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Automotive LotLinx Advertising Helps Car Dealers Sell Cars Faster Learn why LotLinx is helping dealers to sell cars faster, increasing turn and profits. LotLinx sends SHOPPERS just not TRAFFIC…

Automotive Automotive News Webinar Slides 6 28-11

This is a webinar I attended that has up-to-the-minute stats about online influence of car buyers. AutoTrader and Polk did the study and Automotive News hosted the webinar…

Business Business Models Beyond Profit - Social Entrepreneurship Lecture

Slides of a 3h Lecture I gave at Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany for the impACT program. Examples include Kiva, Grameen Bank, Wise and many more.

Data & Analytics Data Science at Berkeley

Keynote talk at PyData Silicon Valley 2014 (Facebook Headquarters) on May 4, 2014, by Prof. Joshua Bloom.

Engineering Composing Web APIs – State of the art and mobile implications

This tutorial was given at ICSE 2014 co-located MobiSoft conference. Same Title: Composing Web APIs – State of the art and mobile…

Documents Quick Report Faq

QuickReport FAQ QickReport FAQ Blz. 1 QuickReport Knowledge Base Frequently asked Questions (and Answers) and other tips Visit our web site at This…

Presentations & Public Speaking Future Bank Summit 2014

Invited speaker at Future Bank Summit. Spoke on 'breaking open the bank' through co-creation. #futurebank