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Interventional ultrasound in infertility
Health & Medicine Interventional ultrasound in infertility

Ultrasound is diagnostic tool but now it can be used as interventional one. How?? this talk may illustrate this issue

Adjuvant therapy
Health & Medicine Adjuvant therapy

In IVF, clinician tend to use many adjuvants during stimulation : where is the evidence ? which to adopt?

Prognostic models in infertility
Health & Medicine Prognostic models in infertility

how to determine your patient chance of having spontaneous pregnancy? how to evaluate chance of success of IVF ? it should be based on objective way. this talk may help to…

IVF for fertile couples
Health & Medicine IVF for fertile couples

In the future , IVF will not only be for infertile women but will be directed to help fertile couples getting health babies!! How !! this talk will help to illustrate that

IVF - what everyone needs to know about IVF
Health & Medicine IVF - what everyone needs to know about IVF

This is a presentation I gave at Hyderabad on New Biology and Society, at the National Conference for Science Communicators

Intravenous Fluids
Documents Intravenous Fluids

Intravenous Fluids: Composition & Uses Srinidhi Jayaram, PGY1 Body Fluid Compartments Total Body Water (TBW): 50-70% of total body wt. Avg. is greater for males. Decreases…

Principles+ +LU6
Documents Principles+ +LU6

Fluids and Electrolytes General Principles Remember that children -have a larger interstitial volume  are more susceptible to increased fluid losses  have a larger…

IV Therapy Ppt for Students
Documents IV Therapy Ppt for Students

6/25/2012 IV Therapy Legal Issues • Accountability – The act of being professionally responsible and answerable for one’s actions, inactions, decisions, and judgments…


TERAPI CAIRAN TRIASE Eko Waskito Perkenalan Tempat/ Tgl Lahir: Pematangsiantar 10 April 1979 Pendidikan Dokter FK USU, selesai Jan 2005 Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis Anestesiologi…