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  • 1. Junk Your Junk Mail Fahzy Abdul-Rahman Family Resource Management (FRM) Specialist 2014 Extension In-Service January 6, 2014

2. Introduction Goals: To discuss steps to prevent and to reduce the amount of unwanted junk mail in your mailbox Based on FRM publications: Junk Your Junk Mail, Guide G-107 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Alternatives for Waste Management, Guide G-314 (in print) 3. Mere Recycling Environmental friendly, green movement Mere recycle? Recycle: A buzzword for an environmentally friendly way to manage waste Each year we use: 25 billion plastic containers 30 billion bottles & jars 65 billion aluminum cans 100 billion pounds of paper 4. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle (Pub. G-314) REDUCE Buy only what you need because a better way to reduce waste is by not creating it If we never generate products in the first place, we do not have to extract raw resources, manufacture goods from scratch, come up with shipping materials, and then devise ways to dispose of them. 1/3 of all garbage is packaging. REUSE If you have to acquire goods, try getting used ones or obtaining substitutes. Many things can be reused before you throw them out. E.g. Put leftovers in resealable containers instead of using wraps and foil , use old clothes as rags for cleaning, and have a garage sale or donate clothes, books or toys that you don't use anymore RECYCLE When discarding your waste, find possible ways to recycle it instead of letting it go to landfill 5. Introduction: Junk Your Junkmail In her book Living Green, Nancy Conner (2009) points out that companies mail out more than 100 billion pieces of junk mail every year using paper from 100 million trees, 28 billion gallons of water, and enough energy to produce more than 9 million cars. 6. So, ideally . sorry folks, I am not the Clothing Specialist 7. STEP 1: Prevent Junk Mails Choosing to be unlisted in phone directories Avoiding sweepstakes or contests that require your personal information on the forms, Not submitting product warranty information via mail or online [?] Asking organizations that you deal with (e.g., for business, volunteering, affiliation, and donation purposes) to not share your information with other parties 8. When was the last time you used a phonebook? The white pages alone cost 5 million trees a year. They generated 650,000 tons of waste in 2009 (EPA, 2010). You can opt out of phone book delivery by registering your address at sites like Vs. Online directory & search Outdated when printed, reviews, ratings, faster search 9. STEP 2: Stop Unwanted Mail DMAchoice: Signing up with DMAchoice places you on a delete list from many national companies for five years. To register with DMA's Mail Preference Service, go to or mail your request with a $1 processing fee to: DMAchoice, Direct Marketing Association (DMA), P.O. Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512 Deceased: also provides the option to place a deceased person on the Deceased Do Not Contact List Prescreened offers of credit and insurance: You may opt out of getting any of these offers for five years or permanently by calling 1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567- 8688) or going to 10. STEP 2: Stop Unwanted Mail Catalogs: You can request to not receive catalogs, phone books, directories, and other junk mail via You may need to enter Account or Customer Number and/or Key or Source Code to ensure or speed up the cancellation process. These numbers are usually printed around your address on the mailed materials. Yellow Pages Opt-Out: 11. Note If you decide to write, sample letters and postcards are available in Pub. G107 Taking these measures may not solve all of your junk mail problems Not all businesses do belong to DMAchoice, and Local organizations may not receive notice to take your name off of their lists. 12. App PaperKarma: This mobile app stops junk mail Info needed: your address and email Free for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7 Snap Pictures 13. Other Issues Opting to get bills, pay bills, and obtain statements online or automatize from bank. E-mail: Junk folder, unsubscribe talk to your IT personnel National Do Not Call Registry Robocall: This refers to recorded phone messages that may require you to press numbers. The simplest thing to do is to hang up. You may report robocalls to the Federal Trade Commission online ( or over the phone (1-888- 382-1222). 14. Junk Your Junk Mail Fahzy Abdul-Rahman Family Resource Management (FRM) Specialist 2014 Extension In-Service January 6, 2014

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