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WOF Vol 04-06, Thus Saith the Holy Ghost

Jun 03, 2018



  • 8/12/2019 WOF Vol 04-06, Thus Saith the Holy Ghost




    Romans 8:14, "For as many asare led by the Spirit of God,they are the sons of God."

    Let 's study today about the useof the gift of prophecy alongthe lines of guidance. Of course,when we come to prophecy, wehave two things that are veryclosely associated: the ministryof the prophet, and the gift ofprophecy. Many times folk as

    sociate the two; and while theyare associated, they are not thesame. Just because one prophesies does not make him aprophet.

    The Word of God plainly teachesus that all are to seek and desireto prophesy. If prophesyingmade you a prophet, then it issaying that everyone ought towant to be a prophet; yet Paulplainly made known to the Corinthians that all are not prophets. He said, " Ar e all apostles? are all prophets?" Theanswer is no, of cours e. Soeveryone couldn't be prophets,but all can prophesy.

    Speaking with tongues is asupernatural utterance in anunknown tongue. That is, it isunknown to the speaker, yet itmay not be unknown to everybody. If you are witnessing tosomeone and you become anointed by the Spirit to witness,you say things you never thoughtof. That is really a minoroperat ion of the gift of prophecy.You were inspired beyond yourself. The Spirit inspired you tosay those things.

    Sometimes prophecy can beused in prayer . Sometimes whenpraying, in your own languageas well as in tongues, you become inspired to pray. I 'v e beenpraying in English, and have become so inspired to pray inEnglish with the anointing ofGod's Spirit moving upon me,until I just listened to myselffor an hour there on my knees.I knew it was coming out of

    me, but my mind didn't havea thing in the world to do withit . That was prophecy; it wasinspired utterance. Al l inspiredutterance is prophecy.

    Sometimes when you are prophesying it will seem as if thereare two of you. Have you everbeen there? Well, there are twoof you in a way - there's theoutward man and the inwardman. This pra yer is comingout of the inward man, andwith the outward man we canlisten. Sometimes when I ampreaching this anointing comesupon me, and I'll hear myselfsay things I haven't thought of.It will seem as if I' m standingright beside myself listening.

    Actually this is coming out ofthe inward man, and I'm listening with this outward man - thisbody, my natural mind and mynatural ears. While preachingI've heard myself say things,and suddenly I thought with mymind, "Well, I'm going to listento that; I'm going to get that.I don't know that myself." Thatalso happens sometimes whenI'm praying.

    Your mind doesn't have anythingto do with it ; it comes out ofyour spi rit because of the HolySpirit within you. That is alower degree of the operation ofprophecy. Then these propheticutterances take on the ecsta ticform that we.hear in our midstsometimes.

    As ministers, we study and pr epare sermons. The Word of God

    teaches us to study. Paul said,"Study to shew thyself approvedunto God, a workman thatneedeth not be ashamed." Inteaching I follow an outline andstudy more closely than I dootherwise; but then in preachingthe anointing of God' s Spiritcomes.

    Things begin to come to us,and we say things that we'venever thought of. It startlesme sometimes. Well, that isstill a manifestation of prophesy, a manifestation of inspired utterance. It is certainly'supernatural. It is inspired utterance, and all utterance inspired by the Spirit of God isreally prophecy.

    Even tongues with interpretation is prophecy in its variedform. Tongues with interpre

    tation equals prophecy. Paulsaid, "Greater is he that pro-phesieth than he that speakethwith tongues, except he interpret ." He is saying if you speakwith tongues and interpret, thatis equivelen t to prophecy. Ofcourse ' he i s talking aboutministering there, not necess-

  • 8/12/2019 WOF Vol 04-06, Thus Saith the Holy Ghost


    arily praying with tongues and

    interpreting in your own life.

    Prophecy is more in use thanfolk have thought. Many timesthey think of just one part of it,when actually that is only onemanifestation. Just because youprophesy doesn't make you aprophet. For a man to be a p rophet, he stands in that officeand uses that ministry.

    There are other things that goalong to make it the ministryof a prophet. The simp le giftof prophecy in the New Te st ament is speaking unto men toedification, and exhorta tion, andcomfort, and it should only beused in that are a. You can seereadily, in the simple gift ofprophecy there is no foretelling.

