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    Assistant Paralegal / Assistant Consultant

    Paralegal / Immigration Consultant

    Senior Paralegal / Senior Consultant

    Client Services Manager

    In this highly client-centric role, you will be the primary point-of-contact for your clients and in charge of ensuring their overall satisfaction. You will oversee all team activities including monitoring SLAs, determining strategies, reviewing case work, handling issues and escalations, approving bills, and ultimately making sure the team has appropriate resources and operates as smoothly as possible.Some Client Services Managers outside of the U.S. go on to become Practice Leaders or even Partners at the firm.

    Supervising Paralegal / Supervising Consultant

    You will supervise the work of two or more team members, as well as manage client expectations. You will serve as the liaison between your team and your supervisor on case processing matters and issues. You will be responsible for government communications and directly file matters with government agencies.

    Your role will expand to take on more strategic responsibilities, including establishing case strategies, developing reports, recommending client processes, reviewing cases and managing a caseload largely on your own.

    Your role will become more independent, client-facing and an important driver in your teams success. You will commence cases, troubleshoot issues, recommend case strategies and help clients through processing procedures and issues. You will help manage and prioritize your teams caseload, work with reports, train new team members and identify process improvements.

    Working as part of a team, you will learn about the dierent types of immigration applications and processes from senior team members, help draft and file applications with government agencies, and begin working with Fragomens proprietary software.

    Your role will expand to include research and fact finding, assisting senior team members with client communications, monitoring the status of client cases and escalating where needed to ensure deadlines are met.

    Immigration Professional Path (Parapath) Alternate Career Paths

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