaller restaurants sometimes don't have much for vegetarians.

    Groups of diners will usually receive their orders individually when

    the food is ready, rather than all together.

    In a bar, beer will be served at your table and you usually pay thewaiter/waitress when you leave (or when they leave).

    Mineral water is usually carbonated ("mit Kohlensure") and still

    water ("ohne Kohlensure/stilles Wasser") usually has to be specified.

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    The products offered are Malaysian local Food, such as Nasi

    Lemak with Chicken Horr Fun, Satay Tofu, Hokkien Mee and

    Chicken Curry.

    Food in frozen form will be prepared and put into vending

    machine. When customers put the money into that machine, they

    are able to choose the food they would like to eat. Then the frozen

    food will be dispensed and the customers would have to put

    available microwave to heat the food. It take time about 4 to 5minutes and it done to eat after that.

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    Price would be set in accordance to the types of food yet the overall

    price is in the range from 5 EUR to 8 EUR which is totally affordable

    by all range customers.

    The euro is the official currency of Germany, while the Euro spot

    exchange rate specifies how much one currency, the EUR, is currentlyworth in terms of the other, the USD. The Euro spot exchange rate is

    quoted and exchanged in the same day, the Euro forward rate is quoted

    today but for delivery and payment on a specific future date.

    Country Exchange Rate CurrencyGermany 1.4200 EUR/USD

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    At first quarter, 10 vending machines will be placed at convenient

    and popular place such as bus stations (nearly Schillerplatz square,

    The State Opera House), outside pub(Calwer-Eck-Brau, Biddy

    Earlys Iris club and Arigato Music Club), and university

    (University of Cooperative Education Baden-Wrttemberg,

    University of Hohenheim, State University of Music and

    Performing Arts Stuttgart).


    Promotions is represents all of the communications that a marketermay use in the marketplace. We use advertising and public relations

    as a promotion to promote our products.

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    Production Human Resource Markerting Finance


    ResourceMarketing Finance Total (RM)


    amount of

    usage (RM)

    1,010,000 404,000 202,000 404,000 2,020,000

    Percentage (%) 50 20 10 20 100

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    Hofstedes Cultural Dimension


    Germany 35 67 66 65 31

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    German Business Etiquette (Dos and Donts)

    DO take plenty of business cards with you and ensure they include full

    details of your background, qualifications, and titles.

    DOmaintain direct eye-contact when addressing German colleagues,

    especially during initial introductions.

    DO use the formal version of you (Sie), unless someone specificallyinvites you to use the informal Du form. It is usually best to let your

    German counterpart take the initiative of proposing the informal form

    of address (this implies readiness to develop a personal relationship).

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    DONT attempt to continue negotiations after a contract has been

    signed. Your German colleagues may view this with suspicion, which

    could lead to an unsuccessful business agreement.

    DONT use exaggerated or indirect communication styles during

    business meetings with you German counterparts. It creates an

    impression of insincerity and dishonesty.

    Business Practices in Germany

    First names are generally only used with family and close friends and

    colleagues. Therefore, always use last names and appropriate titles.

    Business meetings follow a