    However, you will find in theministry of the prophet there isforetelling and prediction because he has some of the r evelation gifts operating - word ofwisdom, word of knowledge,and/or discernin g of spi rit s.

    Another thing we need to realize is that spiritual things canbe misused, as well as naturalthings. Some people say, "Howcan that be if God is doing it?"Well, it is men doing it by theinspiration of the Spirit of God.

    Anything that man has anythingto do with isn' t per fec t.

    The Spirit of God is perf ect ,and the gifts of the Spir it inthemselves are perfect, but theycertainly are not always perfectin manifestation because theyare manifested through an imperfect vessel. That is the reason why prophecies and tongueswith interpre tation need to be


    Let's look in the scriptures atsome things. Acts 13:1 say s,"Now there were in the churchthat was at Antioch certainprophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that wascalled Niger, and Lucius of

    Cyrene, and Manaen, which had

    been brought up with Herod thetet rarch, and Saul." This Saulhere was the Apostle Paul. Notice that the names of five menare listed h ere . He starts withBarnabas and ends with Saul.He said, "Now there were inthe church that was at Antiochcertain prophets and teachers."Each of these five individualswas e ither a prophet or a teac her or both.

    We are concerned at the moment just with two of them -Barnabas and Saul. We knowBarnabas was a teacher, because the 11th chapter of Actstalks about him teaching. I can' tfind anywhere where he had anypart of a prophet's ministry, soi have come to the conclusionthat he was a teacher. Now Paulwas a teacher all righ t, becauseit tells of him teaching; but healso was a prophet because itspeaks about him having visionsand revelations, and those arepart of a prophet's ministry.

    Verse 2 goes on to say, "A sthey ... " I used to think this*'they" referred to the church atAntioch, but it doesn't. It refersto these five men. "As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted,the Holy Ghost said, Separateme Barnabas and Saul for the

    work whereunto' I have calle dthem." It is my opinion thatwhile these five men were praying, one of the others who wasa prophet (not Paul of cou rse )said this. That is the reasonit says the Holy Ghost said it.

    It doesn't say the Holy Ghostsaid it to one of the individuals,but the Holy Ghost said something to the whole group. So it ismy opinion that He ministeredhere by one of the prophets.One of the prophets spoke out,"Thus saith the Holy Ghost...",

    just like Agabus did in Acts21:10. What did the Holy Ghostsay? "Separate me Barnabasand Saul for the work whereunto1 have call ed them."

    There is something to notice

    here. Barnabus and Saul weren'tcalled by this, but they wereconfirmed by it. They alreadyhad the calling. They were already in the calling. They werealready in the ministry, butGod was separating them toanother ministry - to be apostles to the Gen til es. You see,the way that God puts a maninto an office is by giving hima gift for the task. It might beconfirmed by prophecy som etimes, but he's not called thatway.

    Al l the prophesy ing in the worldis not going to give a man thegift for that task. I've seenpeople go into the ministry

    just because someone laid handson them and prophesied thatthey were to preach or be anevangelist or be in the ministry. These folk couldn't giveeven a decent testimony, muchless preach. Who would listento them? Sometim es they don'thave enough sense to stop andlisten \o reason. Someone said,"Well, we aren't led by reason."Well, som et ime s you have tohave enough reason to get inout of the rain at least.

    If God has ca lle d a person tothe ministry, and has separatedhim, He will give that person

    the gift for the task. Paul andBarnabas wer en' t calle d to theministry by prophecy, they werealre ady in the minist ry. It was

    just confirmed that God wantedthem to be apostles to the Gentiles.

    So you see that there is a veryfine line actual ly between thereal and the fa lse - betweenreality and fanaticism. It ismighty easy to step across thatfine line, and do a lot of damage. So here we are in FullGospel ci rc le s, where we believe in gifts of the Spiri t andso on; yet because of the mi suse and abuse and excess alongsome lines, some people havebecome scared and just leave

  • 8/12/2019 WOF Vol 04-06, Thus Saith the Holy Ghost


    all of it alone. They becomedead and dr y and leave themiraculous.

    Then there are those on theother side that are ready toaccept just anything that goesforth. They go off and followwhat they call "the Spirit," and"leave the world