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  1. 1. @HealthyCityCA Taisha Bonilla Training & Communications Coordinator New Tools on September 25, 2013 10:00am-11:00am Lori Thompson Manager, Online & Digital Initiatives Presenters
  2. 2. How to Participate Today Open and close your Panel View, Select, and Test your audio Type in a question at ANY time during the webinar. We will pause throughout to respond Everyone will receive an email within 24 hours with additional help tools and a link to a survey. Please fill out the survey with your feedback from this session
  3. 3. Healthy City is a program of Advancement Project is a public policy change organization rooted in the civil rights movement. We engineer large-scale systems change to remedy inequality, expand opportunity and open paths to upward mobility. Our goal is that members of all communities have the safety, opportunity and health they need to thrive.
  4. 4. Mission Healthy City transforms how decisions are made by creating innovative tools and methods that expose and resolve structural inequities Purpose Communities of every race and class have the opportunities and resources they need to thrive Values Equity Community Transformation
  5. 5. What We Do DIRECT TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Work ON-THE-GROUND to develop targeted research/policy strategies and web tools. COMMUNITY RESEARCH LAB Engages, trains, and provides tools for community groups to lead and sustain action- oriented research ONLINE MAPPING TECHNOLOGY Strengthen community voice and action Increase resources in underserved communities of color Advance equitable public polices.
  6. 6. Audience Poll Already familiar with Are you new to the site?
  7. 7. Today you will learn how to: 1. Find, create, save and share lists of services and organizations in your target areas. 2. Research and access relevant community data to inform your outreach and planning efforts. 3. Gather and collect your own data to coordinate and share activities in your community with our Wikimap tool.
  8. 8. Scenario You are a community-based organization looking to engage Spanish-speakers. You want to find resources and services to enhance your program focus and improve your planning and outreach strategies.
  9. 9. English | Espaol
  10. 10. Outreach & Planning Research Questions Where are my target populations? (low- income, uninsured, gender, language, race, age)? Where are there opportunities to leverage/partner? Where are efforts concentrated? Gaps/Need? Where are the opportunities for targeted outreach for greatest reach/impact?
  11. 11. Types of Geographies on Types of Geographies Available on Address/Intersection Consolidated Precinct Census block group Census Tract ZIP Code City Assembly District Senate District Congressional District County Region Place Based Initiatives (including The California Endowment Building Healthy Communities and First 5 Los Angeles Best Start Communities) Los Angeles (and other Counties) Area Boundaries (including Service Planning Areas, L.A. County Health Districts, and LAUSD School Attendance Boundaries, Board of Supervisors, City Council)
  12. 12. What are your target areas?
  13. 13. Enter and select your geography
  14. 14. Source: 211 Los Angeles Source: 211 Los Angeles Source: 211 Los Angeles Source: 211 Los Angeles
  15. 15. Print , save & share your maps and searches Name your list! Source: 211 Los Angeles Source: 211 Los Angeles Source: 211 Los Angeles Source: 211 Los Angeles
  16. 16. Source: 211 Los Angeles Source: 211 Los Angeles
  17. 17. Questions?
  18. 18. Over 2,500 variables! Multiple years & levels available Data Name Source Social Services 211s Public & Private Schools California Department of Education WIC Agencies & Vendors Network for a Healthy California Hospitals (OSHPD) OSHPD Head Start Agencies California Head Start Association Child Care Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration Alcohol Outlet Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Air Quality Data Environmental Protection Agency Grocery Stores DeLorme Banks DeLorme Check-Cashing Businesses DeLorme Creating Maps with Services and Point Data
  19. 19. Where are low-income populations?
  20. 20. How are you sharing maps and data in your work?
  21. 21. Audience Poll How are you currently sharing maps and data? Want to learn more about how to engage and share maps and data with communities? Join our Community Assets on a Map webinar on October 16th!
  22. 22. With HealthyCity.orgs Data and Mapping Tools, you can Create more effective community engagement Assess need and strength at the community level for outreach and planning Identify new target areas Network with other organizations and community partners
  23. 23. Questions?
  24. 24. Learn about our data sourcesContact us!
  25. 25. p Quick Step-by-step guides How-to videos Toolkits for Community Research Previously recorded webinars Calendar of upcoming trainings and events
  26. 26. Upcoming Events FAQ Friday! Call in with questions Friday, September 27th 11:00am-12:00pm Webinar: Community Assets on a Map Wednesday, October 16th 10:00am-11:30am Webinar: Using for Civic Engagement Wednesday, October 23rd 10:00am-11:00am
  27. 27. Thank You! Taisha Bonilla, Training and Communications Coordinator, Healthy City Lori Thompson, Manager, Online & Digital Initiatives, Healthy City