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A RETURN OFTHE GOVERNMENT OBAMA  CARE  PG.5 E.CIGS  PG.  9 TUITION  FREEZE  PG.  17 CONTENTS November 2013 3 7 9 17 21 !e Government Shutdown Jake Stein and Colin…

Portland Spectator - January 2014
Documents Portland Spectator - January 2014

A CONTENTS January 2014 5 7 9 15 11 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Editor-in-Chief Jake Stein Art Director Lulu Martinez Executive Editor Colin Staub Chief Illustrator Forrest Grenfell…

Portland Spectator - April 2014
Documents Portland Spectator - April 2014

1 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR The mission of the Spectator is to serve the student body by facilitating thought-provoking discussions. We are dedicated to upholding a diverse…