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BCA 2011-12[1]
Documents BCA 2011-12[1]

Paper No. BACHELOR OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS SCHEME OF EXAMINATION – FIRST YEAR(w.e.f. 2011-12) Title of Paper Ex ter nal M ar ks Int er nal As ses sm en t M axi m u m M…

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B.SC.( INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) SYALLABUS SEMESTER 1 Subject Introduction to Information theory and applications Mathematics I Introduction to Digital electronics Digital…

whit38220 ch08
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Chapter 8 • Potential Flow and Computational Fluid Dynamics 8.1 Prove that the streamlines ψ (r, θ) in polar coordinates, from Eq. (8.10), are orthogonal to the potential…

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Digital image processing is an area characterized by the need for extensive experimental work to establish the viability of proposed solutions to a…

Basics of FEM
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Basics of FEM Do’s and Don’ts, common mistakes (Workshop on Advanced NonLinear Finite Element Analysis April 9-10th 2010: COEP Pune) B Sreehari Kumar Email: [email protected]

Chapter 1 Ppt
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A VERY GOOD MORNING TO ALL OF U 7/13/12 Click to edit Master subtitle style DIGITAL LOGIC DESIGN BINARY SYSTEMS Click to edit Master subtitle style CHAPTER 1 7/13/12 TOPICS…

BCA 2011-12
Documents BCA 2011-12

Assessment Internal Marks Maximum Marks External BCA-111 BCA-112 BCA-113 BCA-114 BCA-115 BCA-116 BCA-117 BCA-118 BCA-121 BCA-122 BCA-123 BCA-124 BCA-125 BCA-126 BCA-127 BCA-128…

Chapter 01 - Mano
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: Chapter 1 ,':Olgltal System$ and' Binary Numbers DIGITAL SYSTEMS Digitalsysteins have .such a prominent role in everyday life that we refer tot,pe present tech­…