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Wireless Communication systems WiMAX Technology Paul Borza

Wireless Communication systems WiMAX Technology Paul Borza.

Dec 22, 2015



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  • Wireless Communication systems WiMAX Technology Paul Borza
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  • Wireless communication systems Role and features To assure anytime, anywhere the possibility to communicate with others Offer mobility of peoples that increase the productivity of them All the persons become reachable Bring simplicity in communication Bring autonomy in communication: fix, nomad and mobile access that finally means global mobility Falling the installation costs Become a cultural element in our life Offer high data rates (
  • Fujitsu ( MB87M3400 )WiMAX chip Single chip fully compliant with IEEE 802.16-2004 PHY & MAC Support licensed and license-exempt frequencies from 2 to 11GHz and up to 20MHz bandwidth Dual RISC processors for implementing upper and lower layer MAC Uplink sub-channelization Flexible baseband interface with integrated high- performance ADC & DAC Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) with integrated DAC DES & AES encryption/decryption for 802.16 MAC privacy sub-layer Subscriber Station Reference Board =>
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  • Applications of WiMAX Technology Wireless voice over IP (VoIP) Virtual private LAN Services (VPLS) Video on Demand (VoD) Vehicular Data and Voice On line Gaming Security and Surveillance Systems Multimedia Communications Sensor Networks Telematics and Telemetry Remote monitoring patients Mobile transmissions of maps Wireless transmissions of images
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