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5 Major Challenges in Real-time Rendering (2012)
Entertainment & Humor 5 Major Challenges in Real-time Rendering (2012)

Talk by Johan Andersson (DICE/EA) in the Beyond Programmable Shading Course at SIGGRAPH 2012. The other talks in the course can be found here:

KMT SL-V Pump Manual
Documents KMT SL-V Pump Manual

STREAMLINE SL-V 50 PLUS WATERJET INTENSIFIER OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL MANUAL 20413039(R05) NOTICE This document contains subject matter in which KMT Waterjet Systems…

Unit 1
Documents Unit 1

2MVL 4.2 FPGA Based System Design Presented By Manish Singhal Manish Singhal Associate Professor, PCE, Jaipur Wednesday, April 18, 2012 1 FPGA Based System Design Text /…

Cyclone 3
Documents Cyclone 3

® Cyclone III Device Handbook, Volume 1 101 Innovation Drive San Jose, CA 95134 CIII5V1-3.3 Copyright © 2010 Altera Corporation. All rights reserved. Altera,…

Programming Vertex Geometry and Pixel Shaders
Documents Programming Vertex Geometry and Pixel Shaders

Programming Vertex, Geometry, and Pixel Shaders Screenshots of Alan Wake courtesy of Remedy Entertainment Wolfgang Engel Jack Hoxley Ralf Kornmann Niko Suni Jason Zink Created…

Devloper Board
Documents Devloper Board

ATMEL INTEGRATED DEVELOPEMENT BOARD Introduction This project describes a prototype board for the Atmel Mega32 or other Atmel Series (PDIP) MCU. It includes a power supply,…

Modbus Protocol
Documents Modbus Protocol

Design and Realization of Modbus Protocol CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION With the rapid development of the embedded computer technology, the new generation of industrial automation…

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PLC : Introduction A programmable logic controller, which is the usually called a PLC or programmable controllers is solid- state, digital, industrial computer. Upon first…