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Welcome International Executive Housekeepers Association

Welcome International Executive Housekeepers Association.

Jan 20, 2016



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Welcome International Executive Housekeepers Association


Meghan M. Dunn, MPAExecutive AssistantSavannah Airport Commission In todays workplace, an unprecedented four generations work side by side. While this blend of generations adds valuable diversity to the workforce, it also adds complexity. Baby BoomersGENERATIONAL HIGHLIGHTSTraditionalistsTRADITIONALISTS (1922-1945)Motto: Save for a Rainy DayWork Is: An ObligationWork Ethic & Values: Hard WorkRespect AuthorityDuty Before FunAdhere to Rules Attire: Formal

BABY BOOMERS(1946-1964)Motto: Me GenerationWork Is: An Exciting AdventureWork Ethic & Values: WorkaholicsWork EfficientlyDesire QualityQuestion Authority. Attire: BusinessMillennialsGENERATIONAL HIGHLIGHTSGen X7

GENERATION X(1965-1980)Motto: Be Like MikeWork Is: A Contract/Difficult ChallengeWork Ethics & Values: Eliminate the TaskSelf RelianceWant Structure and Direction SkepticalAttire: Business Casual

MILLENIALS(1981-2000+)Motto: Take the Ball and Run With It Work Is: A Means to an End/FulfillmentWork Ethics & Values: MultitaskersTenacity Entrepreneurial Goal OrientedAttire: Whatever Feels ComfortableTips for Getting Along with Your Co-Workers/Employees from a Generational PerspectiveTraditionalists Offer Them Job Security.Value Their Experience. Appreciate Their Dedication.

Baby BoomersShow Respect.Choose Face to Face Conversations.Give Them Your Full Attention. Generation XGet to the Point.Dont Micromanage Them.Lighten Up and Remind Yourself Its Okay for Work to be Fun.

MillennialsChallenge Them.Ask Their Opinion.Provide Timely Feedback.

Understanding the Millennial TraitsConstant Need for Feedback.Confident In Our Abilities, Especially Regarding Technology.Crave Immediate Gratification.Not Interested in Working Traditional Hours (9-5).Restlessness.Overly Connected to Our Parents.Self-Promotional.Job Hoppers.

1. How Others See It: As a bid for attention or a lack of know-how. It irritates supervisors. How we mean it: Gen Y is eager to please, wanting to know theyre doing a good job; looking for mentorship.

2. How Others See It: Entitled; expecting fast promotion; unwilling to pay their dues.How we mean it: Gen Y wants a meaningful, important job that gives them a sense of purpose and also has a positive impact on society.

3. How Others See It: Disrespectful: Unable to show deference to authority.How we mean it: Gen y is data driven; not concerned with emotion; dealing in hard facts.

4. How Others See It: Having a short attention span; unwilling to put in the time. How we mean it: Gen Y is open to change, flexible; willing to work any time provided we are able to do so on our own schedule.

5. How Others See It: Impatience, arrogance. Millennials think theyre more capable and accomplished than they are.How we mean it: Gen Y is Action Oriented, self motivated, eager to achieve goals.

6. How Others See It: Coddled, unable to make decisions for themselves, cant work alone.How we mean it: Gen Y is family-oriented, long to remain connected, think about the community at large rather than just themselves.

7. How Others See It: Narcissistic; self-obsessed; solipsistic.How we mean it: IG/FB/Twitter/Pintrest/ these days everyone markets themselves and their very own personal brand. An effective web profile conveys important information about the users skills, credibility potential.

8. How Others See It: Disloyal/ unable to stick with one thing for any length of time.How we mean it: Concerned with our work environment, dont want to be taken advantage of. 11Before you talk, listenBefore you react, thinkBefore you criticize, waitBefore you quit, try


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